Two Wings of the Same Vulture

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It became popular some years ago to refer to the two primary US political parties as the red and blue wings on a doomed aircraft. It didn’t’ matter which color you favored, the destination was the same. Only a fool fails to recognize the truth in that.

It’s a very old con game to take down a victim. One pretends to be your enemy and the other your friend, but they are working together for the same goal of manipulating you into something to benefit them and harm you. When you multiply the victim times millions of people, it doesn’t change the technique, it just adds more drama. You gain a wide range of folks who buy into one story or the other, in varying degrees of useful idiocy. Meanwhile, the elites at the top are competing on a different structure entirely than what we see portrayed in the press.

That same con game is everywhere you look. I downloaded and read the original 2009 version of Which Path to Persia from the Brookings Institute. It’s dreary stuff, but you can find it outlined in many places on the Net. It lays out the strategy of broad based warfare against a range of nations that have the audacity to operate independently from the US and her allies. All it does is formalize previous long-term plans, and there has been scarcely any departure from it since publication. One of the better sources for tracking this stuff is Tony Cartalucci’s “Land Destroyer” blog. In a recent post he noted that the current noise about Obama threatening to shoot down Israeli jets attacking Iran is just an other aspect of that old con game — it’s a false story.

The folks using this obscene script already know that all they really have to do is create a plausible story. Anyone who objects too strenuously would face their “justified wrath.” It’s part of the popular mythology that they fear rioting and revolt here in the US, but I’ve long believed that was another bogus story. Here again we have the effect of two con-men manipulating a victim, in the shape of controlled opposition, particularly the activist-conspiracy press. The victim is a subdivided mass and each identifiable group has faces their own brand of manipulation.

Recently the “resistance” activists have been making noise again about the alleged Clergy Response Teams organized by FEMA. The story goes that a bunch of clergy have been seduced, and perhaps even subtly coerced, into agreeing beforehand to assist FEMA in calming the populace when martial law is declared and folks are rounded up en masse for detention in camps. This extends an older story based on the alleged REX 86 and all those FEMA camps that nobody can find. Yes, I’ve seen the list and, locally here in OKC at least, it is preposterous. That doesn’t mean that the US government has no camps at all, and wouldn’t round folks up into those camps. They’ve already done it, but it was ad hoc. Remember Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans? It’ll be better organized next time, but that’s a picture of how our government acts. Especially should you remember the horror stories about blocking aid sent by WalMart, cutting emergency communications cables for isolated communities, and other forms of unconscionable oppression.

The hateful actions by FEMA weren’t all planned and coordinated so much as the natural result of hiring psychopaths to run things. Psychopaths are particularly poor at organizing competent agencies because they tend to hire the lowest grade of idiots with meaningless degrees who can be manipulated and controlled with ease. So what you have is FEMA composed of incredibly incompetent and stupid people who only understand taking control and keeping it at all costs to the lives and safety of folks they “serve.” One more time, readers: This is the norm.

Meanwhile, there is really very little support for the myth of the Clergy Response Teams. You’ll find a single news report dating back in 2007 from a station in Louisiana that actually talks about something else, but it confuses the story to make it sound bigger than it is. Some local fire department organized an emergency Clergy Response Team of their own through the work of a couple of volunteer chaplains. It’s the usual meaningless community coordination stuff you’ll find all over the world that tends to fall apart because it rests on fairly informal agreements hashed out with folks who often move on before anything happens. So when they actually got some partial cooperation from clergy who lived in areas not heavily damaged by a local emergency, it somehow morphed into a sinister plot. The only other evidence was cooked up by Alex Jones at Prison Planet. There is a packet of documents assembled into a PDF that looks like a sinister plot, but is actually pretty weak evidence if you know anything about the way clergy operate.

And FEMA hasn’t bothered to confirm or deny the story officially, so it smells like the usual noise and hype that was actually promoted behind the scenes to feed the propaganda machine. In case you aren’t already aware of it: Alex Jones serves the same folks who are pushing for war against Iran. Without their support he would have been in jail or dead long ago. Genuine informed opposition gets you killed if you can’t be marginalized.

Let’s get this real: Mass round-ups of residential populations work only when there has been a disaster that makes the local dependent class unhappy. It requires a critical mass of whiny-butts. If FEMA tried to pull a Katrina on the area where I live, there would be a significant armed resistance and they know it. They at least understand that much. They knew the portion of New Orleans flooded was loaded with dependent folks. I’m not too sure the Corps of Engineers didn’t allow the flooding, or even encourage it, for that section of New Orleans. The government is loaded with people who would do that sort of thing if orders came down the chain. But trying to create a panic where folks are more independent minded is wasted effort, and I’m pretty sure the FEMA folks know that. All the more so when you have some idea how thinly stretched are the personnel necessary for that kind of control even in communities likely to panic. FEMA had to hire mercenaries to disarm that small section of New Orleans they targeted for evacuation. Don’t try that in my neighborhood, even if a tornado rips the place apart and cuts off all services.

Nationwide martial law won’t happen. Most folks won’t riot until directly threatened, and I’m quite sure the federal psychopaths know that. So what’s more likely is simply bumbling along until a real disaster hits and then pulling back into their hidey-holes while their minions are slaughtered. Meanwhile, the majority of the population will simply come up with plans to rebuild and keep life going. At some point, the same underlying cultural biases will see another system in place that will beckon with open arms to the next crop of psychopaths.

As long as you don’t get wrapped up in the hype, you have some hope of going about your business for the most part. For those of us who have a mission from God, that business is pretty obvious in almost every context. My point is that you should expect some dramatic changes in the propaganda. Meanwhile, we will see some continuing problematic shifts within the government controls in terms of how they affect us. The net combined predatory nature of those running Western governments as a whole will not stop until there is nothing left to take from us with relative ease.

The global economy will collapse, but only in terms of how it’s currently wired. People won’t stop all economic activity, but it will become difficult when the convenient means of exchange disappears. The people pushing for warfare on their “Path to Persia” aren’t worried about that, and tend to believe they can force things even when the system breaks. They’ll resort to direct seizure of property and labor, for example. If they are careful, they’ll get away with it. At the same time, they will be competing against a few other, less well known projects of similar ambition.

Wise as serpents and harmless as doves, we should be ready for anything that comes as we seek to exploit all Creation for His glory.

Stability in Motion

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I was altogether serious about it. In my mind was a wealth of possibilities for building a new and different kind of faith community. I still hope to see that, but I won’t be involved in that mission in the near future. You can expect me to keep talking it up because it’s still a shining vision of what God can do. I sincerely hope that, if you have the opportunity, you get involved in something like that, dear readers.

In other words, don’t be discouraged because God has called me to pull back from that mission. What I expect to engage here in the near future will still aim at the shining vision of church as God intended. For me, at least, there is some ground to cover before I can get involved directly.

On scholarly grounds alone, I would contend that we have to rebuild a whole lot more of the individual faith and morals of Scripture before we could know where to start. It’s almost as if each of us is Abraham all over again. We see the land and hear God’s promise to give it to those who follow in our faith-steps, but there is a certain reduced likelihood that we ourselves will see much of it on the ground.

Thus, the emphasis here will be more on individual faith and how to survive in a hostile world. As the old Petra song “Not of This World” says:

We are pilgrims in a strange land
We are so far from our homeland
With each passing day it seems so clear
This world will never want us here
We’re not welcome in this world of wrong
We are foreigners who don’t belong

We are strangers, we are aliens
We are not of this world.
(Bob Hartman, 1983, Star Song Music)

They didn’t know the half of it. This kind of talk was trendy with folks in the new rock-oriented “Jesus Movement” at the end of the previous century. Not to attack their sincerity, but they were still too close to the dominant culture for my tastes. Let’s say it’s a good start in the right direction, though.

What we are up against is a world of resistance from just the folks who fondly remember this song. Any attempt to attack the primacy of Western Civilization is the shortest path to marginalization from even the most well-meaning believers these days. Most Christians are convinced that the West was a work of God, the results of the Church trying to remake the world. That would be an oversimplification at best. But those of us who feel called to this ancient faith of Abraham as the heart and soul of what Christ taught are not just aliens, but alienated from the rest of believers.

It’s been my experience that until we demonstrate the power of our faith, show how it works to defeat the flesh and bring a peace that outlasts the earth itself, we can’t win a hearing. That’s what we share here on this blog. I rather doubt many of my readers sense the exact calling I do for myself, but there is plenty of ground we can share. What I want to promote is not that we hold off experimenting with doing church right, but that we also give consideration to what it takes to remain in the grip of faith when church is impossible for us. From what I’ve seen, we don’t have a broad legacy of religion that stands on this more ancient ground. We don’t know much about living the ancient faith in the face of such overwhelming odds until we do more of it.

This is the ground I sense I need to cover first. In the near future, you should expect to read more about real-life experiences here. I am convinced the Lord is calling me to a rarefied atmosphere that tests this kind of faith. I’m still serious about how this is supposed to play out in a congregation of folks with similar faith. Meanwhile, this online, virtual parish isn’t going anywhere until someone or something shuts it down over my objections.

Psalm 39

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Jeduthun was one of three music directors that served during David’s reign. He was also the King’s Seer. The tone of this psalm does not come across well in English. It takes turns of logic and makes subtle connections that don’t match anything in modern literature. It almost looks like random verses strung together from two or three short pieces.

There is a bit of the Job experience here for David. It’s one thing to yell and fuss with God in your private prayers. Wrestling with God should be a private matter as each of us comes to slightly different terms of peace in our souls. God is not some distant ruler, but our closest confidant. In Ancient Near Eastern cultures, a private audience was much freer than we would imagine under Western feudalism. We have no equivalent in our culture where one can speak frankly with his master in private, so long as court protocol is not breached in public. Thus, David is careful not to let schemers in on his private dealings with God, because they would use such knowledge as leverage for evil.

But David is filled to bursting with the need to vent to his Heavenly Father. So eventually he could contain himself no longer and had a frank discussion with God. What he needs most is to embrace his own mortality. It’s not something he needed to share with others, but to ensure he fully grasped the implications in his own heart. People who think they’ve gained much in this life actually have nothing. David implies that the richest treasure of this world is not taking yourself too seriously. Life in this world is all about bringing God glory; all else is just a tool for that end.

On these grounds, David asks that he be able to embrace the choices God makes for him. When you face unexpected turns of life with aplomb, it’s hard for fools to heap criticism on you. Facing things with serenity is easily the most powerful way to live. By the same token, he asks that God not put too severe a test upon him. David knows that God is more severe with His own because they have less excuse for transgression, having come to know God and His character much better than the rest of the world.

Still, human life is transient at the best of times. David’s highly emotional and piteous cry to God would be out of place among Western royalty, but this is the private David seeking the face of His Lord in a time of trouble. It need not be for a specific sin that David repents here, but his prayer is more general. David is torn between his human identity and his longing to be with the Father. His otherworldly bent makes him feel like an alien among his own people, and God is his only comfort.

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Let’s talk quantum morality for a moment.

Are you reading the news? Lots of stuff that isn’t really all that interesting, but confirms much of what we suspected long ago. What difference does it make if everyone you could conceivably work with or work for engages in moral violations?

Let’s say that an organized criminal gang offered me a job doing something innocuous but requires their trust. Or let’s say it’s some kind of clandestine cabal of conspirators. Again, let’s say it’s a government agency. Would it make any moral difference at all? At this point in history: No.

This underlines the point I made previously about why activism is such a farce. All the more so when it takes only a little patience to discover the activist organizations are no different from the above. Churches? Don’t make me laugh; I’ve worked on church staff before. None of them offers a safe place for biblical morals.

If you can work alone and make a living, it’s a good idea. If you sell to any of the above, it pretty much counters the activist mythology of moral purity and consistency. You can’t breathe air without being soiled by someone else’s sin. So maybe we need to get serious about recognizing the actual character of God when it comes to moral boundaries. You can only do what God allows you to do for His glory. That’s more than most of us can handle, anyway.

When you discard the Western cultural biases and stop clinging to the prissy hypocrisy, you stand in a better place to see clearly where God is guiding you. Quantum moral reasoning is all about undercutting cultural mythologies and prejudices. It’s not discarding all bias, since the human mind cannot operate without one. Rather, it’s a conscious choice for one or another bias after comparing the ones offered. Mine is God’s revelation, as best I can grasp it through an attempt to understand the moral frame of reference He designed for His revelation.

Whether God intends to bring back any hope of a moral resting place in this world in the future, it’s for sure there isn’t anything on earth today that meets His standards, even when you consider the meaning of His Laws applied to the Fallen Realm. In this time in human history, we each stand alone. He requires that we seek His face and find a way to bring His glory into every human space possible. There is no place for Western absolutism. There is no such thing as a “principled moral stand” as defined by any part of the current offerings within the buffet of Western Civilization.

Find peace with God and don’t let anyone steal it from you.

Never Alone

Thursday 26 February 2015 1 comment

I don’t feel the least bit lonely.

Inner turmoil is the native human element. Want to end all tension? Die. Meanwhile, if you live, then a gnawing sense of longing for something or other is our native element here on the Fallen Plane of existence.

What becomes noteworthy is when your sense of longing shifts away from things that are painful. Unless you are stumbling across this blog for the first time today, you probably sense that I’ve recently gained a new level of serenity. I’ve always been a loner, but carried the delusion that I wasn’t supposed to be.

Indeed, I can recall a desperate hunger for a soul mate who could not have possibly existed. That burning sense of emptiness led me into all sorts of folly. If nothing else, I kept surrendering certain essential elements of myself to be a part of someone else’s fantasies and got really badly hurt that way. The most significant scars are related to attempts at denying those essentials, pretending they weren’t that important.

It would be hard to characterize things in any detail, much less offer an outright description of them. Maybe you understand and maybe you don’t. The point is, I’m content to let myself just be without justifying it to anyone. I passed through different levels, filling up different kinds of holes in my soul, and in different ways, and finally realizing they were all imaginary. It’s not as if I knew no peace, but once I came to terms with one thing, there was always one more thing left nagging and gnawing at me. Often, that still throbbing discomfort was simply not in range of my perception, though it still affected me. I still kept trying things that were not going to work for reasons I could not have explained.

So I don’t pretend to have finally arrived, since I’m cynical enough about my own self to suspect I’ll find more out there in the future somewhere. Right now, though, a very large collection of issues have been put to rest all at once. I’m telling you only because I suspect this part of my story is not unique. Let’s just say that for the first time since I can remember, the pain in my soul is manageable. I am far less confused about things than ever before. Whether that signals having found something or simply having slipped off into insanity is frankly impertinent.

I’m here to tell you there is no magic bullet. I simply kept pursuing Christ. The twists and turns on the journey had nothing to do with Him but with how deeply lost I was. Try not to think of this as a matter of distance, but of a series of barriers that were unique to me. Each required a different way of getting past. It comes down to persistence, not any other factor you can name or imagine. In other words: I have no doubt you can have it, too, but you can’t copy my collection of solutions.

While I despise the phony self-help industry, the honest truth is that the only answer to your sorrows is already inside of you. You can either find that inner path to God or you can keep struggling. I can offer some broad generalities that seem to help everyone I’ve talked to, but I haven’t talked to everyone, just several thousand people — out of several billions on this planet. So you can read my books and they might help you, but I can think of other books that are probably more practical for the broad sample of humanity out there in the world. If you are a Westerner, I would highly recommend, for example, Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. No other book does a better job of attacking the most common false assumptions. While I suppose it’s a bit longer than it has to be, Dr. Peck did a masterful job of explaining things in terms that puts the solution in reach. He was a psychiatrist who knew how to talk to us ordinary people.

That’s different from, say, Thomas Szasz, whose writing is more important for how it tears down a broad institutional lie. Important, but I didn’t find his writing that useful for my personal needs compared to Peck’s explanations of how to climb out of the pit. You need both the theoretical explanations as well as the individual diagnostics. And neither of them openly attack Western Civilization the way I do, but both of them open to door for it.

In the long run, my own specialty is attacking bad religion along with bad philosophy because they are too tightly intertwined. I often have to explain that Western epistemology is how religion went bad. Yet, there is no crusade on this blog. I’m content to let millions follow their chosen path because of that holy cynicism that reminds me I just might not have the right answer for others. That in itself is an anti-Western concept. Despite all our mythology about the Great Man and the individual, it’s very subtly about keeping individuals within a certain range of acceptable options. The old joke is that both communism and capitalism (and the attendant political theories) emphasize individual freedom, but a different set of freedoms in exchange for a different set of restrictions. Even the anarchist libertarians reject my fundamental philosophical approach as dangerous to the rest of the world.

But even if I did have the power to destroy things I see as morally harmful, I wouldn’t. I’m utterly certain it wouldn’t make enough difference because it’s just externalities. The ultimate answer is inside of each person; there is no answer otherwise. If it’s not a conscious choice at this point in human history, then it can’t be solution to anything that matters. There’s that sense in which we cannot go back to Edenic innocence. We really do need that Flaming Sword and we need to see what it carves and burns away. Wiping the memory means rewriting the personality from scratch. Where’s the redemption in that? If redemption doesn’t leave a trail of awareness behind it, it’s not redemption. This is what Scripture itself says, though you’d have to read between the lines to get that.

There is a certain sense in which there is no way to compare with others. If I tell you I’m praying that God make me His #1 obedient and trustworthy servant on this earth, I don’t mean that in the sense of competing with anyone else. It’s just a metaphor. It means I’m determined to reach into that rarefied sphere of holiness that can’t be shared with anyone else. It means I’d love to blog about how it looks on the ground as I carry that commitment out into the world of fallen humanity at large so you can have some hope that you’ll find your way to something similar but uniquely yours. How else could I do that without engaging in activities other believers would avoid? If you are answering your own call, you can’t pursue mine.

My faith drives me to pray for God to put me into a certain context where I have to maintain a full awareness of His power when there is not another single human with whom I can fellowship. If I have an unfulfilled hunger of that sort, I’m vulnerable to temptations that would too easily destroy my aim to glorify Him. I must be able to stand alone in that sense. My faith has to overpower the context itself, so that no combination of human evils can put up any useful resistance. In other words, I have to be ready to assault the gates of Hell with a water pistol — a metaphor you surely have heard before.

It’s not a question of what victory will look like, but that I go in His name. It would be nice to encounter other believers along the way with some measure of sympathy for the task, but I can’t count on that. If you know anything about operations in hostile environments, you realize that every alliance is also a vulnerability. In some cases, you really must be able to stand alone in human terms. I suspect that’s the kind of job in front of me.

As I understand things generally, this virtual parish here remains pretty safe. The only thing anyone can do to afflict it is to limit who can read it, perhaps block me from posting, all the way up to removing it from all access. We’ll let God worry about that. Meanwhile, pray with me if you feel so moved, and then you can share in celebrating how it works out. It’s one of the few longings I still have. I look forward to doing that as a sort of icing on the cake, not essential for my sense of peace with God. I have to be ready to share at His behest.

Meanwhile, as long as I’m breathing, I’m not alone on this earth because Creation itself is my best friend.

Parish Business: Remodeling in the Background

Wednesday 25 February 2015 Leave a comment

I’m going to close my static site. You can request your own copy of it; I’ll zip it up for you. If I need to share documents, I’ll come up with a different service for that.

If you are using any of the email addresses to contact me, stop and use one of the following:

  • Check the donations page for my Cox address.
  • If you prefer Gmail, it’s ehurst909.
  • If you like the services provided by Microsoft, try br073n at
  • I still have my account using the name broken.

So far as I know, this blog won’t change. It will remain a virtual parish and I’ll still be your virtual pastor. In meat space I’ll make little or no pretense to being a clergyman except as a legal fiction to get around certain goofy secular laws. The tone and tenor of what I post here will continue on the current path, which means I have no idea about most of what I’ll cover in the future because it’s mostly new to me. Still, I expect I’ll post here something every day unless meat-space events interfere.

As always, ask questions if you need something I don’t post here.

Activism’s Fatal Flaw

Wednesday 25 February 2015 1 comment

Activism ignores the God of the Bible.

This works itself out into two related lies. First, they deny that God is who He says He is. The second is only logical: That He does not act as He promised. As we all know, there is a third inherent falsehood about the nature of reality, which is the foundation of the whole problem we have.

Once we discard Western epistemology, we can discard with it the false morality. We have no moral obligation to engage the world the way current activists do, including the entire range of so-called Christian activists.

Instead, we have a moral obligation to absorb into our awareness God’s revealed moral character. We are obliged to trust Him for a large range of things that impinge on our lives. He holds the cards in His hands and seldom shows any of that playing hand to anyone. When He does show us anything, it requires we first have a faculty for receiving and processing on a level above the intellect. We have to use His moral logic and consider in our hearts what matters most before He will explain what we should expect in concrete reality.

There is virtually nothing we can do to change other people. If we are determined in our hearts that there must be a change, then the primary route is through prayer. We so seldom try genuine group prayer righteously because most prayer meetings assume a Western morality in the first place. I have yet to see a genuine prayer meeting that isn’t deeply infested with Westernized religion. So far as I know, we have yet to try a genuine biblical prayer gathering.

I’d like to encourage my readers to consider that even a virtual prayer meeting will work, but we first have to learn a lot more about prayer. That is, we have to spend more time doing it individually and really getting to place where we become convinced there is a meeting with Our Creator, not just some forlorn crying out to some deity who may not be paying attention. I have no way of gauging how many of you seriously connect with God, but I can assure you that I do. The proof is in the radical changes He brings into my life, things I would never have dreamed up on my own. There are no secrets here that I can pass on to you. I suppose if you spent time with me personally you could absorb some of it, but the power of prayer comes only with your personal investment in it.

Here’s an experiment: Commit yourself to praying for divine justice. Pray that it starts with your own life and be ready to sacrifice things you might now hold dear. Be ready for the most radical changes. It takes only a little of that before you begin to understand just what makes a proper concern for bringing to God’s attention.

Pastoral counseling can help you with your internal bondages that hold you back. However, you first have to understand that the problem is not God nor prayer, but your own limitations. It’s more than just the curse of the Fall, but includes all the individual contextual variations that afflict each of us. I won’t claim to be free of them, but I can rejoice that the power is working in ways I never expected. It’s a territory for eager exploration.

For example, if you’ve been reading the posts even as far back as just this calendar month, you may recall I’m praying for God to send me on mission. Further, I’m praying that the mission include a paid employment as the cover that brings me into contact with military and government folks in general. I really don’t care who foots the bill, nor am I holding forth a particular minimal wage threshold. Instead, it’s all about the mission arising from a powerful sense of calling. Naturally, this all assumes the job will be consistent with my personality and best talents for blessing other people.

My faith is utterly certain this will happen in some way, though I could hardly predict the specifics. So I am committed to whatever changes are necessary to make this mission possible. I operate under the assumption that a certain range of things I’ve already been working on are part of the preparation. I’m seeking conviction for necessary changes. For example, my efforts in physical fitness, or my reassessment in how I use computers. When this mission lands in my lap, you can be sure I’ll share with you dear readers how it answers that major prayer concern, even if I can’t tell you the details.

I have no expectation of changing how our military is used and abused by the government. While I am aware of how much evil our government commits through her troops, whatever solution God has in mind for that does not include what almost everyone assumes. Follow your own conscience. I don’t like how our military is destroying so much, but I am called to bring my faith among them and that in itself is reason enough to avoid second-guessing God’s plans. How He uses my witness is His concern; I’m called to take it there.

His revelation makes it plain, should anyone care to investigate, that He is charge of human politics, broad natural forces, celestial events, and just about anything He doesn’t place directly in your individual hands. As far as we are concerned, the rest of humanity individually and combined is under His control, not ours. He is the choreographer of how all of our faithful efforts will be used, and we need not understand how apparent conflicts in conscience between us can work out for His glory. It’s blasphemous to insinuate that He needs our expert guidance. It’s blasphemous to assume our Western cultural values bind Him. So far as I can discern, current activists have excluded God. In broad terms, failure is their only prospect, even when it seems they have succeeded.

Whatever they gain, it won’t change anything that matters except by sheer accident, at which point they become a part of the broader problem of human political evil. Activism as our world knows it is merely more human politics, backed by a different flavor of artificial human morality. The mere fact it is “activism” makes it inherently worldly, and by extension, not godly.

At any rate: Prayer is the true activism.


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