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Fixing Demonology

Wiping away the false demonology of Western Christianity, we can start fresh with a clear understanding rooted in God’s ancient revelation. Satan and his fallen angels are outnumbered two-to-one. The Apostle John took pains to declare this in the symbolic … Continue reading

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Broken Demonology

The inherent failures of Western Systematic Theology are most evident in Demonology. In the first place, Systematic Theology is scarcely induced to recognize the divine, so it should be no surprise it handles demons poorly. They do appear in Scripture … Continue reading

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Theology Is a Human Effort

A hallmark of Western Christianity is Systematic Theology. The whole idea was stolen from the Pharisees, who were Westernized when they embraced Hellenistic rationalism, and departed utterly from their ancient Hebrew intellectual roots. Anyone with a bit of classical education … Continue reading

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Mixed Signals: Boredom

Most people have no idea how to interpret boredom as a symptom. I’m quite sure the audience most in need of reading this will not read it. For most people, boredom is a constant complaint. That’s because they are so … Continue reading

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Trail Is Clear

I scarcely believe it myself. We’ve had two days of unseasonably cool temperatures, so I took advantage of them and worked like a madman. I cleared the new section to within a few meters of the old and still usable … Continue reading

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Job Hunting: Relief Work

I’ve been wishing over the past few years I could find some job meaningful to me. Sure, I have this computer ministry going, but it’s just something to keep me busy for awhile. Much as I like computers and helping … Continue reading

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On the Virtue of Decentralized Power Structures

No one has any business poking about in your personal life who isn’t related by blood or covenant. Thus saith the Lord. This was His part of His intention in promulgating the Covenant of Noah, because the primary burden of … Continue reading

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