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Psalm 74

Attributed to Asaph, it could as easily be simply someone from his clan who wrote this. We do well to remind ourselves that the Hebrew culture saw no reason to be quite so precise about such things. Nor should we … Continue reading

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Linux Migration Services

For the record: I am willing to work for free for anyone or any agency that needs help installing and learning how to use Linux on the desktop, laptops, or as workstations in general. All the more so if you … Continue reading

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Geeks’ Revenge (Fiction)

Geoff stirred and stuck his head down inside the sleeping bag. Turning his left wrist, he pressed the light button on the watch with his right thumb. Just a few minutes before 0200 hours and he almost chuckled at how … Continue reading

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Virtual Violence

While there are fundamental differences, in some ways we can draw parallels between virtual and meat space. Being healthy equates to having a device capable of connecting and providing the type and degree of access desired by the user. It … Continue reading

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Not Born-Again

Please don’t convert to my religion. One of the hardest things to explain is the perverted trap of Western mental habits enshrined in how language is used. I’m not the first person to notice the huge difference; I learned this … Continue reading

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Photolog: Marking Time

This is the hardest part of moving. Our apartment is not ready yet. And while the mortgage company does consider our debt paid off, it’s an example of why we despised them all along that they require some three weeks … Continue reading

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Manhood: Mastery

If inebriation changes your social behavior much, you already have a problem. Granted, human resistance to the effects of alcohol vary widely, but the point is that the primary effects of any central nervous system depressant should not change your … Continue reading

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Manhood: More on Boundaries

We try to bring the lies of this world into the light and examine them as lies. This is no small task. Our society doesn’t simply make competing claims, but spitefully drowns out alternative ideas. Worse, it is hardly monolithic. … Continue reading

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A Long Way from Home

The biggest lie is a half-truth. The whole of Western Civilization was inspired by Satan to destroy the full depth of a biblical culture of heart-led living. Westerners imagine that they can be so deep and wise because the foundations … Continue reading

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Manhood: Out of Bounds

Know your domain. Second-guessing God is a fool’s errand. One of the most important strategies in manhood is keeping the focus on your mission and calling in life. A critical element in that strategy is portraying the sense of certainty … Continue reading

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