Network Civ: Games and Game

It doesn’t matter what you believe is morally right if you aren’t using it as the power to face reality.

Your moral understanding has to account for reality in the first place. I agree with Dr. Helen’s analysis, as far as it goes. Consider this: The gamma class is growing quickly, displacing the delta crowd of past ages in human society. And it is gammas that dominate the Internet, not just in terms of numerical dominance, but in terms of culture. Indeed, this is a strong element in the nascent Network Civilization.

Dr. Helen makes note of “shirtgate,” but there’s nearly a dozen different memes sporting that label. This is what she’s referring to, and the mainstream doesn’t get it. Of course, the mainstream is feminist and deluded, so Time also gets it wrong.

In the Western War between the Sexes, the feminists have always been the establishment. In the past century, they came out from behind the scenes where they have always ruled, and asserted their dominance overtly. Western Civilization is inherently feminist, in the sense that the underlying mythology and assumptions about reality are firmly in the grip of the Oester worshipers. Never mind the propaganda about Oester, this is the dirty mother goddess of the dreary world of Beowulf and Grendel’s mother. Notice who is actually in charge of the evil Grendel does; he’s just the adventurous little boy in the household, the quintessential Western male of feminist orthodoxy. The basic storyline behind Beowulf is the dream of Western men to reassert their masculine dominance, but it will ever remain a myth. Western men only imagine that they can restore patriarchal order on their own terms, when they never actually had it.

The Network can and does restore order on the geek’s own terms. As Dr. Helen notes, the gamer geek has built his virtual world and it borrows precious little from Western Civilization. The gammas of Geekworld have become the reverse harem of the few women willing to cater to them. These women don’t have to endure the repulsive physical touch of these men, simply serve as an avatar for their mythology. For their service, they receive the worshiping adoration of thousands, even millions. This is where Oester gets her due these days. Meanwhile, the gammas will pay a healthy tribute to these women on those terms. Virtual romance is good enough.

This is what is completely missing from whiny studies like Sext Up Kids. The documentary video does a good job of explaining the bad consequences of kids getting their hands on networked devices with full access to each other and pornographic marketing, but the video offers nothing of what feeds into this problem. As I’ve noted often, pedophilia is the natural result of Western worship of youth. If this universe is all there is, and this life is all we have, then the resulting materialism naturally places eternal youth on the pedestal. And it’s only a short hop from there to pedophilia, the sexual idolization of youth. One should be surprised it took this long, so we have no trouble seeing how networked devices remove the last hedge protecting what is left of genuine sexual intimacy.

The documentary leaves us with the unspoken assumption that we simply must put controls on the Internet. That won’t happen, not effectively and not for long. The video shows a narrow slice of the wider gamma geek world and attempts to reassert feminist control. The mythology of Oester won’t die easily, if ever. It will assert with truculence that Geekworld is not really different, but feminism has no place in the coming Network Civilization. Western feminism is dead and doesn’t know it. Where the geeks don’t rule, the Red Pill society with their own games will.

Game over, Babe.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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5 Responses to Network Civ: Games and Game

  1. steven says:

    I suspect Vox Day would call omega to what you call gamma. Also, I’m not sure VD is actually an ally of Network Civ. Lets me explain:

    1. VD blames feminism on gammas, not deltas, so he tries to turn gammas into deltas. Vox claims that a true man is “a man of action” (a warrior), exactly the same crypto-matriarchal bullshit from Beowulf. As an alt-righter Vox defends Western Civ: he is as hostile to MGTOW as he is to feminism.
    2. Omegas are the quintessential nerds/geeks/monks who are implictly or explictly hated by Western Civ (thats why I’m pro-Columbine), specially since Henry VIII (the grouchy sonuvabitch incarnate). Notice that, unlike hebrews/persians/egyptians, norses don’t had a priestly (omega) caste. Faustian Soul = Revolt of the Kshatriyas.

    “pedophilia is the natural result of Western worship of youth”

    I disagree. There isn’t a highter rate of pedophilia in the West than outside it. In Afganistan, for ex, pedophilia is practiced openly (bacha bazi). Black africans believe that raping babies cure AIDS. Some rapefugees are pedophiles (tens of european children are being raped by these muslims)
    Many feminists equate ephebophilia with pedophilia, yet youths aren’t children. Before the invention of “adolescence” youths were regarded as young adults. Historically, 14 years old were expected to work and marry. A youth can feel lust (Genesis 8:21), a child not, thus a child can’t consent. Thats why all pedophiles are potential rapists who should be burned at the stake, while ephebophiles are just creepy fetishists.

    Off topic:

    You somewhere stated that spartans were hellspawn from biblical viewpoint. I also side with Persia against the laceDEMONian hellhole (Agoge = Gulag for Boys). Laconophilia sucks.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Hello, Steven. My grasp of things changed radically in the past year, more so than the much slower pace of shift from the previous six years on this blog. I no longer agree much with Vox, though his blather about this did get me started thinking about such things. I don’t mind discussing how I’ve moved on such issues and it would seem dishonest to try to hide my previous statements; that’s what I thought at the time. I no longer use his categories at all.

    Regarding pedophilia, I was merely pointing out a major reason for Western pedophilia. There could be a lot of other cultural failures that support it, but I’ve never counseled non-Western pedophiles, so I don’t know what drives them. I have provided therapy for American pedophiles, and their major issue boils down to the cultural conditioning that offers a peculiar form of idolatry. You area correct, though, in noting that it’s not the same as ephebophilia. Biblical morals are not at all the same as Western views on such things.


  3. steven says:

    Hello, Ed. It would be helpful if you write a topic summarizing these changes. I also disagree with many things Vox write. For ex, VD usage of gamma is “liberal-feminist-cunning-liar-aspie”, yet aspies tend to be libertarian, MGTOW and childlike naive. I find the simplified hierarchy way more clear:

    Alphas = Sociopaths = Leaders = Kings
    Betas = Neurotypicals = Followers = Plebs
    Omegas = Aspergians = Outsiders = Monks

    Personally I think pedophiles, at some point of their lives, unconsciously sell their souls, because children are holy (Matthew 19:14), and Jesus doesn’t forgive those who sin against them (Matthew 18:6). You counseled pedophiles? I advice you to don’t trust anything these monsters say. Ephebocracy/ephebolatry may bring ephebophilia (western adults are always trying to look and act like teenagers), but not pedophilia.

    P.S. If sometimes you don’t understand something I say, tell me. I’m not a native anglophone, so my english may not be 100% correct.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Steven wrote: It would be helpful if you write a topic summarizing these changes. I also disagree with many things Vox write.

    My initial search through the archives of old posts here didn’t identify where, but I recall a couple of posts proposing that it made a lot more sense to approach things from the therapeutic and redemptive angle versus trying to develop abstract classifications and types. In other words, the mission calling was the whole point — helping people find a way to embrace reality as God revealed it, not wasting so much time on objectifying and creating some complex intellectual model. I think Vox gets some of the basic observations about human behavior correct, but I don’t think he uses those observations to glorify God. I would rather help God’s children use it and prosper, and Vox’s model addresses only those buried in Western epistemology. I’ve also castigated Vox for insisting that all truth must pass through Aristotle’s logic, when even he knows that Ancient Near Eastern intellectual traditions are radically different and are the source of the Bible.

    At any rate, discrete types and categories serve little purpose. The model I propose starts with paying attention to a pair of sliding scales of charisma, one innate and the other learned. I don’t bother defining too many details of what constitutes each of the two sliding scales because they are contextual. I aim more at recognizing the effects and working back from that, plus always submitting to the judgment of convictions. The learned charisma in particular has to be fitted to your calling in life. Vox hints at that but never addresses it, and proceeds with all kinds of examples of what works and doesn’t. Accurate enough for his stated narrow purpose of making the men more attractive in terms of seductive, but that isn’t always the right thing. I’m not looking to score and I’m not that interested in social status. He’s always objectifying everything. I aim for a much more organic approach; I pray that I present a strong moral influence.

    This is in keeping with my insistence that ultimate truth can be expressed only in parabolic language. You can point people to the places they should explore, the moral landscape God revealed through His word. God will always show you where you need to be; I am convinced faith will carry people through a lot of questions that I can’t and shouldn’t answer for them.

    You counseled pedophiles? I advice you to don’t trust anything these monsters say.

    Perhaps you’ve not seen genuine pastoral counseling that works. We already know they lie to themselves, so lying to others is natural. The first goal of counseling is to come clean. Keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between those who crossed the line in molesting children versus those who struggle against the desire. From my experience, it could easily be a majority of American men who possess some tendency to pedophilia simply because it is actively promoted in our culture, despite the apparent frantic fear of actual molestation. American society is full of schizophrenic influences. In that sense, it’s not hard for me to understand what drives pedophilia for Americans because I’m under that same influence. The desire becomes a part of the complex of sinful tendencies we all face as long as we live; we are all perverts in one way or another. What sets us apart from the rest of the world is coming clean before the Lord and seeking His face for redemption.

    I tend to think calling children “holy” overstates the case. They are innocent, with an innocence that fades as they age. It has to fade in this fallen world, but woe unto those who subvert the process to take advantage of them.


  5. steven says:

    “I’ve also castigated Vox”

    How? Vox doesn’t strike me as someone who could be castigated by anyone but God. He is smart, strong, popular, sucessful, wealthy… and knows it. I guess he would score mid-high in narcissism and psychopathy, also.

    “he knows that Ancient Near Eastern intellectual traditions are radically different and are the source of the Bible”

    Vox knows that? How?

    “Perhaps you’ve not seen genuine pastoral counseling that works”

    I haven’t seen any kind of pastoral counseling. I’m a youth born from agnostic parents. I was a pagan (“spirituaLseeker”) until my mystical vision.

    “Keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between those who crossed the line in molesting children versus those who struggle against the desire”

    Thats why I didn’t say “all pedophiles are rapists” but “all pedophiles are POTENTIAL rapists”. I don’t care much about laws, but I can’t understand how someone can lust after a pre-pubescent person. Its unnatural. A teen can turn on, enjoy sex and consent like an adult. A child cannot. I can tolerate (by which I mean, not prosecute) ephebophilia, homosexuality, even zoophilia. But rape is an act of dark alchemy, in which the forces of creation and destruction are mixed to leave an eternal scar in the victim soul, casting demons in the process. Its even worse than torture, and qualitatively worse than murder. Everyone (men, women, teens, children) can be raped (and are raped every day, specially men and teen boys in american prisons), but the only way to have sex with a child is to rape him (even if its manipulative “non-violent” (sic) pedophilia). Anyway, you have a point, so I would euthanize those who struggle against the desire. They should be grateful to be delivered from their demonic flesh in a painless, merciful way. To those who crossed the line, I would do an auto-da-fe, so that their agony avenges their victims. I picture myself as a handsome young monk, a crusading angel of death.

    “American society is full of schizophrenic influences”

    I know. I have seen american TV (pirated entertainment), and its advertising is mind torture.

    “we are all perverts in one way or another”

    Not Tesla, since he was asexual. Not Origen, since he made himself asexual.

    “I tend to think calling children “holy” overstates the case”

    Well, Jesus Himself put children as an example of heavenly citizens. Of course a 10 years old is less holy than a 3 years old (babies being the most holy), but I don’t believe there is a single child in hell (of course puberty isn’t a clock. For ex, I regard the 10 years old who raped, tortured and murdered James Bulger as precocious teens, thus fit for hellfire -and for my auto-da-fe).


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