Psalm 76

Many scholars are convinced this psalm celebrates the miraculous deliverance of the city during the reign of Hezekiah by slaughtering the besieging Assyrian troops. But regardless of any particular historical reference, this psalm has almost surely been rewritten from it’s original form into something suitable for regular Temple worship rituals.

The psalmist opens with the only possible reason we need to understand for such a powerful deliverance: God’s own glory. Few understand the unspoken logic that God seeking His own glory is by definition in our best interest. His glory always brings us closer to Him, and with that a host of manifested shalom blessings. Thus, the salvation of the people and the city is God’s honor. God Himself blunts any attack for His own name’s sake.

So when the citizens came out to plunder the abandoned camps of the enemy and collected huge mounds of loot, none of it was anything more than a mere symbol of the rich treasure of God’s own glory. The countless thousands of warriors seemed terminally asleep, unable to raise a finger against God’s deliverance. Even the weapons themselves fell asleep awaiting God’s pleasure.

Great as the city and temple might be, who does not fear the God who reigns from His real throne in Heaven? There is no higher court of appeal once He passes judgment. He is not confined to this earth; He made it and keeps it alive on His own whim. He delivers those unjustly threatened and none can stay His hand. So even the active wrath of man owes Him allegiance or He will not let it act. Whatever other wrath might remain frustrated He simply wraps around Himself like a decorative belt.

If you come before Jehovah seeking His deliverance, go ahead and make those vows. Then perform them with joy, knowing that whatever it costs you is nothing compared to His divine favor. You’ll get more in return, one way or another. All property on this earth is too little for His just tribute as Master of all Creation. With a mere thought the collected powers of humanity simple cease to be. There is none above Him.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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