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Prayers for the New Year

I’m striving to be accountable to God and His people. As we adjusts our thinking to what God actually said, one of the most difficult things we do is get a grip on His promises. When He said things about … Continue reading

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Disavowing Seen and Unseen

The title is a reference to a couple of services run out of Iceland — and — that I didn’t know were such nitwits about networking and encryption. I once recommended them, but grew increasingly annoyed at their … Continue reading

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Hack Yourself

It is not a question of in-the-heart versus in-the-head. It’s both at the same time — and more. It may not be easy for us coming out of a binary-linear-thinking culture, and it’s not much better with the current trend … Continue reading

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Proverbs 26

The advice to nobility continues, with an emphasis to watch out for certain kinds of people. We remind ourselves that “fool” and “folly” refer to a failure to subject the mind to the supremacy of the heart. Thus, it is … Continue reading

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Moral Order of Things

Eternity is not merely time without end; it is life without time. God’s will is not some static and inexorable destiny for all Creation. His will is the moral fabric of reality itself. Even our freedom within this realm of … Continue reading

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Wise Silence

In our study in Proverbs, we are told repeatedly that you cannot teach a fool. You can help them keep their folly to themselves only if you hold dominion and are prepared to use violence. For most of us, we … Continue reading

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Hidden But Not Secret

We are not a secret society, but a mystery society. That is, if we use common English translations of the Bible to guide our terminology, then what we promote is a mystery difficult for outsiders to grasp. It is certainly … Continue reading

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Psalm 81

While this sounds somewhat like the call to the Feast of Tabernacles, the whole seventh month (Tishri) is consumed in various celebrations following the olive harvest: Trumpets (1st), the Day of Atonement (10th) and then Tabernacles (15th). The psalmist mentions … Continue reading

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Proverbs 25

We have already seen how the unnamed final editor of this volume never saw fit to reduce duplication, but faithfully pieced together several collections as they were. 1. These are also proverbs of Solomon which the men of Hezekiah king … Continue reading

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Proverbs 24

We continue with more pointed advice to the royal heir in longer proverbial texts. 1-2. Do not be jealous of evil men, nor desire to be with them. For their heart studies ruin, and their lips talk of mischief. This … Continue reading

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