A Mystic’s Intel

There is a place for military-style intelligence operations in the Kingdom of Heaven, but it’s a pretty small one. As we keep saying, our whole point is exploiting the context for God’s glory. God gave us the brain’s intellect so that we could organize and implement His divine call to action. The better informed we are on that level, the easier it is to face tribulation for the simple reason that we are less surprised by what happens. This kind of intel is not necessary to serve and bless His name, but there’s no reason to ignore what God so richly provides for our use.

I’m not going to tell you it is accurate in every detail, but the substance of this article is correct. Some of you will recognize it as true in your hearts as soon as you read it. Nothing drives people harder than a false religion, a hope for some kind of heaven described in terms the mind can embrace. The mythology of the Ottoman Empire is a very living and powerful religion today. Erdogan his hardly the only Turk dreaming of a revival of past greatness.

As such, any action, investment or deception that seems to help restore that dream is easily justified. But don’t be so blind; perhaps you know that the majority of those herding into Europe are not Syrian at all, but folks from all over that part of the world using Syrian migration as an excuse for chasing their own hedonistic comforts. The record of their behavior shocks the European conscience, with some of the most unreasonable petty demands for money and comforts they hardly know how to use.

The Cult is using Erdogan’s dreams to drive forward their own plans to destroy Western economies.

By the way, if you want to get a good picture of The Cult membership, Netanyahu is probably as close as you can get. His recent bold lies about what provoked the Holocaust — that Hitler got the idea from some Islamic scholar — is precisely the kind of wild nonsense The Cult tries to spread. It is so deeply cynical and loaded with the stinkiest bullshit that you wonder how they dare accuse others of chutzpah. How can anyone take him seriously? I’m not saying Israel’s front man is any kind of inner circle guy, but he is directly connected to the people who are. People snicker at his ridiculous public announcements, but dare not ignore his demands.

As we all know, a false religion depends as much on fear as on dreams of paradise. If you start with the wise assumption that the West will be destroyed one way or another, you have nothing to fear from massive invasions into the West from just about every possible source of non-Western “uncivilized” folk. We are privileged to observe the end of a civilization as the powerful hand of God moving visibly in human affairs. So long as people ignore God’s revelation, whatever it is they build is just another Tower of Babel, a comical human attempt to bind the hands of God.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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2 Responses to A Mystic’s Intel

  1. Jay DiNItto says:

    “that Hitler got the idea from some Islamic scholar”

    Eh? As far as I know, he got his ideas from lots of sources, but philosophically borrowed from Nietzsche and contextualized it with German nationalism. I’ve also read lots of contradictory things from Hitler, too. Such is a politician’s parlance.

    But…never heard of an Islamic influence. Silly.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Well, I am referring to numerous articles reporting Netanyahu’s recent speech. We know that Hitler met with a Mufti from Palestine. Netanyahu recently said that Hitler wasn’t that interested in killing the Jews under his control. He was going to expel them from the empire, but the Mufti told him if he did, they would come and invade Palestine. Supposedly Hitler asked what the Mufti thought he should do, and the Mufti said to burn them all. Historians of every stripe have said that was baloney.


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