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Psalm 119: Tzaddi 137-144

This octet delivers the Charge of Righteousness. The image is a feudal servant vested with a special trust, a mission that the servant must faithfully keep over a long period of time and through a long series of trials. He’s … Continue reading

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Admin: Kiln Blog Is Back Up

FYI, I finally managed to wade through the peculiarities of the latest iteration of cPanel and fixed the WordPress install because Tim is still struggling to update SAFARI and get it installed. So for now, Kiln blog is back up … Continue reading

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The State and Violence

Our Brother Benjamin offers this: Hi Ed. Stumbled across this article and thought of you… Governance, Kin, and Romans 13. I note that I am familiar with the writing of Bionic Mosquito. His emphasis is libertarian theory, but he’s a … Continue reading

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