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Psalm 119: Samek 113-120

Here we have a dominion worthy of service. Even today we recognize the pride that comes with belonging to the winning side, so it offers no difficulty to understand the psalmist’s frank boasting in His Master. The entire octet is … Continue reading

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Photography: Bricktown and River Trails

The first few images were just some effort to practice lining up shooting angles in urban terrain. It was something to distract me as I rode through Bricktown toward the river trails. The first is from an elevated parking garage … Continue reading

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Off the Cuff 01

Let me stumble and fall on my own, please; this is how I learn. There’s a prophetic fire burning in my heart and I have to expose something. But first it requires a little context. The prophetic gift can take … Continue reading

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Heart Comprehension

For some of us, the voice of the heart is loud enough to easily distinguish. That doesn’t mean it’s easier to give the heart priority; we are still fallen creatures so long as we bear this flesh. However, for most … Continue reading

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Comments on Matthew 18

I got distracted for a while, particularly with computer issues. I’m back in the saddle now and today I began working again on my revision of my Gospels commentary. Here’s a section from Matthew 18. ———— There had already arisen … Continue reading

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Photography: SE 134th at Draper Lake

(Note: The hard drive arrived and I’ve installed Xubuntu and everything is working just dandy; the laptop is now my desktop.) Today I felt drawn to explore SE 134th where it runs west from the lake into the Cross Timbers … Continue reading

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More Personal Adjustments

I’m writing this from my little netbook. Last week I felt led to order a new hard drive for the laptop. It should arrive in the mail today. Just in time, because it looks like the tower has died. I … Continue reading

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See the Whole Picture

In concept, debt is an obligation to pay. When too much debt piles up, servicing the debt absorbs economic productivity. There is no growth, so the system begins grinding to a halt. Nobody in their right mind can imagine all … Continue reading

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Avoid Bleachbit

I had a lovely long bike ride today and pictures. I was processing them on my Vista laptop, and Bleachbit activated itself out of nowhere and deleted my entire photography collection. All of them. Every. Last. One. It doesn’t just … Continue reading

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Stocking Stuffer

The intellect naturally yields to convictions in the heart. This is how we are designed by God, but for too long humans have been under the sway of a pervasive lie about reality. Our world is dominated by the myth … Continue reading

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