Arrows in the Quiver

Can I suggest you take a look at this?

To summarize for you, it concerns a report coming down from Department of Homeland Security distributed to various law enforcement agencies across the US. DHS is attempting to create a climate of fear and anger among police by lumping together a bunch of incidents as somehow related to the Bundy Ranch standoff in Bunkerville, NV. The report assumes there could be no possible justification for this rising tide of distaste for the way law enforcement folks have been acting. By the same token, you’ll notice they long ago gave up the fiction that they are acting according to the wishes of any part of the citizens of the US, or protecting their interests.

Just another mile marker on the highway to Hell. I’m not gleefully anticipating a violent revolution. I’m not looking forward to human suffering and sorrow, but God has warned us it’s coming. Not that He is provoking it Himself, but you’ll notice that the linked report is doing that. It’s just a symbol of the high-level, deep politics involved in provoking open warfare in this country between government and those governed.

To some degree, this is sure to happen. However, I’m willing to bet those attempting to light this fire are a little frustrated at how long it’s taking. They can stage-manage big noise and localized rioting, but the violence typically fades. Nobody seems interested in going full guerrilla against the police just yet. It’s not that we lack for folks who know how to conduct such warfare, nor lack for the means. I assure you they don’t fear those fancy armored vehicles; those things do have vulnerabilities. And least of all do they fear the tactical competence of the police.

These days I don’t read the underground patriot forums much, so I can only guess. On the one hand, the Feds were running a test at Bunkerville. Not so much that they planned to create that scene, but took advantage of something they had expected even sooner, and analyzed how it went down. Meanwhile, the patriot militia types were fully aware of this and did their own analysis. I’ve heard rumblings about having identified folks they should not have trusted and won’t trust again, folks who are well known. Then again, the folks most likely to finally act someday are hardly all that unified in the first place. Forming and planning ad hoc still gets the job done.

I am convinced the Feds don’t really understand what they are up against. They are obsessed with a collection of concepts that simply don’t apply, and they lack the sense to realize how the militia operates. The militia won’t start shooting until they feel they have nothing left to lose. Depending on how the next confrontation goes down, I tend to think once the shooting starts, it will be an avalanche of militia folks coming out of nowhere. However, I am pretty sure both sides realize that the Feds plus every local law enforcement officer together are massively outnumbered by the vast horde of folks likely to take arms against them.

I’m willing to bet the cops start the shooting, though. From my experience, the idiocy factor is far higher on the side of government employees. So is petty corruption and all sorts of perversions that hamper their organizational discipline.

Still, it’s the highly intelligent psychopaths at the top who are primed to profit from this violent conflagration. They are the ones looking forward to it, trying to bring it about. I’m hardly the only one who thinks they have miscalculated, that it won’t turn out as they expect, at least not in the long run. Then again, I’m convinced there will be natural disasters to confuse things for them.

I’m also convinced Our God will keep His promises. We shouldn’t chase the false notion that this is the End of All Things. We may be quite surprised at what elements of our civilization continue unaffected. The breakdown won’t be total chaos, at least not everywhere, not by a long shot. It’ll be substantial changes and some tribulation, but nothing like what you see in movies. Some other empire will pick up the slack. But however bad it may be for us here in the US, God isn’t finished with our witness. Some of us will likely go Home, but what you and I are doing here has just begun.

We are sweeping clean again the ancient foundation of God’s message on this earth. We have to wait for a bit of destruction before we can start building in earnest, a fire to consume the wood, straw and tattered scraps. In that sense, we look forward to the wrath of God, because for us it means a cleansing fire than can only harden our faith. Being in a country on the way to Hell is no threat to us because Hell doesn’t own us, so we’ll just be passing through.

About Ed Hurst

Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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