Planned Passive Resistance

Peacemaking is not activism and protest. That’s just politics and war with another flavor. What we need is to activate the strongest revolt of all, which is simply ignoring tyranny and oppression and doing what is right.

We see a whole raft of nasties coming down the pipe at us. For example, consider Senate Bill 510 (S510) currently under consideration. The contents of this bill would make us all utterly dependent on the federal government for food. You would have to get permission to grow a tomato plant in your window box, and it would have to be a Monsanto Frankenfood GMO tomato, at that.

This stuff will continue, and worse is yet to come. If we all stopped flying, for example, the TSA would not change policies one iota. Mobility is a major threat to control, so they would be fine with the collapse of all but the charter lines the rich and powerful use. We don’t have them on the run, I assure you. This is the proper place for cynicism, expecting the worst of them, because when they all get together, there is no shred of decency.

Given these psychopaths will continue, the only sane response is to ignore them. That is, if you like growing your own food, do so. The more the merrier. Make it impossible for them to enforce things. If you must act, keep in the mind the example set by the German protesters who blocked the trainload of nuclear waste: They didn’t fight the police, just refused to get out of the way. There were so many of them, the police collapsed.

Either way, getting all hyper about this stuff is not going to help anyone but the psychopaths. Fear and panic plays into their hands.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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