Serrapeptase Update

As of 26 June 2015, I’ve been taking it again for several months with no ill effects. The business with my heart mentioned below in my first update was another issue entirely. The primary reason for taking serrapeptase without the enteric coating is it boosts the metabolism and, barring no other problems, helps you burn off fat. Original post below…


I’ve been taking serrapeptase (more properly: serratiopeptidase) for about three weeks now.

I prefer to use a local vendor, but ours almost didn’t remember they had it. Apparently it’s not on the list of current fads, because virtually no one asks for it much. But they had three different versions and we chose something from Now Foods. Digging through the various advocates of this stuff, I decided to try taking it on an empty stomach, some minutes before eating breakfast.

Initially, it hit me hard, rather like a harsh liver cleansing agent. It gave me the runs, but a single dose of Pepto-Bismol stopped that and things progressed naturally to stability. On the one hand, it boosted my appetite for protein foods — I got hungry much sooner and needed to eat a little more than previously. At the same time, I lost a good bit of endurance in my work outs, and had to back off on lots of things. There was also a rapid weight loss of about ten pounds (off my 215 pounds). I sensed this was temporary, and it was. About seven to nine days later, I was back to where I was before taking it.

The longer term effects center around a boosted metabolism. Not simply feeling more energetic, but a very broad based synergy with just about everything. All my other supplements, including topical ointments, along with plain old medications, are working at least a little bit better. That is, anything with a noticeable effect is noticeably more effective. It’s like dialing back some of the effects of aging.

It took a couple of weeks to start helping with my sinus allergies. The first of my joints to hurt less was my bad knee. Reducing the pain in my bad shoulder was indirect: Serrapeptase seems to have granted me a better body awareness, so that I could more accurately tune my workout to match what I should do. Without a discrete knowledge of just what sort of problem I have in my shoulder and other joints, it’s hard to estimate whether and how soon things will improve, but I’d say there is an overall reduction of arthritis suffering. I believe it might also improve mental clarity in some ways, simply by virtue of cleaning out the blood stream of some types of junk. I’m told there are some interesting longer term effects in the offing, and I may comment later if warranted.

This stuff is a keeper, and will be accorded a fairly high priority if things get tight.

Late update: (July 2014) There comes a point where taking serrapeptase has caused an odd sensation in my chest. When lying on my side at night, my heart hammers a bit too strongly and I can’t sleep. It’s not beating too fast or anything causing discomfort, but it simply beats too vigorously. A bit more research indicates two issues: This is partly the result of taking a version which does not have enteric coating. The coating is necessary to make it pass through the stomach where it is absorbed better in the bowels. Otherwise, it works differently. The other issue is that most of us cannot keep taking serrapeptase forever. After awhile it doesn’t have much to do and it keeps things like your heart a little too active. Back off and give it a rest. If your body slows down again, take another round for a week or so until it gets back up to speed.

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Avid cyclist, Disabled Veteran, Bible History teacher, and wannabe writer; retired.
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5 Responses to Serrapeptase Update

  1. mandala56 says:

    You’re the third person I’ve heard about personally who has experienced the advantages of it.
    I’ve been taking it a little over a month, and have not noticed a thing except for a temporary clearing of the sinuses when I take it.
    I’ll keep it up for a year or so, hopefully the wrist action will still improve over time. Breaking up the scar tissue was my main reason for trying it, but there’s no improvement there yet.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    It appears to depend a lot on your level of physical activity. My wife says she gains little from it, but has not been nearly so active as I. Her recent adoption of a workout regimen comes very late in the game for her, and she has a lot of catching up to do. I suppose it’s natural that athletes would see a more significant response from this stuff.


  3. mandala56 says:

    Interesting conclusion, I’ll have to consider that. Doing the pt exercises three times a day has drastically cut into any exercise time. I’ll have to at least start my 15 minute routines and see if it helps. Good suggestion.


  4. Old Jules says:

    Reblogged this on So Far From Heaven and commented:
    Ed’s one of several friends and acquaintances who’ve begun using this stuff and think it’s doing them some good. Just saying. Jack


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