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Windows: I Give Up

Today one of my regular computer ministry clients called to tell me his computer updated to Win10 without his permission. He called to ask how he could get Win7 back. Aside from going on there with a Win7 install DVD, … Continue reading

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No Template

It’s a miracle. Nothing else can explain it. Did it require our planning and labor, the results would kill us. We could use social sciences to examine some of this, but human faculties cannot understand more than some of the … Continue reading

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Already in Motion

Why does it feel like the calm before a storm? Like most of you, dear readers, I struggle at times with teaching my mind to follow the heart’s wisdom. When I wrote that piece yesterday on police training, I knew … Continue reading

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Psalm 65

The header says David wrote this for use in the Temple worship. Scholars tell us this psalm was used in various thanksgiving services. English translations are all over the place on the first line, and it is difficult to bring … Continue reading

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The Cult and Police

I don’t want to write about this, but divine justice demands it of me. During my time in the US Army Military Police Corps, some of my superiors kept track of civilian professional law enforcement training along with the underlying … Continue reading

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Our Judge Jehovah

How do we apply divine justice to the events in our world? What shall we say when someone asks us, “Ain’t that awful?” Your only concern is what God calls you to do. Recall that Our Lord consistently portrays Himself … Continue reading

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Heaven, Hell and Here

This isn’t theology, as if God and His revelation could be subjected to human reason. This is doctrine in the sense of teaching that serves to characterize my limited understanding. Teaching is pulling down out of my heart the moral … Continue reading

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Photolog 17: Casino Loop Again

(As always, click on any image for a full-sized view.) This is nothing but a repeat of a previous ride, but routed counterclockwise. That means heading out to Peebly Road and dropping back to SE 89th and out to the … Continue reading

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Latest Edition of the Tower of Babel

I’ve noted often that if you evaluate Western Civilization by Western values, it’s hard to notice the flaws. There are different kinds and levels of systems, but Western Civilization as a system is devoted to proving the system is right. … Continue reading

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Baptists and The False Dichotomy

I’m going to pick on Baptists because I was one and know all the ugly details first-hand. I was a party to some of the propaganda battles, much to my shame. I noted in my series on The Cult that … Continue reading

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