Psalm 133

Here we have a gem that most Westerners miss, not because they don’t read it, but because they don’t get the full depth of meaning. The quintessence of all the biblical covenants together is fellowship and communion on a very personal level. It’s actually rather foreign to Western instincts; we may imagine we get it, but we have nothing like it in the West. It’s hard to overstate that. It’s not just a different custom, in which, for example, Ancient Near Eastern men express more tenderness for each other than Westerners, but a depth of commitment to the welfare of another that simply has no parallel in the West. Westerners are wholly unable to draw that close to other humans, either physically or otherwise, without some silly fear of sexual overtones. In this, Satan has blinded us to the full meaning of revelation.

The underlying image in the first verse pulls us into a simpler time in human history, long ago and far away, where brothers would marry and raise their children within the same household as they were born. They would simply add a room or two onto the structure, whether a tent or stone walls. The culture itself raised the demand of learning how to get along with a depth of fondness and forgiveness that looked past daily spats and even rather serious differences. Everyone knew that alienation was simply untenable. There might be some time and effort to clean up some relational mess, but permanent emotional withdrawal was a scandal. These people knew how to live in each other’s armpits and make it a joyful existence.

This is what God made us for; this is the nature of our wiring. We are not genuinely human without it. Indeed, Creation itself is so wired and demands it of us. That’s the nature of the Covenant, and it’s the greatest of tragedies how latter day legalism killed it. It was the very essence of God’s character woven into the fabric of Creation that all creatures commune in commitment to Him and in a deep personal affinity for Him. It all comes from Him.

So this communion is rather dramatically compared to that high and holy ritual of anointing the High Priest. Indeed, it goes all the way back to the very first High Priest, Aaron. This is the foundation of the Covenant. See how the highly scented oil runs down his hair, his beard and in rivulets down to the hem of his robe. We might consider that messy, but God required it to symbolize the totality of our singular commitment to His ways. It gets all over everything. It’s a heavenly scent that must be allowed to soak into you and all you do. Don’t you dare wash it out!

Mount Hermon was on the far northeastern corner of God’s land grant to Israel during the Conquest. It’s actually a range of three or more peaks, and none of them is particularly forbidding to climb, offering relatively long and gentle sloping sides. But it’s still a very high altitude, so it’s a very wide mountain that catches enough precipitation to remain somewhat snow covered in the summer. It’s one of the wettest places in the whole land of Palestine-Syria.

For that matter, Zion itself is a dew catcher. Without peaks rising high enough to capture some of the moisture in the region, it would all be a desert indeed. But part of God’s provision was the proper mix of dryness that inhibits plagues, with a livable degree of precipitation to provide wild food and domesticated crops, and offer grazing for herd animals.

Both that heavy fragrant anointing and that just-right precipitation represent the utter necessity of humans learning to commune with others. Do you want God’s anointing power? Love others. Do you want the provision of life? Love others. The core of Covenant Law is social stability, and that begins with a due commitment in love. This is echoed in what Jesus taught as the two primary commandments on which all covenants stood: Love God with your full commitment and love your neighbor as yourself.

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Moral Mother Lode

We have yet to discover the rich treasure and heritage of Christ in our world.

Our hearts teach us the truth; we know that there are generally two paths men tread to power and change in this world. One is by deception, as we see today in rich measure through the fundamental nature of Western government. Society is manipulated through controlled information. One cannot stop the human soul from questing for a better grasp of reality, so this is exploited by feeding, not so much false data, but a false structure so that data accuracy makes no difference.

The other method of dominance is brute force. Today we see this used when those in power have no time or inclination to create a manipulative atmosphere. Or perhaps sometimes the violence itself is part of the manipulation. In our very real world, the two methods are used together, often by the same people.

But a third way is one that men do not try: The power of revelation. To be specific, if men were to rule by the Covenant of Noah, they would need precious little brute force or manipulation. The reason those would be reduced, but not entirely dispatched, is because of fallen nature. Even under Noah we find the necessity of using brute force with brutes, and we use manipulation with people who demand it. But if we are first committed to Noah, we are also committed to the heart-led way, and thus reluctant to abuse anyone, even when folks demand they be abused. But there are people like that because humanity is damaged.

We know better than to expect any human government today to walk in Noah. But on a smaller scale, you and I can walk in the heart-led path of Noah. I won’t suggest that we can do better than the New Testament churches of the First Century, but that we do have certain advantages to match our much higher burden of global resistance to the gospel (never mind how much fake gospel washing over the world). We cannot do what those early churches did because our world is different, but we can learn from their mistakes and successes as we face a world they could not know.

Take a look at the Seven Churches of Asia (Revelation 2-3). Notice something: The churches facing little or no criticism were those in the deepest persecution. There is no answer to the question of whether persecution builds faith or whether faith brings persecution. Rather, we know only that they go together. Our persecution is not the same as theirs was, but it’s a sure thing we face precious little of what came on them. For one thing, there is precious little bloodshed for us in the heart-led way. Yet.

If we choose to walk in Noah by our hearts, persecution is unavoidable. But when and where it comes, our divine power to bring Christ glory is also greater. We have to understand the necessity of these two as one thing. It’s not a question what must be, but that it simply will be. Nor is it a question of being defensive, because that destroys faith by itself. Then again, it’s not a matter of building a whiny victimology so popular these days, either. Rather, it’s a conscious awareness that, beyond some initial celebration of the effects of our early walk in Noah’s Laws, people will become increasingly hostile as the power rises.

Walking by the heart is in your hands, but if you take hold of it firmly, there’s no way to avoid a snowball effect. Your obedience provokes Creation to foster further obedience. You are feeding a living thing and it will grow and prosper. Nature around you will respond and people will eventually see it. They will also respond because they are an unwitting part of the whole of nature. What happens is that you will make them aware; your holiness will provoke their own sense of calling. It polarizes and reveals to all who is and who is not of the Elect. And because the majority in any context are not elected by God, there will always be a rising resistance to His power in us. He is winnowing the fruit of the Spirit, and there’s always more chaff than wheat. Thus, the snowball effect is bigger for the avalanche of destruction.

But there will always be those who are saved by that same revelation. We shining a bright light on the reality everyone hides from themselves. The difference it makes is not a question of going to Heaven on our level of operations, but a question of claiming our divine heritage under the Eternal Covenant of Christ. Noah is what it looks like to human eyes, but it’s Christ in reality. Noah is the earthly mask of Christ. As the power of Noah’s Law grows in our hands, His face more clearly shines.

Let me encourage you to take this seriously. The call of Noah is sweet because we learn to face persecution as the mark of holiness. We should be glad when the Devil sneaks in new ways to challenge our faith; he has to bring out new tricks when we beat the old ones. Soon he runs out of stuff we haven’t seen and we send him packing. This is why the New Testament says we should rejoice in our trials, because the Devil is limited, but glory is not. Every time you make progress in Noah’s Laws, it binds the Devil more tightly — Satan is bound by Biblical Law. This is our irrepressible joy and peace.

Go and claim that heritage.

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Western Crippled Hearts

Mysticism makes no sense without cynicism.

First a quick review: You may recall the Aristotle assumed that this universe is all there is. He didn’t argue against the existence of deities and beings who were invisible to human perception, but he insisted they had to exist here nonetheless. This was an innovation; virtually every other culture up that time assumed the existence of other realms of being. It’s not that those cultures produced literature asserting it in all cases, but that it was an obvious assumption from how they talked about anything at all.

The definition of mysticism is the belief that one can experience deity directly. If you come from a culture influenced by Aristotle (i.e., the West), then you would assume that experience has to do with a different level of intellect. If you approach mysticism from any other cultural background, you would assume mysticism means a wholly different level of awareness separate from intellect.

Western mysticism still seeks to perfect this world because this is all we have. Eastern mysticism is otherworldly by nature. Just so, Western Christianity seeks to redeem this world by correction. Any other kind of Christianity seeks to redeem the self by moving toward the exit from this existence. We assume this world cannot be redeemed.

That’s the crux of the whole debate between Eastern mystical religion and Western religion. The latter isn’t actually all that mystical.

This is why we aren’t activist; we are cynical. We don’t expect things to get significantly better. It’s not laziness or failure of some imaginary civic duty. We don’t accept the Anglo-Saxon notion that individuals are property of the society in which they live. We don’t accept the notion of scolding if someone breaks a social rule, like cutting in line. That presumes an imaginary authority. We hold to a different standard rooted in another level of existence. Divine justice is its own reward; it’s not a question of correcting someone else.

We don’t panic if someone announces corruption in government officers. What’s new? We figure it’s almost impossible to have government without some kind of skimming. The same with business; if you have employees handling money, a ten percent loss is normal. It’s budgeted. It’s all about fallen human nature.

People from a Western viewpoint simply cannot quite accept the teaching of the Fall. They can’t accept Paul’s teaching on election in Romans 8, except perhaps as a sterile intellectual concept. But this is not a question of logic; we who walk by the heart can feel it in our bones. We see our own fallen nature and have no difficulty with being merciful. We take action only when it’s part of our individual calling from God. We don’t correct anyone who hasn’t accepted us covenant shepherds over them, but we may fend off any predatory action that threatens our dominion granted from God.

A Western orientation makes you incapable of morally embracing the Fall and election.

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Nothing to Hide

Based on the questions people do ask, it seems to me there are a lot of questions implied that people don’t ask, so I’m going to offer some clarifications on things discussed on this blog. My point here is to clarify my personal position, so it’s a get-to-know-me kind of thing.

Serving in this virtual atmosphere is not for everyone. What I do in meat-space overlaps, but it’s not the same. Online my role is apostolic, but I have no interest in using that as a title. Using a title like that implies an intent to organize in a way I refuse to go. I chose the words carefully: This is not a church, but an online parish. The emphasis is on community, not organization. My appeal is mostly to those who have been marginalized by mainstream religion. I’m offering a path that will allow you to bring to life your unique calling in Christ. I’m not your leader, just a senior adviser on ways to retrain your mind for something only God can give you. This atmosphere prevents genuine leadership, though you certainly have the option of using this forum as your church. Thus, I’m not avoiding the burden of moral shepherding, but making sure you don’t feel obliged to exclude meat-space associations that work for you.

My pastoral service is here if you need it, but it’s not the point. The point is to build you up in your own calling. I do so through the medium of the Internet. It naturally requires helping you to see what I see as the nature of the Internet. Instead of carping about the obvious problems caused by the ubiquitous presence of networking in daily life, I look at ways to exploit the freedom it offers, particularly in the exchange of ideas. Without the Internet, we would not know each other and would not be able share our faith, given that our approach here is so highly marginalized. I am naturally somewhat sympathetic with a wide open sharing of everything and anything, simply because, with the nature of the Internet and how it works, any filtering at all will surely silence my message, too. Any censorship at all means the mainstream shuts down all challenging voices, and I am one of those voices.

On the one hand, I am notorious for denying the big lie that Judaism is the continuation of the Covenant of Moses. I deny that Modern Israel has inherited the ancient mandate from God. In my teaching, the Covenant of Moses was closed at the Cross — it’s finished. On the other hand, the Church was no replacement for Moses in terms of its earthly presence. We as Christians are carrying out the moral mission of revealing God because Israel finally rejected that mission, but there is nothing in Scripture to justify taking the place of Israel as a political entity. The Covenant of Moses was the one and only effort in that realm and it’s gone. Only the moral importance of the Old Covenant remains. We represent the Kingdom of Heaven, not some political agenda.

And I sure has Hell will not support Western Civilization, particularly in the bogus claim that it represents some earthly manifestation of God’s will. It did not arise from the gospel message; it arose as a clear departure from the teaching of Christ. Jesus was an eastern man teaching an eastern religion and the Bible is an eastern document. The West arose when the Church, having long moved away from the eastern approach to faith, compromised further it’s core teaching to accommodate the Germanic hordes invading Europe. The Church perverted what was left of biblical teaching so that it was acceptable to the German cultic outlook, crafting a religious form that didn’t challenge the uncivilized pagan view of reality.

So I do not espouse any part of the White Identity philosophy. There can be no honest promotion of the Kingdom of Heaven in any political solutions. This white culture stuff is nothing more than a return to the Germanic tribal cultic background. On the other hand, some of the best and most accurate criticism of Judaism and Zionism is found in various circles of scholarship that are associated with White Identity philosophy. Nothing can force me into a binary decision; both are wrong. What we have is a point in human history when Zionism has risen to dominance in the public sphere and the White Identity folks are fighting back as a marginalized group. Right now, almost nobody else is fighting the Beast of Zionism so effectively. The apparent anti-Zionist efforts of the American left are a total ruse; the left is very much controlled by closet Zionists. And a large number of folks claiming white identity are also controlled by the Zionists, so we have to be careful. What’s left is carefully sifting what the White Identity folks have dug up, as you would with any other stuff.

Being labeled an antisemite simply does not bother me. It’s simply a propaganda term meant to shut off discussion. Both left and right use it at the behest of Zionist influences.

I also take the position that most leftist theory — communism, socialism, etc. — was crafted by Zionism. The Soviet Union was not a Russian thing; it was an invasion by Zionism taking over Russia. The Soviet period reflects the Zionist way of doing things; the Soviet leadership was Jewish. Current Russia reflects attempts to seize back that power from Zionist hands, so you can easily understand why there is so much mainstream American media hostility to Russia. The mainstream left is closet Zionist, while the right is often blatantly Zionist. And yet the right is also accused of being Nazi/fascist, so the whole thing is crazy and confused.

Trump is just one of the cattle God is herding. He is not “God’s anointed.” The question of whether he remains in office is just a side show. God used Trump’s election to expose the globalist left and their plan. Specifically, it was their plan to execute the last measures of taking over the system totally. Trump is blocking that plan. The fallout from all of this political warfare will include breaking their power, in part by destroying the system they would have used. But that means destroying whatever it is America once was. It will be painful, but it won’t be the end of America as an entity; it will be the end of US government as know it. God isn’t offering much revelation of what is on the other side of that end, so I’m left guessing.

It could well be that the ostensible form remains to a great degree, but something fundamental will change forever. People who have a heart to see will recognize this. Meanwhile, there are other major changes in the rest of the world, and it will all come in a relatively short time. I am convinced we will be surprised at what remains and what is gone.

In broad general terms, Zionism rules the full sweep of Western governments. Their means of control do not work on the Internet. The presence of the Net has introduced a new kind of awareness in human consciousness. It is crowding out some old things, but brings a whole new outlook and it is an environment in which the West cannot survive. Zionism is rooted in Western thinking, so it’s at risk of dying with the West. Without the power to control the heavy bludgeon that is Western material production and bellicosity against the rest of the world, there is a genuine risk that Israel will cease to exist, as well.

If you want to see the future of evangelism, you’ll have to understand something of how the West is dying and how the Networked Civilization is replacing it. Instead of carping about how the network has ruined society, try to understand what it is that pulls people into the network. What is it about human nature that draws them into the web? Why is it normal that people in social setting talk with each other less and cluster together, each on their own device? Understand that and you will know how to take the gospel to the world.

Feel free to ask questions; I have nothing to hide.

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Follow-up to Paranoia

Ref: Previous blog post — Paranoia?

Testing by real experts reveals that Windows 10 ignores privacy settings. To be specific, someone who actually understands this stuff tested Windows 10 Enterprise, the one you are supposed to be able to actually control with policies and so forth. Turns out that it still sends out data to both Microsoft and third party advertisers. If you block it at the firewall, Win10 says it’s not connected at all. All of which means that Win10 does not meet PCI compliance standards, so it cannot be used in any enterprise settings where the computer has to handle credit card information; Win10 will not pass security audits. It also fails HIPAA compliance.


1. Microsoft says its best not to fiddle with its Windows 10 group policies (that don’t work) from The Inquirer.

2. Twitter thread from the researcher, Mark Burnett. The long tail of that conversation is worth time if you need to know more.

3. More complaints discussed on Hacker News forum. Please note that the thread turns into silly arguments over Linux versus Windows about half-way down. But the first half is where you get some details about failing security audits.

Follow-up: Mark Burnett, who did the original testing, performed a more precise and careful test again. He got better results in terms of privacy, but the problems he had would still cause Win10 to fail the security audits mentioned above. In some of his later tweets, he lists all the other ways the Microsoft is selling users to Google advertising.

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The Path of the Heart

The heart-led way is the human default. It’s where we began back in Eden. The Fall didn’t close off the heart of conviction; it simply meant ignoring it in favor of the intellect.

From that time forward, it was two natures fighting, as Paul says in Romans 7. The Law of God is revealed to the heart, while the mind and flesh conspire to usurp the throne of human decision. So the heart-led way was never really gone, but it has struggled. We can look back over Church History and see it flashing forth here and there, yet often somewhat shaded by false teaching. Even today, most people truly Spirit-born will exhibit some measure of heart-led consciousness, but it’s a struggle because of the overwhelming cultural atmosphere against it. This is where we are Western Civilization, a context that is hostile to the heart.

The Ancient Near East (ANE) as the cradle of civilization was the atmosphere that arose nearest the gate of Eden; it was both, the birthplace of the fallen way, and the one place where the heart-led way was most consciously pronounced. When you examine the primordial past of human existence, it is in the ANE where you see the wisdom of the heart over the mind as the first step on the path to answering human need. This represents the cream of ANE learning.

It was in the ANE that God raised up a nation that would live under his Covenant, a covenant that creates an atmosphere where the heart-led way is utterly necessary. It was the essential a priori ground on which revelation stood. The Old Testament is full of talk about trusting in God through the heart versus trusting your own wisdom. It’s loaded with a presumption that this whole thing is intensely personal, that you cannot objectify reality. So Scripture emphasizes the concept that all of Creation is alive, that a proper grasp of reality itself warrants treating all things as persons. The difference is that people-persons are fallen, whereas the other persons in Creation are not. But the idea of talking to “inanimate objects” is distinctly promoted in Scripture. It’s not just a figure of speech.

Judaism is what arose from ditching that old Hebrew mysticism by running Hebrew Scripture through the meat-grinder of human reason. It wasn’t a single moment in history, but a wearing away of the heart-led resolve via exposure to the Assyrians, then Babylon, then Medo-Persia. Upon their return from Exile, the Hebrew people were eventually exposed to the Greeks, and it was the final death-knell of the heart-led way. And yet the persistence of the mystical approach was never quite buried. Only the leadership in the form of the rabbinical colleges were completely sold, and even then it was never quite ubiquitous. It became the mainstream sometime before Jesus’ day, but there was always a vestige of mystical scholarship around.

And if you understand it all within this context, you realize that Jesus was calling His nation back to the mystical way, the heart-led way of letting your convictions rule. This wasn’t a revolution in thought, but it was a resistance against the mainstream. He was seeking to recover things that had nearly been pushed out of the picture. His teaching clearly emphasized the mystical antidote to legalism and human reason.

His death on the Cross won for us the gift of restoring the heart-led way as a miracle without first having to wade through a vast lore of ancient scholarship. That’s how folks in the Old Testament were Spirit-born. We receive it in reverse order: Spirit-born first, then learning the lore of the heart-led way. Keeping the New Testament in this elder context, we cannot avoid seeing it everywhere. We are told to study the Old Testament law and understand how it speaks of God’s personal moral character. Thus, we get to know God; it’s not just becoming familiar with some covenant writ. We are equipped from the start to see the higher hidden meaning. But at the end of the New Testament, we see John warning us in a mystical revelation of how Satan had been granted a certain level of authority to smother the heart-led way. Not total authority; that way never actually died, but the churches certainly ditched it rather early in history.

So it was kept alive by God’s own initiative through the miracle of spiritual birth. You simply cannot live by the Spirit without subjecting your mind to the heart. If we understand Paul’s teaching in Romans 8-9 properly, we realize that some portion of humanity was chosen before Creation itself to eventually come into this fallen world with an established identity in the Spirit Realm. What people call “born-again” is in one sense nothing more than realizing your eternal identity. It was already there; you simply grasped it at some moment when God nudged you into that recognition. The whole thing hangs on awareness, not a change in fact. It’s something founded in mystical truth, not objective fact.

This is why I teach that there is no such thing as objective reality; there is only the question of awareness. If God shows you something is true, then it doesn’t matter what seems factual to your human senses. Seize it by faith and walking in it. By the same token, it’s not a question of your having weak faith if you don’t “receive” a miracle healing for something. That healing has to be revealed to you by God; you don’t grab it for yourself. It’s not automatic. That’s one of the most bitter and hateful lies that comes out of the Charismatic movement. There’s nothing static about healing and redemption; it’s a living thing in itself. It’s all about the relationship between you and God and what He wants you to see.

It also rests on how He intends to use you in His ongoing revelation. Because we are stuck here in the Fallen Realm of time and space, there is something about the way revelation works from within our context. We all vary over the course of our lives here. There’s a time and place for sensing the Presence of God in the same place and in repeated rituals. The discipline of ritual can restore your spirit or deaden it, so use it carefully. There’s also a time and place in your life for totally whimsical (“random”) and one-time-only experiences. Each of varies along that scale, both in our fundamental personality and in the various seasons of life.

So it’s utterly critical that you learn, and strive to live in your heart at all times. Watch and catch yourself slipping off into the way of this world, where you trust your senses and intellect and your emotions. Adam won’t stay nailed to the Cross where he belongs; we have a constant war with our fallen nature. This is what Ephesians 6:10ff is all about. When you are strong in the Spirit of God, you will be in your heart-mind. It opens the door to revelatory awareness so that every part of your being is all pulled together in communion with the divine nature woven into the universe. Your intellect works better when it serves the heart, as does your whole being.

This heart-led way is what we were designed for.

We have been granted this Internet of instantaneous communication and on-demand content to spread this ancient truth. This is our time to find each other and bring this teaching into human awareness in ways we could not previously. Don’t waste the gift of God.

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Bits and Pieces 23

WordPerfect is vastly superior technology for documents. The underlying concept is based on long established principles of formating electronic documents and is self-consistent. It really is the right way to do things. It was also easy to repair and recover documents that got damaged. However, when Corel bought the company, they added a crap load of features that simply did not work properly and risked crashing all the time. In the end, the interface of Corel’s WordPerfect helped its doom.

MS Office is just the opposite. Internally the documents are ratty junk formatting that is not even self-consistent with MS’s own published guidelines. It really isn’t that hard to corrupt the files. However, it was generally quite stable and the interface works well. This is evidenced by how well most versions of MS Office work with WINE on Linux, while very few versions of WordPerfect worked properly. It’s hard just getting any version of WordPerfect installed, because the installation routine does quirky stuff that ignores standards. Even the Linux version of WordPerfect was creaky and crappy, and crashed regularly during the years I used it.

One of the hardest mental blocks to overcome in faith is getting rid of “holiness = performance.” Holiness is your personal devotion and commitment to God as your Heavenly Father. It’s a hunger for Him, where you keep turning back to Him every time your choices warrant some form of discipline. “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him” (Job 13:15). That’s what kept Enoch and Elijah from having to face physical death.

This is related to the recurring question about “getting people saved.” It’s easy to find quotes by major Christian recording artists, for example, saying things like: “This last year I led X thousand people to Christ.” That’s performance brag and misleading as Hell. It’s based on an expression that implies humans can decide to be born again. It’s a flat contradiction to Romans 8 and Ephesians 2, and given the mystical nature of what it meant, a contradiction to the implications of John 3. Jesus didn’t just pull the parable of spiritual birth out of the air. Life in the Spirit is a miracle only God can perform. Paul notes that we were formally dead and unable to desire salvation, so it’s not possible to choose Christ until you realize He has chosen you. What we do is not “lead people to Christ” as most evangelicals mean it, where you engage in some psychological conversion. We don’t teach that here. We focus on living according to the rich heritage of His promises. We teach how to make Him appear real and alive in their eyes; they’ll come to Him because they can’t stay away.

Even if your organization is just a temporary thing related to a single mission, or even a simple hobby or sports club, it still needs to be a shepherd covenant. This is how all of Creation is wired, including humans. You can restrict the implications of authority and application, but if it isn’t a tribal covenant, it’s not going to work properly. Democracy is a pagan human invention contrary to Scripture.

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