Heart Mind

Just a quick note…

Part of the failure of the various scientific approaches to understanding the heart’s neuron network is that they don’t go far enough. The secular scientific approach recognizes the heart has a very active and powerful sensory field, but they leave it at that. They don’t go on to recognize that the heart has its own form of intelligence.

We really don’t have the language to describe it. How do you describe something superior to intelligence? God gave us the heart to lead the mind, so even using the language to call it a superior form of intelligence tends to weaken the concept. The heart is far more than another sensory organ, but internally for it’s very like the difference between human intellect and divine wisdom. God created human intelligence, so there’s no comparison between God’s kind of thinking and ours.

The heart’s “thinking” is more like God’s in the sense that it “thinks” in terms of eternal moral necessity. God designed the heart, not only to perceive His character directly, but to process that perception for us independently of the brain. If the brain is alert and ready to submit to the heart, then the brain can be guided in its inferior kind of reasoning and logic to implement our effort to live according to ultimate reality.

The heart is quantum intelligence. When the mind surrenders to the reign of the heart, those lesser intellectual capabilities are enhanced. You gain a kind of assurance and purpose that clarifies everything. The mind is inherently more effective when the heart rules.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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