Kiln blog: A Word for Men

The biggest problem is not so much what we do as it is how we abuse God’s wonderful gifts.

As always, what follows assumes you have already recognized the grand failure of Western Civilization. As much as possible you must disentangle your mind from a vast substrate of lies that serve as the foundation for modern Western thinking. I know — it’s a tall order, but if you don’t get started you’ll never make any progress in walking with Christ.

From my experience, America is the epitome of all that’s wrong with the West. Whatever other Western countries might do wrong, America seems to do it even worse in terms of violating God’s moral character. Thus, as I write with a prophetic castigation of American culture in particular, it may or may not fit that well with some other Western society outside America.

You can read the rest of this post by clicking this link to visit my Kiln of the Soul blog.


About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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