The NWO Is Older than Me

We already have a global government working on enslaving the whole human race.

Wise as serpents, harmless as doves: We seek to understand enough to recognize what’s going on so that we can prepare to glorify Our Father’s name. When we take up our cross, there should be few surprises what comes next. Throw aside the lies and bear your sacrifice as an honored calling in the Kingdom. Most people have a wealth of mythology about what a world government would look like and how it would act. The myths come from books, movies and TV shows, along with lurid tales from “alternative” news sources. Sometimes they approach the facts, but not very closely.

But it’s all in plain sight, at least it is now. It’s been at work and gaining power over the past few centuries. Our global government starts with the easiest thing to capture, the one path few have understood in the past century: banking. Not banking as you and I experience it, but the financial industry at the international level. It operates through banking, but isn’t merely banking, per se. Indeed, it’s not even any individual banks or banking corporations, but the system upon which they all rest.

The whole thing hinges on the various national governments, and their binding treaties to act in concert (NATO for example), recognizing the sovereignty of the financial lords. As long as governments keep coming to them, hat in hand, begging for room to chase whatever dreams each one holds, the financial lords rule. It’s not some literal control over the debt of nations, merely notional control. Still, this cartel of oligarchs have put in place an exchange system on which virtually all governments of the world are utterly dependent.

You may understand that most governments are run by folks who just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar. Even if they could suffer no particular personal vice, the momentum on controlling populations rests entirely on this fiat system of finance. Most economists do understand some of this, but they simply can’t let go of the baggage of past economic systems and the logic of micro- and macro-economics. There is no academic model for global financial fiat control, so it won’t much matter which economic theories you buy into. All current theoretical systems will somehow come up short of reality, sooner or later. (Hint: They all ignore God’s revelation, which predicts the current system as a type.)

There is a sense in which this thing cannot be dismantled or devolved. The oligarchs have their fingers everywhere, their stings attached to loyal servants throughout the stack, top to bottom, and around the whole world, who stand ready to destroy anyone who dares to break free. Think about Qaddafi, Hussein, and others. North Korea’s insane isolation is about the one symbol of defiance that just might be the last to fall.

It’s not about the US dollar, but about the inter-banking system itself. The masters of the US dollar are just servants of the oligarchs, so it’s current downward trend does not alarm them in any way. To some degree, they may be steering it. That’s because their US puppet government has just about run out of room to serve usefully. Our system has gotten too rickety; time has passed us by. Pretty soon we won’t be able to supply that vastly superior firepower and organized manpower, so some other nation will become the favorite as their system cranks up.

Meanwhile, there is no borrowing limit. That is, the oligarchs can keep lending as long as it serves a purpose. The entire global financial system is fiat money they created long ago, and everyone believes in it. They can drive the price of precious metals up and down, as well as every other commodity. They can spread the lie that survivalists or underground patriots can expect to have an edge in the coming chaos and get them to buy something the oligarchs can simply take with armed thugs later. Or they can simply make it impossible to use. Eat your gold and silver, sucker.

So the oligarchs are working through various agencies to keep their control over a limited trend of meta-events. They don’t want or need total dominance in every day life. They can let their clients run amok with that, and steer things indirectly. Every war currently running is aimed at destabilizing and bringing under control any government that isn’t already their client. You might be aware that getting governments into war might hinge on other apparent issues — oil, illegal drugs, terrorism, etc. — but it’s really all about forcing them to become subservient to the inter-banking system. If the finance lords didn’t want terrorism somewhere, it wouldn’t be able to get enough money to fight. If they want terrorism, there will always be willing adventurers to chase the money and the fun of breaking stuff and killing people.

So, for example, the US patriot militia folks: They were nearly crushed at one point, driven underground largely by financial troubles. They were resurrected only when a controlled opposition rose up to keep them misguided and distracted. I suspect the oligarchs don’t much care whether there is a shootout between militias and some alphabet agency, so long as the whole thing represents no threat to their banking system and controls. Right now you have gun nuts running around chasing every threat except the real one. They might even understand something about the real threat, but are wholly deceived about who to blame.

Here’s another example: Not a single Klan type organization exists that isn’t controlled by one or another alphabet agency, mostly the FBI. All the ones I know about are actually led by a mole. The fakery keeps in place the propaganda agencies like NAACP, SPLC, etc. Lots of money gets spread around that way to keep the servants fat and sassy. It also keeps the rest of us distracted.

And that’s the whole point here: Don’t be distracted. We have no intention of fighting anyone with earthly weapons. We have no intention of protesting and demanding changes, nor grabbing arms and pushing people around, or hurting anyone. We don’t even organize. We share some common ideas about how to serve God’s interests in a mad world that we hardly expect to last much longer. If the finance lords rule, it’s because our God permits it. We reject materialism and human political action because the two are inextricably linked. Get rid of materialism and you have no need to act politically. Instead, we fight the Devil where he holds parts of our lives. Our warfare is moral and spiritual in nature, and our own lives are the battlefield. We view all things in the blazing light of His moral character.

Just keep your eyes on the moral justice of God and everything else will take care of itself.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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1 Response to The NWO Is Older than Me

  1. Linda says:

    “Just keep your eyes on the moral justice of God and everything else will take care of itself.”
    Amen, Pastor, amen!


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