Secret Insanity

I’ll repeat a fundamental principle: Reality is variable.

I could as easily had said that Creation is living, active and has a will of its own. You’ve probably experienced and dismissed it in the past because our society places the entire burden on the individual sensory response to environment. If there’s a conflict, then it must be your perceptions at fault. Perception is a factor, but it’s not the whole story. You may well be deluded and see something that simply isn’t there, but it could also be that you are the only one present who is permitted to see it. Or maybe you watched something change before your eyes and chose not to believe them.

Nor should you imagine that the question is whether you ought to start believing everything you see. You should start filtering it through you heart first. That’s the key. It’s not a question of whether some change actually happened or if you just hadn’t really noticed in the first place. That’s asking the wrong question. The right question is whether you give the Creator glory. Not simply because this or that happened to your benefit, but that He is glorious and you have one more opportunity to exploit for recognizing His glory.

I should warn you that The Cult knows that reality can be altered, but they imagine that there is a mechanism they can learn and exploit for their benefit. Their darkened hearts teach them to pursue the wrong things, and they glorify themselves. A difficulty for us is that we can’t easily catch the elites in their private moments when they might manifest a belief that reality is fungible in some way. If we did, we’d know for certain they were insiders, actual members of The Cult, because it’s a distinguishing characteristic among the ruling elite.

Of course, plenty of lesser folks know it, but the sensible ones don’t aspire to rule the human race. Yes, I realize a significant number of pagans believe it, too. Check the Old Testament and you’ll see it was taken for granted throughout that part of the world, regardless of religious orientation. They knew from first-hand experience. You wouldn’t catch Moses suggesting that the magicians in Pharaoh’s court were faking it. Blowing it off as somehow satanic gives the Devil too much credit. The Devil didn’t make those things happen; he simply made sure the practitioners never fully understood what God had granted to all humanity. Reality is flexible and God didn’t keep it a secret. Whether or not someone knew Him as the real power behind it all was a separate question in the Scripture. He made the world to work in a certain way and Westerners don’t have a clue, but an awful lot of folks who didn’t worship Jehovah did have a clue.

Most of the time they thought this stuff was all secret, that only a select few were capable of understanding it. You can see this manifested in things like the Kabbala, which is actually a legitimate portion of the Orthodox Talmud. This is not publicly acknowledged, and even denied by Jewish scholars, but they repeat the story the Talmud insists they must tell to Gentiles. Much of this is reflected in how The Cult acts. Indeed, virtually the entire profession of information security is a direct result of The Cult’s dealings with each other and their servants. Popular glamorization of spying and intel work is mostly bullshit. The workaday world for intel folks is freaking insane and no fun at all.

I’ll give you an example. It was public knowledge that my wartime mission where I was stationed in Europe was to provide security for troops and equipment to move between the ports of entry and any theater of action. At first it was all based on the assumptions of moving assets from the US into Europe to face the Soviet Union. During Desert Storm they added a component that reversed the movement and we secured assets coming out of Europe and headed for Iraq. I spent the Gulf War in Rotterdam guarding all the stuff that was loaded onto ships. What is actually privileged information is the details of who and what was shipped out, or what would theoretically be shipped in, and in what order. The data is mind-numbingly boring and easy to forget. Now it’s all obsolete, but I’m still required to keep mum about it. Not hard at all.

But some of the folks in the military intel offices in my area knew stuff that made them sick, because they had in front of them the evidence of things the whole rest of the world said was immoral. The US government has been run by psychopaths for a long time, and the rulers know beyond all doubt what we would think if we knew what they were up to. But in order to do their will, they have to drag in a lot of minions who are required to adopt, at least in context, the utter lack of morals among our rulers who crank out all this secret crap. That’s why so much of it is secret, because we are the enemy in that sense.

People of good conscience who work in that business end up one of three ways. One: They go crazy — the suicide rate is very high. Two: They can’t wait to get out of there and retire or do something else. Three: They become deeply cynical and lose their faith because Western Christianity is so completely incompatible with reality and with the intel business. It was part of my job to escort these folks because they weren’t authorized to carry a weapon most of the time, whereas I was a Military Policeman who had sufficient clearance to run around with them. They never divulged stuff I wasn’t authorized to hear or see (so far as I know). Instead, they talked about safe subjects and in the process revealed how crazy it all was.

It required a pervasive conscious compartmentalization of their minds. Actual ability to pull it off varied. Success meant they either hated the work or hated life itself, and sometimes both. As long as they didn’t lose their grip on the security of info, the system would tolerate a certain amount of losing their grip on life. Very few humans are anywhere close to the ideal for this work, because very few humans have an active heart. Part of our bogus Western morality is this irresistible urge to control the factors of our human existence. If you know about it, you are required to act on it. It’s your moral duty. That’s where activism comes from. Only if your heart is active can you let things slide because you can recognize what God has placed in your hands and leave the rest to Him.

While it wasn’t my military duty to know what my friends knew, it was my spiritual duty to minister to their hurts. Those people were hurting, but my power to help was limited. We could try to tell the whole world everything we know in our hearts, but it’s veiled from their eyes because their hearts are asleep. It does not depend on us to wake them up; God didn’t give us that power. Western Christians ignore all of that and insist God told them, not only to tell everyone their version of the gospel, but to manipulate others into making some “decision for Christ” that equates to spiritual birth. This they do despite Paul bluntly stating it doesn’t work that way (Romans 8-9). We don’t have to be frantic about saving the world, organizing and mobilizing resources for some crazy mission that amounts to cultural influence. The gospel is not mere cognitive facts, nor a bundle of orthodox beliefs. The gospel is you and I living His Laws as taught by Christ.

We take our hands off and make room for God to change reality itself on His whims.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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