It’s Not Left versus Right

A few readers didn’t want to comment on the previous post, but have chatted with me through other means. The questions seem to share a few common themes, so let me try to put out the fire, as it were.

America is caught in a false dichotomy. It’s not left versus right; that’s just a popular myth. There is a sense in which the left is more akin to the cult of Oester, while the alleged right is closer to Odin. However, it would be foolish to go very far with these symbolic comparisons because the whole thing is mythology through and through.

The real war here is globalists against nationalists, and the imperialists are currently more allied with the globalists. Trump is not really their enemy as a true nationalist; it’s that he has discerned and tapped into the native nationalism of the majority of voters. As such, he is a far bigger threat to the globalist-imperialist (G/I) alliance than any previous political figure. He knows how to rally the majority voting block to get what he wants. The price he pays in buying their support is what serves to threaten the G/I alliance: He’s going to give the nationalists just enough of what they think they want (or can realistically get) to keep them on his side. That means he plans to give them things like less gun control, lower and simpler taxes, smaller government, a less predatory economy, etc. He’s also playing to the police and troops, so this reduces the threat of an independent Praetorian Guard. This really is a political revolution, but the net result will not be that much better for us down here at ground level. He’s not a good man, just a smart one.

He’s also deceiving everyone. I’m not in a position to discern directly what he’s doing under the table. My guess is that it has to do with how he’s going to dissolve some portion of our national debt. I know what it looks like right now: I think he’s trying to isolate China from Russia. He would prefer to take on China as our single biggest economic threat.

This noise from the imperialists (and echoed by the globalists for their own convenience) about Russian influence is based on a long-standing profit model of Cold War. They would prefer to see us little people nuked than to stop this gravy train. Their whole racket is using Europe as the front to absorb the conflict while the US imperial military-industrial complex gets to rake off the profits. And plenty of European political figures are in on this game, so NATO remains sacred and Russia must be hated in their canon. Whatever Trump is after, it means cutting Europe loose to face Russia on their own, and that is what is nearest and dearest to Putin’s heart. I am utterly convinced Russia is not a threat to the US, and would be quite happy recolonizing European trade and so forth. Trump seems to think that’s a good trade if Russia sort of leaves China twisting the wind.

I’m not sure what his calculus is, but he’s not a war monger; he’s a tycoon. I feel certain he believes that China won’t deal on his terms until they are vulnerable. He seems certain he can win, so he probably has solid plans already on how to do it. The imperialists with tunnel vision about Russia are his problem, a waste of time and resources on a non-issue. But the imperialists who can be confined to worrying about China will be his friends. His plan to deliver to his fans whatever it is he’s going to actually deliver means humbling China economically. Give Europe to Putin; Trump will take China and whatever comes from that. Along with this, he will most certainly try to convince previous and potential Asian allies that he’s going to treat them better than previous American presidents.

This is not my own speculation; this is a digest of what I’ve read elsewhere. It’s my own version. More pertinent to that previous post is that Trump intends to deliver to his constituents a crushing blow to the SJWs, the loyal troops who blindly support the globalists. That means financially crushing the corporate media. It means setting loose the dogs of vengeance on the political correctness crowd in their enclaves and fortresses. It means breaking a lot of rules because he’s not going to tolerate hindrances. A lot of nominal lefties are starting to pull away from the politically correct/SJW crowd already. Not all the Democrats are lefty, and not all of them are beholden to the SJW crowd. They all worked together while the money was good, but now the well is running dry and the knives are coming out. This is why I suggested that some academic institutions will be shut down completely, because they are already fully owned by the SJW crowd. Some of them can move back toward a more sensible position and survive. There other examples; get the picture.

At this point, I don’t think it’s just a game that Trump supports Zionism. He’s not quite orthodox about it, but close enough to make CUFI happy. But it just so happens this is how he will keep from alienating Congress. The American Zionist establishment is going through its own upheaval right now, but Trump is on board with protecting modern Israel. He’s not so much on board with all the meddling in the Middle East, and I sense he has a plan for making that go down nice. He’ll offer something else that is likely to placate a enough Zionists to keep them on his side. He’s that smart.

But never forget that there is an evil lurking in the shadows. The American goose is still cooked, but it will take a little longer now. Somewhere on the other side of Trump’s political warfare are chains of slavery that won’t feel too heavy until it’s too late. I remain utterly convinced that the key to safety is staying away from debt. My heart tells me in no uncertain terms that debt is the single biggest threat, the key to our future slavery. But in broad general terms, other forms of dependency are risky for similar reasons. They represent various kinds of idolatry. I echo the words of John: Folks, keep yourself free from personal idolatries (1 John 5:21). John wrote the Apocalypse because he saw radical changes and social-political upheaval coming. I see some of that happening again, so pack lightly for when God’s pillar of fiery cloud lifts and moves.

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4 Responses to It’s Not Left versus Right

  1. Christine says:

    I agree with your warning about debt, and I believe it will become harder to avoid. I was talking with an American citizen who was visiting family up here recently. He was pretty gung-ho about the idea of ‘buy American’. I asked him the following but he just gave me a blank look as though he hadn’t considered it, so I’ll ask you as well (and any readers who would like to contribute).

    If goods like cars, electronics and clothing are made in the US, will they not be more expensive than imported goods? Does it not follow that wages for American workers will have to go down in order to keep the plants on US soil? What happens to the average joe’s buying power if his wages go down and cheap imports (including food) dry up? Then there’s Trump’s promises of more drilling, fracking and pipelines and other threats to the safety of water and air quality.

    While there may be some emotional satisfaction to watching the globalist agenda dismantled, I’m pretty sure life is going to become (more) brutal for ordinary folks. Social justice isn’t just about pride parades and women’s reproductive rights, it’s about food on the table and clean water and whether you can afford a puffer for your asthmatic kid. Does pointing this out put me in the SJW camp? If so, fine.

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  2. Ed Hurst says:

    There’s a lot of confusion about the right way to do economic policy. If we try to approach it as economics-the-dismal-science we’ll never rise to the level of moral wisdom. The Bible actually addresses your question, and I’m trusting the Holy Spirit to confirm what I want to say about it. I’ll answer in a separate post because it ties into some issues of property and production I’ve raised before.


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  4. Jay DiNitto says:

    Trump is probably a scoundrel (no one who can answer this for me knows who he is), but if he’s at least a scoundrel in my favor, I don’t mind it. There’s limits to that, of course, but I have no desire to “make the world better.” I’d rather just make my house better.


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