Mobilizing Radix Fidem 03

This is not the Apocalypse, but it’s too close for comfort.

Over the next few months we will see shocking changes in our world. I have seen visions of this for years, but even I cannot imagine some of it. As always, this is not a question of convincing you; it’s simply awakening the recognition of truth. If this isn’t already written in your heart, it’s going to sound like fantasy. What I’m getting at is there really isn’t much to save. If you don’t let go of this life and it’s cares and concerns, you will not be able to face the tribulation.

The gospel message is all we have to live for in the first place. The gospel is the same message all the way back to the Garden of Eden: Live by the revelation from God. Don’t live by your own perception and reason, but turn to the voice of the Almighty in your heart. That demands you make choices and promote the truth about what God says is real. You can’t buy into the propaganda all around you. Here are a couple of things that shatter the lies:

1. Hey, someone else has noticed that Q-anon’s purpose is to drug the right-wing activists so they don’t actually do anything useful against the communist coup. The Q-anon stuff has always been a PsyOp from the left. That the right sucks it up like hogs to slop shows you cannot trust either side.

2. Masks are frankly intended to harm you. Medical experts already know how dangerous they are. The elitist attitude of the medical profession is globalist, but a lot administrative procedures they use are right out of the Communist Manifesto. There is darned little care and a whole lot of control. Their only interest is to manage the rate of spread so they don’t have to work too hard; they already know it’s impossible to stop it. You will be exposed to COVID-19 sooner or later, so all this nonsense about preventing the spread is a flat out lie. Meanwhile, they don’t give a damn how solutions convenient for them might destroy your life.

It’s not that sharing such truths will change anyone’s mind. Both Stephen in the New Testament and Josh McDowell in the 1970s managed to back the liars into a corner logically, but nothing changed without the power of the Holy Spirit to convict sinners of their sin. All we can do is shine a light for those already under conviction, and comfort those who have embraced the truth.

How you shine the gospel light of truth is a matter of your divine calling and mission from the Lord. Share these things in whatever way is natural to you. But know this: Once we start doing so, it will result in persecution. And that’s not even the worst of it.

What will you do when the day comes that government starts pushing the vaccine? There is no reason at all to believe it will be harmless. Given the current trend in research, it’s almost guaranteed to include things that will change your DNA, or include materials that permanently damage your health. What if they use force? I can’t answer that for you. For me, it will be the day I take up arms to defend what God has given me.

To be honest, I’m praying about whether I should seek a more powerful weapon, or one that is more portable, simply because of the coming chaos in general.

Keep in mind that God’s Law says violent reprisal for some things is justified against anyone, covenant or not. As an ex-cop I will tell you that when any law enforcement officer or solider goes along with monstrosity, his life is forfeit. Mine already is forfeited to the gospel, so the outcome doesn’t matter too much. What matters is that we stand up for the gospel truth. Search your own convictions to know what that means for you. Don’t pretend you can compartmentalize the gospel away from how you live in this secular world.

If the gospel isn’t worth dying for, it can’t help you live.

The end of this series, but not the end of the message.

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Mobilizing Radix Fidem 02

What’s the strategy?

Let’s get this out of the way: Violence is not a sin. Would you protect defenseless members of your family from a rapist? That’s no different from the mandate God gave each of us to defend from harm people who belong to your covenant family — or anybody else, for that matter. And sometimes that means doing things that change the environment in which your covenant family lives. Whether or not violence is the best way to do that is a tactical consideration. It falls into the contextual response of knowing God’s mission for your life. The question is not whether you are actually able, but whether God requires you to try in that moment. The gospel does not overturn the Law Covenants, but gives them context.

The next question is what it takes to get the job done. The Bible indicates certain people deserve the death penalty; killing a rapist is just, particularly if they are caught in the act. In fact, the Old Testament is quite adamant that there are a whole range of things people might want to do that is such a grave threat to shalom that summary execution is justified. Granted, we have to understand those death penalties in context, but my point here is that killing someone in the act of trying to commit certain crimes is morally justified even if not legal under our unjust system.

Don’t exclude violence from your response for any reason other than your convictions. Tactically it can be difficult. The communist system is going to protect the communists, so be ready for that.

The vast majority of this civil war is actually a matter of fighting for mass human perception. They don’t have the means to force compliance on a lot of things, so it requires deception. The battleground is information, mostly virtual. We are not going to convince the communists to back off. It’s just vaguely possible we could say something that would move a fence-sitter, but don’t count on that. The message we have for the communist revolutionaries is that we are onto them. We can counter their lies with facts. Facts give our people, and our allies, the means to stand firm in the gospel truth. But this is not a debate; we are not going to stop the communist steamroller with words or actions.

Our strategy is not to stop the communist takeover; that’s not an option at this point. Our strategy is deny them control over what they imagine they have won. And the only way to do that is by making some portion of the population willing to resist. More to the point, we want some critical small minority to demand decentralization. Since the federal system cannot be saved, stop trying to save it. Tear it apart.

This requires only a small group of people within the US to have a salutary effect. That’s because God is already steering things in that direction. This is His agenda; He allows His children to participate. In broad general terms, you and I cannot effect any particular outcome because God is sovereign over things He sets out to rule. He allows us to change a few small things here and there; only by faith can we have a clue what those things will be at any give time. What makes Him smile is when His children enthusiastically get involved in what He is doing for His own glory.

So a major element in shining His glory is exposing sin as evil. That’s what I meant by letting the communists know that we are onto their lies. We point them out. Don’t engage in debate except for the sake of entertainment. Infiltrate their home bases and create a ruckus. We are the underdogs, the resistance to a mass evil. All we have is guerrilla tactics to harass and interfere with their oppression. And the biggest element in their oppression is the steamroller effect of their propaganda.

They own most social media outlets and all of the MSM. Even your local news stations are theirs. We know they have long been working to cut us out of having a voice. They can’t allow anyone to slip in a word of truth because their lies are so fragile.

So don’t be silenced; speak divine truth into the darkness.

There’s still more to come.

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Mobilizing Radix Fidem 01

Radix Fidem is my commitment, so that means I’m committed to shepherd everyone who embraces that covenant.

Stop for just a moment. Close your eyes; take a deep slow breath inward, hold it just a second, then let it all out slowly. Lock in slow deep breathing for a few minutes here. Insure that your consciousness is in your heart, not in your head. For some of you there will be a faint thrill down your upper spine as you put your soul in good order under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

This is how we do things under the Radix Fidem covenant. When you are in your heart, you realize you know all things. The most I can do with my words is remind you of what is true. All truth resides in the Spirit in you. All truth is God’s truth, and all lies are from Satan. And you will surely realize that truth is not confined to propositions; that’s a lie of Satan in itself. Rather, propositions serve to organize and implement your obedience of conviction. All truth is already written in your heart, but you become conscious of only those parts you need to carry out your mission.

We cannot mobilize for either side in this civil war in the US. We do benefit from the relaxed grip of conservative government, but so do the communists. Rather, we mobilize for the gospel message in the midst of the civil war. We have no political agenda, but we do recognize the political situation and refuse to surrender to anyone who opposes Jesus Christ.

Do you understand that BLM is anti-Christian? The link does not point to some one-off event; it is the very nature of BLM. It is the nature of Antifa and all the protesters, because they are all moved by communist doctrine, which is inherently anti-Christian. And communism is just a stalking horse for globalists here in the US. Globalism is the doctrine of the Tower of Babel, an abomination in the eyes of God. It will fail, just like the original Tower of Babel. Very truly, anyone who opposes and resists this Tower of Babel — globalism, communism, Antifa and BLM — is doing God’s work.

How I do sincerely wish I could motivate and stir conservatives to act, but the very definition of conservatism is not acting to conserve what the forefathers have built. Conservatives believe the lie of the devil that law and theory is enough to protect what blood has purchased. Quite accurate was the warning that the theory behind the US Constitution requires the blood of tyrants and patriots about every 20 years or so. The whole conservative agenda is based on abdicating the duty to fight tyranny. By the time anyone on the right understands the danger, it will be too late. To the right-wing we can say, “Thanks for nothing.”

We are on our own here. If we mobilize, it won’t be to protect any part of the system. It will be a matter of promoting the gospel in the face of satanic evil. In case you didn’t realize: The communists are going to win. In a certain sense, they have already won. They have been progressively taking over various parts of the US government at all levels since before the first Civil War — Lincoln was friends with Marx. Centralizing federal control is a primary element in the communist agenda. There is zero moral good that comes from that. It’s the whole lesson of the Tower of Babel; God demands decentralized tribal living. So you can basically ignore the lies of both right and left, because the right has always enabled the left; the right has always been the waterboy for the left.

By no means would we deny that non-whites have a very hard situation here in the US. Lots of whites have it rough, too. The system was most certainly designed to benefit only those who embrace Anglo-American culture, which happens to be middle-class materialism. I don’t like it either, but I can live with it. A significant portion of the non-white population in the US is generally unable to do that. It’s not a question of which side is evil. The conflict is natural; it is the natural result of things no human can change. What’s evil beyond question is the solution proposed by the activists. Their solutions are from Satan.

Our only hope is decentralization, which denies the communists control. Organizing is a fool’s errand. All the more so when you realize that Radix Fidem will never have enough people to organize in the first place. The best we can do is offer some doctrinal and tactical suggestions for giving life and shape to the gospel message in the midst of chaos.

Need I remind you that Biblical Law is just another name for the gospel? The Christ of the New Testament is the same essence as the Father Jehovah of the Old Testament. The will of God for living on this earth has not changed; the Cross only clarified how God wants us to go about obeying His revelation.

I’m not going to debate with doctrinaire pacifists; they are the reason the American right never did anything to protect the system from leftists. They have served the Devil. Granted, you may have an individual divine mission calling to pacifist methods. In that case, let me recommend you read Wurmbrand’s books about a proper passive resistance to evil. Free copies of his books can be found here. If you are taking that path, do it right. However, do not confuse your calling with the gospel itself. The same God who commanded the genocide of certain depraved nations is the same God who sent His Son to die on the Cross. Jesus cracked a whip and could have called 12 legions of angels (72,000) — and the Father would have sent them. Those angels would have done a lot of violence, but that wasn’t the mission.

No lives matter, but the gospel message does.

There’s more to come.

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Two Primary Issues

I just wanted to review two overlapping trends coming our way during this communist revolution: a vaccine and currency controls.

First is that the so-called plague is not spiking at all; it’s only the propaganda that is spiking. So be very wary of any alleged vaccine that is developed. At the best, it will be a blind trial for everyone who accepts it. We will probably never know what’s in it, and it’s almost guaranteed to be harmful. It is scientifically impossible to make a Coronavirus vaccine that actually works as advertised. Be prepared for this forced solution to possibly include some kind of permanent tattoo, maybe some nano-particles that would mark us, or something even worse — like chipping. Surely you can imagine they have been working on shrinking those electronic tags?

You see, this thing operates at multiple levels. The idiots who are rioting and protesting have no idea just what they are demanding. They have no idea how awful things can be once they get even some of it. Granted, a few of them are quite at home with chaos, but most of them do not realize there will be no bailout for them when it goes to pot. But we also know that a communist revolution is just the cover for the globalist cult to make their final move. And that will also not turn out as they expect.

Keep in mind that the second part of this plan is seizing total control over all currency exchange (all buying and selling). I’m not sure which of the various plans I’ve heard about will eventually become the reality, but I do know that at least part of what is going on with crypto-currencies is they are a blueprint for forcing everyone to go cashless. If TPTB can crash the existing currencies, they can force a replacement with a crypto-currency issued from some central banking system. At that point, it’s just a single code to remove your access to the system. In effect, you would have no “money” if they block your access. They would have near total control over all commerce, private and public. It would be in effect a “Mark of the Beast” kind of thing. (It’s part of the reason you are now virtually required to have a smartphone.)

Let me advise you: If you need liquidity for some reason, then you’ll have to pray and remain vulnerable to the banking system. If you can afford to invest some of that liquidity, there are two things I recommend you pray about. One is physical objects you know you’ll use during a crisis — tools, equipment, supplies, etc. That’s what is behind my purchase of a new bicycle and computers. I will need them for my mission and message. The other thing is investing in precious metals. Silver is a by far a lot easier to use during a crisis, but if you have a lot of money, get some gold.

While I cannot predict the timing on any of this, I believe the key to avoiding the worst of the coming tribulation is to live in a state that refuses to play along, and the key issue will likely be that vaccine. Trump has already committed to forcing it on us using the military. He could back off on that later, but for the time being, he is compromised on the real issues here. If you can pray it through that your state refuses to endorse a forced vaccine, I believe your state can walk the wiser path out of this mess.

But if Trump loses the next election — which is now possible — things would be even worse. It will become a far more bloody battle as states will be forced to actually go to war with the federal government or become overrun in this communist revolution, because the globalists will allow the communists to take over the system itself. Of course, I honestly believe it’s more likely the election will be so shot through with fraud that it will not come to an enforceable conclusion. In other words, I think it’s already primed that nobody is going to accept a victory by the other side.

So I would urge you to pray for your state and local government that someone with more balls than Trump will arise to resist this coup. If we can see just a few state leaders doing that, then the states can cut loose from the banking system to a great degree and come up with their own independent systems.

Keep your eyes on the Lord, because the arm of flesh will fail you — so far there have been very few officials making the right kind of noise about this. They need to wake up soon or this is going to be one helluva mess.

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Don’t Ask Me

Much of what we think we know about human history stands on the thinnest pretense. I’ve mentioned in the past that our entire chronology of Ancient Egypt is a house of cards. Now I’ll add that most of what we know about Rome is based on almost certainly fraudulent documents.

I’ll grant you the author of the linked document goes way too far with his thesis. His speculation of what actually happened is overdone. However, his critique of the primary sources on Roman antiquity is valid; they are all most likely forgeries. It throws into question a lot of what we have been taught. This is the stuff you don’t get in most history classes.

It’s a common theme in US History as well, that history is written by the victors. The implication is that a lot of pertinent facts about the past have been buried by those with a political reason for changing the story. A basic tenet of life is that you doubt the stories you hear until they are officially denied by the authorities. For a great many major events in our lifetimes, we may never know the truth, but we can be sure the official story is a lie.

Thus, I must confess that much of what I write about Bible History is just guesswork. It’s what strikes me as most plausible out of all the background I’ve been told by others. But my conscience is clear, in that I actually live based on what I teach. All I’m doing is telling my story.

I never debate with someone who doubts. If your religion grows out of logic and reason, that’s junk religion. If the Bible seems reasonable to you, then you are going at it wrong. If you find yourself drawn to the Bible by forces you cannot explain, then you have a solid ground for faith. Religion should grow out of conviction. If my story doesn’t call your name, then you are wasting your time reading this blog.

I’m not interested in spreading my religion. I’m very interested in seeing you build your own religion. By the same token, I don’t want folks to mimic what I do in following my convictions; I want you to become more familiar with your own convictions and follow them.

When I declare that we are at war, I realize most of those who should react will not. My audience is quite small, and thinly scattered. My writing will never serve as the basis for organizing a militia to resist this coup we are seeing. It’s not meant to do that. It’s meant to share the prophetic understanding that we are at war, so folks will then follow their own hearts in taking action appropriate for them.

So if my message grabs you, don’t ask me what to do about it. Ask God.

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Xubuntu 20.04 on Inspiron 15-3593

This is a 2020 model, so all the hardware is quite recent, to include an Ice Lake processor (10th generation). As with most Dell hardware, it generally works rather well with anything derived from Ubuntu.

The initial big problem was getting Linux installed. There is no optical disk drive on this thing, and it appears the system would ignore an external one for booting. However, it will boot from a USB memory stick as long as you insert it in the one and only correct USB slot. If it doesn’t show up in the boot options (F12), then try a different USB port. From past experience, I knew to go into the BIOS and turn off secure boot and switch the hard drive from RAID to AHCI.

Once installed, you may have trouble with the system dropping into the GRUB command line during boot-up. This is a known issue with some UEFI computers; the system acts like it’s set up for dual booting, even if it isn’t. For me, it’s just a matter of typing exit at the prompt and it finds itself and boots normally.

Ubuntu doesn’t load the Intel graphics driver automatically. You’ll need this file named and located where the header indicates:

# /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf

Section "Device"
   Identifier "Intel Graphics"
   Driver "intel"
   Option "NoAccel" "True"
   Option "DRI" "False"

The reason for turning off acceleration and DRI is that the current drivers aren’t fully ready for the Ice Lake hardware. It does okay, but then you’ll get display corruption on things like any Blink-based browser. Since this is not a gaming laptop in the first place, it’s not likely to be a hardship to turn those features off in order to use normal applications.

The sound and headphone jack worked as expected, except that I had to manually re-enable the speakers after removing the headset plug. Suspend and hibernate work, provided you go through the hassle of enabling the latter. I really like the large display and keyboard. The touchpad is hard-wired for tapping (works in the BIOS) and two-finger scrolling, and is supposed to use the synaptic driver, so you can use this file to make sure multi-finger tapping works:

# /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf

Section "InputClass"
     Identifier "touchpad catchall"
     Driver "synaptics"
     MatchIsTouchpad "on"
     MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
     Option "LockedDrags" "1"
     Option "TapButton2"  "2"
     Option "TapButton3"  "3"
     Option "VertTwoFingerScroll" "on"
     Option "HorizTwoFingerScroll" "on"
     Option "CircularScrolling" "off"
     Option "PalmDetect" "1"

Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "touchpad ignore duplicates"
        MatchIsTouchpad "on"
        MatchOS "Linux"
        MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/mouse*"
        Option "Ignore" "on"

Alternatively, you can install the touchpad-indicator from the atareao PPA. Since I prefer to use an external mouse, I typically keep the touchpad disabled anyway.

I tested the built-in webcam with Cheese and it seems to work as expected. I seldom use Bluetooth, so I didn’t test it, but it appears to work, and mine sensed several devices nearby. At the end here I’ll show you the obligatory screenshot. Click to enlarge.

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The Lord Is with You

An important part of my mission is to strengthen the hand of those who would resist the coup against the people of America, the rightful government of the US.

It doesn’t matter what level of resistance people feel led to employ. It doesn’t matter whether they decide to use existing structures, organize something unique for this situation, or don’t organize at all. It doesn’t matter what kind or degree of success they may gain. The resistance itself is good, right and just in the eyes of the Lord.

A part of my message is that, in the long run, the US will be dissolved — in effect if not officially. Thus, I encourage everyone to prefer their own local and state government as the place to make their last stand. Once that’s gone, it’s every man for himself. But the only genuine hope for keeping any part of the current system alive is at the state and local level. It’s time to haul out all the old symbols of states’ sovereignty and raise the battle flags.

You can be sure I’ll have more to say about this as things move along their current path. But for now, I just want to promote the general idea of resisting this coup any way you can. The more you can turn some of it back, the better things will be for you locally as time goes on. The evil revolutionaries are openly calling for violence, so I will, too. You will have to discern for yourself what it will take to defend what you have, but don’t too hesitate too long or you’ll lose everything you hope to save.

Rise up and resist; the Lord is with you.

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That’s What It Takes

The Christian religion is the fulfillment of Old Testament religion. There is no significant difference between what they both require of us in terms of how we live on this earth, if you understand it from the original mystical approach. We aren’t bound by the particulars so much as what the particulars indicate about the character of Our Father.

Jesus mentioned not throwing your pearls before swine. Included in that comment was a warning not to engage fools in debate. As long as they have only words, you should refuse to take them seriously. Ignore them. If they take actions that interfere with your divine mission, do not have mercy on them. What they think and what they claim doesn’t matter; all their words are from the Devil.

Because these things are so prevalent in our situation today, you need to turn this over in your mind a bit. Don’t kid yourself about what you’ll do. Still, understand that the issue we are facing here is an all out attack on following Jesus Christ. Sometimes you carry your cross; sometimes you crack that whip and cleanse the Temple. You should be ready to kill someone who threatens your life and home. You are the only one who knows what God demands in that moment of confrontation.

Still, be aware that the Scripture fully justifies whatever it takes for you to carry out the mission God gives you. Slaughter them, or disable them; destroy their strongholds and scatter the rubble. The scorched earth response is certainly justified in Scripture, if that’s what it takes.

In the current situation, I can assure you that’s what it will take, if not literally, then figuratively.

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Human Politics 05

Be aware of the trends. Otherwise you can’t know enough to intelligently decide when to buck those trends. You have to count the cost of going your own way, and ensure that you know what you are getting into when your convictions drive you in one direction or another.

For example, the future of consumer banking is smartphone apps. I rarely have any reason to actually enter a brick-n-mortar bank, or even the drive-thru or ATM. I can do almost everything from my cellphone. No, this isn’t a good thing in terms of privacy and security, but this is where the banks are herding us. You need to understand this part of the picture before you decide it’s necessary to resist the trend. In my case, there is nothing to gain from fighting it, but I do take extra precautions.

You need to decide what is crucial to your mission and calling. Take control and take responsibility for the things God says are essential for you, and let Him handle the rest.

The trend in computer hardware is toward tablets and near-tablet devices. The desktop PC is nearly irrelevant, except for those who need a workstation. There is a difference between a home desktop PC and a commercial workstation, and the former is quickly becoming passe. The masses are being herded onto tablets. If you are going to mess with computer networking, you need to know why the industry is headed that way. My mission requires understanding such things, and making decisions about what kind of equipment I should seek to fulfill my mission.

I still need a beefy workstation; the Lord has provided that. I still need a full-blown laptop, and I’m working on that. My current laptop doesn’t do what I need; the display is too small. Part of the reason I’m resisting the trend towards smaller devices is that my place on the info-war battlefield requires accommodating my aging eyes while running Linux. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Windows, except that I really do need the kind of fine-grained full control that Linux offers, and which Microsoft refuses to provide.

I don’t promote Linux for everyone; I promote it for those who need more control. I promote it especially for those whose online activities entail some risks, and for whom security and privacy is critical. Linux can be likened to a battle tank — not impervious to all attacks, but it does shrug off the most common threats. There are plenty of things Linux does poorly, so it requires knowing enough to balance the various needs for which we buy computers in the first place.

Much of human politics and warfare have moved online. The really important stuff happens in the virtual world of information. Too many people trying to defend the status quo don’t understand this very well, and so are at a huge disadvantage. The mainstreamers refuse to organize in the way, and to the degree, the revolutionaries are doing it online, and refuse to understand just how big of a threat this really is. SJWs already have most big city governments, and some of the states. They own most of Big Tech, the MSM and a major chunk of the federal government is friendly to them. Rolling this back is utterly impossible, all the more so without first gaining a major control over the Net. SJWs live there.

More than ever do we need the heart-led way of giving our convictions prominence over mere intellect or sentiment. We cannot save the US, but we can continue the mission of the gospel message. Online or off, it’s not so much trying to draw a crowd as simply being true to biblical standards. We have to point out sin and reveal the remedy. We have to do this in the face of persecution. The biggest blessing we can offer the world is a dose of divine truth, regardless how it has to strike them. We cannot aim for any particular response, only that we are faithful to Biblical Law.

That means we don’t make any accommodation for the lies of the SJW agenda within our personal realm. We are under no moral obligation to answer anything they throw at us. Don’t be distracted; keep your eye on what matters. When you seek to infiltrate places where SJWs have influence, decide on your identity in their presence and never compromise yourself. Keep it all tightly compartmentalized; don’t throw pearls before swine. Keep a firm assurance about where your boundaries are. Don’t be drawn out into their territory.

Do what you know you can, and trust God for the rest.

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Human Politics 04

So what is our threat environment?

It’s not enough to note that the globalists are running the show, very nearly on the verge of completely hijacking the federal government. Doing so won’t do them much good; the moment they seize the reins, a lot of states will cut those reins. We have a much bigger problem with the proxy forces they use, particularly online.

The single biggest online threat right now is the SJW cult. SJWs will never appreciate anything we say from Scripture; they hate the Bible. They reject genuine faith and the whole Christian Mysticism approach to reality. We are not allowed to think or value covenant holiness, much less talk about it. So they have for quite some time done their best to infiltrate the leadership of online service providers so they can shut off service to anyone they disagree with. They are the most insanely intolerant bunch of people to infest the face of the earth.

Once they are under that spell, they become the enemy of all Creation. As such, they are a threat to everything that makes life worth living. They build nothing; they only destroy. That becomes their sole purpose for existence.

As one commentator has said that they always lie, just making up the craziest nonsense in order to start something. Next, even when you can shoot them down, they’ll always come back with some fresh angle on the same lie (it’s called “doubling down”). Finally, most of the accusations they dream up in attacking someone are things for which they themselves are guilty. If you come under attack, here are some things to consider. Let’s get one thing straight: There is nothing — nothing — you can do to address the spiritual needs of an SJW. Regard them as demons in human form. Whatever you end up doing to any of them in pursuit of protecting what God has given to you, it’s morally justified.

Under the covenant, their lives and whole property are forfeit. Yes, I mean that. Take no prisoners. Any restraint you offer will be wasted, consumed and turned into a weapon against your faith in Christ. Of course, since the point here is info-warfare online, unless God drives you to physically hunt them down, it’s mostly figurative, but there is nothing too extreme in handling them. If you detect SJW sympathies, the nuclear option as a first response is justified.

Most often they will ensure they are out of your reach, cowardly working through proxies. Thus, they always try to get someone else to do their dirty work. Most online services will protect them, refusing to divulge who complained. Always consider how likely it is some service you use will cut you off due to such tactics. Always treat their proxies with the same extreme prejudice.

Thus, decide which online providers you should trust. Google is compromised, partly owned by the SJWs. However, they have been somewhat restrained in their efforts, mostly using their search engine to hide stuff SJWs don’t like, and knocking out YouTube channels. Twitter has been less restrained, openly blocking people SJWs don’t like. As previously noted, Facebook changes weekly, sometimes daily, but have already started blocking links from certain sites that offend SJWs. PayPal has locked up accounts and stolen the money in them. On the other hand, Microsoft has so far resisted most calls for SJW intolerance.

These tactics are a moving target, so it serves well to keep an eye on such things. The common term is “deplatforming” — kicking you off any platform that gives you a significant voice on the Net. There have been some efforts to develop alternative platforms, but the success is uneven, and the quality of service you might get can vary widely. For now, I’ve had better results from using the relevant mainstream services. My message works best in blogging and ebook publishing. My book publisher is wholly unlikely to censor anyone for anything, but WordPress has cut off a few writers I used to read, even after they paid for the service.

It’s been a really long time since any SJWs hit my blog. I now block them on sight as irrelevant. My traffic is too low to warrant much attention anyway. Still, you never know when WordPress will get more sensitive to the SJW cult. Once they target you, it never stops until you are destroyed. A part of what I do is keep my online persona compartmentalized. I’m trying to make myself exceptionally hard to track.

I never allow the various services to exchange cookies about me. I use Opera for my blogs and our forum. I use Chromium browser with three profiles, one each for Facebook, Microsoft, and both my Google accounts on another. I use Firefox for some general browsing, Vivaldi for research, and Pale Moon for sites I visit often. With Pale Moon I added a button to turn off Javascript altogether to visit some sites that do annoying things with it. And I’ve been known to run Tor Browser for some purposes, and VPNs for others (Opera has a built-in VPN option).

I am totally heartless about blocking advertising, as this is the single greatest threat vector for both malware and passive tracking. The online advertising services have proven irresponsible in allowing any crook to inject toxic ads and malware delivery into the ad rotations. They have flatly refused to compromise or negotiate about this, so screw `em; this is war. Anyone who relies on ad revenue without vetting the ads is a fool.

I also wipe cookies and other cached data between each website, regardless of the browser. The vast majority of Internet users don’t even know what that stuff is about, so folks like me usually pass unnoticed. For the sites that complain or try to restrict access because of ad blockers, I search for ways to get around their blocks. Lots of other sites will republish the same article; search for it. Part of the reason for using a VPN or Tor is to avoid certain kinds of blocking; some sites I like to read have been subject to network traffic blocking on occasion.

It’s not that I mind passive static images as advertising, but anything that moves without my permission is an abomination to me. I’ve used my adblockers (typically Nano Adblocker) to hide elements on some pages that offer the user no control over animations and slide shows, etc. I’ve taken the time to learn how to read the code and identify things that distract me from reading. I note those things are typically sourced from another site, not the server that displays the page I’m viewing.

The net result is that tracking aggregators are quite confused about who I am and various pertinent demographics are muddled. They have no idea where I live, with whom, etc. Should SJWs further seize services I use, there will be virtually nothing of value to collate on me. As a side-effect, it also makes it hard for everyone else to track me, as well (including government agencies). If you worry about it, you can try this list of people search engines to test how much is known about you. (Hint: I seldom use my full legal name online.)

I never recycle passwords between sites, including those I’ve ceased using. I typically use varied nicknames, except on sites where my real identity is important. I use so few of the popular social media sites that it would take some concerted effort to find me in the first place. That there are a couple of other guys out there with the same name helps. The point is not hiding, but controlling how my information is used. People who really need to get to know me can, while those whose intent is threatening would have a tough time. Being a harder target would cost too much and the gains would decrease rapidly.

But if the SJWs managed to get me kicked of, say WordPress, they would have a very tough time doxxing the rest of my life. That would allow me to reappear somewhere else with the same message.

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