Kiln blog: You Are the Gospel

From Kiln of the Soul (Reposted in toto…)

The last thing we want is to fall into the trap of trying convince people. It is simply not possible to go there without sliding down into mere psychological manipulation. Changing someone’s mind accomplishes nothing eternal. We want to see people awaken their awareness of their hearts. We can afford to let God handle the problem of where that takes them. All we have to remember is that genuine redemption is an event in the Spirit Realm that merely manifests here, and that the most we can do is help people become aware of the heart-mind.

So the fundamental issue is the clarity of our message. We can’t compel people to receive it, but we are obliged to make it available. Humanity consist of individuals whose reasoning and processing of sensory input varies all over the map, and no one of us can reach them all. Each of us has our own target audience chosen by God. Some of us write, and we write about a jillion different things. Some of us express our faith in other ways. There is a sense in which the mere choice of what to consume is an expression of faith. What gives Kiln of the Soul Parish its identity is that we all share some form of digital expression for our faith.

This is not the Brother Ed Show. At the very most, some of you might imagine that I qualify as an apostle, but you won’t catch me using that title. If I manage to help you find your faith, it remains your faith. You are the gospel message. I’m here only to help you become a loud and clear expression of that gospel.

Portray for the world the difference it makes to shift the awareness into your heart. Apply it to everything you do; I assure you the joy comes across. What then must follow is training your mind to obey the necessary demands of that shift in awareness. As day follows night, you cannot avoid being some kind of witness for the truth, but a consciously celebratory life is by far the best witness.


About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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