Kiln blog: Rewrite of the Study in Revelation

As I’m working through my study in Revelation, I realized I left out an awful lot. Here is a sample of the revised material. My whole idea is that you climb out of moral distraction and find the peace God offers to you as His unique child; this is written into John’s message.

Revelation 18

We saw in the last chapter how Babylon is identified with human lusts as expressed through the market place. Don’t get lost here; Babylon is a consistent symbol taking on different meanings on different levels, with a common thread in the market for human souls. The first Babylon sold primitive astrology and human pride as the means to capturing the human race under one evil rule seeking to smother divine revelation. It aimed to replace the ineffable spiritual pull with something hedonistic and material. Here it is more specifically the market place of cosmopolitan religious ideas — choose your beliefs to fit your lifestyle. The real god here is Mammon (AKA Materialism), a guise for Satan. Babylon is always identified with the urban setting, cultural sophistication and highly specialized labor and goods. Not necessarily harmful in themselves, these things always leads to moral slavery. Instead of serving human need, humans serve the deity of commerce, where everything has a price and nothing else matters. This Harlot builds commerce through the marketing of every human desire, regardless how abominable, seeking to capture the church. This is a long way from the simple pastoral lifestyle of trust in God.

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5 Responses to Kiln blog: Rewrite of the Study in Revelation

  1. sculpturesteph says:

    There is a great programm from the BBC by Adam Curtis ‘The Century of the Self’ and the first episode entitled ‘Happyness Machines’ is all about the birth of marketing and advertising in the 1920’s to control the masses by playing and stoking their desires and fears and provide solutions in getting them to buy themselves out of fear and towards their desired image.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Ah, yes; the infamous Bernays. He should be a part of Church History given the effects of his nonsense on American churches.


  3. sculpturesteph says:

    Watching the programm it all gave a sense to what disturbed me about media, marketing and PR. I always considered it lying to get people’s money, something I very much see as the language and methods of communicating and manipulating negativity in people, much like in those old scriptures referred to as evil and the devil. Propaganda, controlling communication and the new morals of the consumable image (a simulacra) are the same narratives found in Mythology of the struggle of human kind and it’s conscious existence.
    Yet the moments when we are truly at peace with us and the World are simple mundane split second experiences, may it be in nature, in the random act of kindness by a stranger or when completely vulnerable and stripped of all unnecessary things at the moment of bringing a new life into the World. What ever people want to call these moments of happiness they do not require any pay of any kind – but are re affirming that there is a universal and ancient energy worth while being in harmony with. For that we just have to sense the path and not listen to the distractors selling us their own agenda. Many people today no longer are averse in communicating qualitatively. Church and Religion no longer feature in many people’s moral education and a secular society such as Britain has got rid of any value of religous institutions. Political Correctness contradicting freedom of speech, communication reduced to quantitative exchange of facts and news in a continuum of energy consuming synthetic devices (mass consumption made possible through cheap child labour in toxic mines for metals) de skilling humanity from being able to be sustainable, it’s a mess, and reading these old accounts you could say; we have been told that this happens.
    So many people no longer understand and coprehend language communicating Qualitatively (values), they wouldn’t know what they would read when reading these texts (Old Testament), not helped by the media (not surprisingly the media trying to extinguish truth and value to perpetuate commodity and image) narrating religion as terrorism, inequality, discriminatory, enslaving and outdated. People have to start and take another look at the many things that have become acceptable and everyday reality and should be much more critical of all the statements that are communicated as fact or news. They may realise that there is nothing new or better than what has been there from the beginning, we are still asking the same questions only we should include and rediscover the old and ancient sources for this constant human narrative playing out in our contemporary chaos, so we can start to re-imagine our future


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Well said, my friend.


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