Two-Fisted God

The Lord comes with both hands full, one for blessing and one for wrath. One hand or the other is for you. The difference is whether you’ve determined to be His servant before That Day. In Scripture, “That Day” is not any particular point in history, but any time God decides the grapes of wrath are ripe for harvest. The same harvest offers sweet wine from the first blush of stomping grapes, until the last dregs of bitterness ferments into vinegar.

Ever been to live stage show? Scripts are typically organized into scenes, an imaginary context with a certain amount of atmosphere suggested by stuff on the stage. When the scene ends, the curtains close and the orchestra plays while the sets are moved around out of view. If it happens that the stage hands are moving around heavy stuff, even loud music can’t drown out the noise. It’s all part of the atmosphere.

One of the hardest things to bear in reading alternative news sites is the one-thingers. That’s anyone who spews endless chatter about one particular theory of why things are going bad. It’s always because of the nefarious plots from this or that bad actor. You could probably repeat the litany and name the favorite targets: Jews, Freemasons, CIA, Rothschilds, Knights Templar, Jesuits, Bilderbergers, CFR, Skull and Bones, etc. The labels are defined variously and we are never quite sure what they mean in the context.

It’s painful because the most dangerous lie is fake simplicity when the truth is complex. That is, while there are probably quite a few evil oligarchs in each of those organizations, no one of them is fully in control. I’m willing to bet each of them would love it if they were totally in control, but it’s not that simple. We are talking about real people, not aliens with superior intelligence and technology. Some of them belong to several different groups that conspire to aggregate as much wealth and power as possible. Conspiracies are quite real, but most theories are only a half-truth at best. We cannot predict any literal outcomes because of the chaotic maneuvering in the background among a large group of oligarchs jockeying for dominance.

Nor can we pretend that the coming tribulation will fall heaviest on these conspiring oligarchs. If falls on human sin, and that includes all the hedonistic sinners that made it possible for the oligarchs to gain control. I could wish that God would appoint some oracle to tell the whole story with obvious accuracy, but He seldom did anything like that in the past. Those few times He did, it was always swathed in many layers of moral declaration so that the facts, even the factual predictions, were merely symbols of something more important. Do we really need to know all the ugly details of the oligarchy’s evil plans?

Instead, let’s focus on a moral truth that most people ignore: God’s wrath is revelation, but it’s never so precise and clear as our Western mythology demands. It’s always in shadowy expressions of symbol and parable. It’s not meant for cognitive processing, but for the heart to process and tell the mind later — however much the mind can grasp.

What we should see through the lens of our hearts’ perception is that lots of oligarchs have lots of wicked plans, competing for a limited pie and sometimes playing several roles in different conspiracies to capture an opportunity to benefit themselves individually.

So we sit here trying to understand a very convoluted play, often in cryptic language and with symbols that ignore our cultural background. The loud music is the media making lots of noise to keep us distracted. For example, someone recently made lots of noise about exposing the facts behind the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Sorry folks, but bin Laden died in December 2001 from complications of Marfan Syndrome. Various groups have produced his shadow repeatedly since then, trying to scare us and keep us from paying attention to the rumbling backstage. There are numerous other examples.

Insert: It’s worse than we knew.

The only difference between a democratic government and naked tyranny is that the former is less work piling up the bodies and more work using the bodies to deceive for a whole lot more money and power.

If your heart’s eyes are blinded by a reliance on logic and facts, then you’ll never understand when God comes and strips away the covering. Only your heart can understand what He intends to reveal. Pray, and if you feel led, act — but pray that God will continue revealing His hand of wrath. Pray and act to help expose the moral truth, the revelation that only active hearts can see. Then you will be standing in the place where His hand of blessing opens for our joy.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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