Kiln blog: Take No Prisoners

Moral reasoning is the master of all human knowledge. Without moral valuation, nothing else matters, because nature itself objects to moral vacuity. Reality will crush you unless you first establish a heart-led moral frame of reference. And the heart-mind alone is competent in moral reasoning; the intellect has no anchor point at all within itself for such consideration. Reason knows only the mechanism for finding what pleases itself, and that pleasure arise entirely from the various lusts of our fleshly being — Lust of the Eyes, Lust of the Flesh and Boastful Pride of Life.

The intellect is inherently pretentious. It cannot see clearly in the mirror of its own reason, but proclaims itself a separate party from the competing desires from below that imaginary floor of reason and clear thought. It pretends it can umpire between the various mindless demands of the fleshly appetites, when in reality, it only moderates them with crafty tactical considerations. The final question the intellect answers is, “What can we get away with?” Once the intellect accepts a demand from the lusts, it internalizes that demand as inherently good-right-and-just, and projects that outward as some kind of cosmic moral imperative. In the mind, reality itself demands this thing he or she wants.

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About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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