Not a “Conspiracy”

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There has always been a ruling elite, people who regarded themselves above the common folks.

Fasten your seat belts, because in order to keep this short, I have to make broad sweeping generalizations. Perhaps you are aware that the term “conspiracy theory” has been in use for centuries, but that it’s current derogatory meaning came into the public consciousness when the CIA released a memo on preventing folks from disputing reasonably the bogus conclusions of the Warren Commission on the assassination of JFK. Since then, the meaning of “conspiracy” has shifted so dramatically that we have be careful how we use it.

The assassination of JFK came at a time when the plutocrats were trying to seize a lot of control they had not held before. You can trace threads of their thinking and planning way back into history, but here in the US, there was a distinct effort to bring about a soft revolution in the 1960s. Part of the trick was breaking the revolution down into multiple threads of attack on a vast array of different social and political institutions separately. Each of these things experienced its own independent revolution, and it was largely successful. However, some of the techniques used to foment and enable these revolutions lent themselves to some new problems for the elite. Sometimes the elite would empower a rebel who, for whatever reason, didn’t stick to the script.

Thus, the various bits of evidence against the Warren Report became fairly common knowledge. This is when the CIA released that memo among the servants of the ruling elite as a means of mass PsyOp to shut down the debate. It didn’t work, but it at least allowed the elite to pretend and hang onto some semblance of control. At points, they darn near lost it, and had to come up with a range of new tricks that saw further unauthorized exposure.

And then along came the Internet.

Granted, the social orthodoxy remains intact and so does some measure of elite control, but they are most certainly struggling right now. If you aren’t aware of efforts to disable the Internet as it is currently used, you aren’t paying attention. It’s a multilevel attack on all aspects of free information sharing.

Let me offer a perspective that will help reduce some of the natural tension that arises from failing to grasp the nature of things. Our current tension and turmoil is perfectly normal, even predictable. To function as emissaries of God’s glory, we have to fix in our human minds what to expect from this world and the mass of unredeemed humanity. Our mission has nothing to do with fixing this world in terms of correcting or healing that unredeemed human behavior. It’s about simply showing His glory in a confined domain of calling He offers each of us. Fix yourself and stop worrying about fixing the rest of the world.

For us, it goes all the way back to ancient Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. Whatever else we make of that, it was the initial manifestation of humans rejecting revelation in part by how they all united together under a ruler who felt no kinship to his subjects. Nimrod ruled as an elite, a plutocrat who didn’t have to concern himself with the needs of his subjects. It was part force, part manipulation, or whatever you want to call it, but he convinced folks to follow his dream, a dream directly contrary to revelation. His predatory nature — “a great hunter” — made him willing to kill folks who argued with him, or oppress in other ways. It’s that predatory relationship that made him utterly evil, versus God’s revealed demand that leaders are to be like shepherds.

While we may point out leaders in history who at least appear to have operated by the shepherd’s morality, the world has been dominated by predators as long as human memory. There has always been a ruling elite who regarded themselves better than those under their power, and themselves deserving of whatever they desired to take from those they ruled.

Up until the end of the Middle Ages, the West at least had to deal mostly with royal and noble bloodlines who regarded their predations as entirely necessary and holy. Sometime around the Treaty of Westphalia, that fell apart and we had a different basis for selecting who could gain the elite status. A critical element is their intelligence, of course. Nimrod would not have been so powerful without his grand talents. Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon II was easily a genius in certain terms, able to see farther and deeper than the average human of his day. But then, so was Daniel the Prophet. God didn’t object to Nebs being emperor and Daniel his loyal servant. It was a matter of divine calling. But ever since about the same time as the Treaty of Westphalia, the pretense of nobility died and was replaced with psychopathy. That is, the people who gained the leverage to rule were still predators with very high talents for ruling, but who managed to gain their power through political maneuvering, not merely by birth.

That doesn’t mean nepotism is dead, only that the social pretense of nobility is gone. The advantages of a wealthy upbringing still apply, but the deciding factor is now almost entirely a matter of psychopathy. No shepherds are permitted now, only Nimrods.

But the mere fact of a predatory elite with a vast lore of secrecy and plans to control the rest of us by whatever means has been with us since at least as early as the Tower of Babel. If more than one of them work together, it is a conspiracy to rule. Every government in existence today is the result of a conspiracy, of plans made in secret. That’s the simple fact of the matter. The only difference is that now we have been granted a chance to poke around and share our discoveries. You might have to sift through a lot of crap, but most of the facts are there. We still might not have access to the secret councils of the elite, but we do have a lot more evidence and details than what they like.

Most of what you are likely to read about these very real conspiracies is bullshit, in part because the elite know they have to smother the truth that way. They don’t personally write all that stuff; they have willing servants and fools to handle that. A certain amount of freedom and creativity works to their advantage — say anything but the facts. A favorite trick is to cloak the facts in contextual deception, but it’s the same as direct falsehood in effect.

However, there’s really nothing spooky about it, nothing that requires so much of the drama you see on forums like “Above Top Secret” or sites like that. The predatory elite still play by the same rules as previous royalty and nobility about keeping the facts away from the rest of us, but otherwise they are just people with predatory drives and self interest that puts them in competition with each other, just within those agreed rules. Recently, some of them have bent or even broken the old rules, and too many of their loyal servants have run too far without proper supervision. That’s why we are facing a global banking collapse.

In other words, however much the elite cooperate together is a little shaky right now. Most of the individuals are still in their powerful places, but the current game is very high risk. I don’t think every major threat is something they planned to do. Instead, they are forced to find ways to maintain whatever it is they believe they must have to keep preying on us. I have no idea how it will turn out in general because the situation on their level is pretty fluid right now. Some of it is obvious: The banking system as we see it today will collapse. Whatever you have in the bank is likely to disappear. What comes after that I can’t guess.

And I’m sure the Internet will experience some serious turmoil. If you think malware is bad now, just you wait. This thing is going to escalate beyond what we can imagine, and in directions that would shock us now. How many of you would have believed even half the Snowden revelations five years ago, while they were going on? Most of Snowden’s documents are actually that old, if not older. Use the Net, but don’t act like it’s necessary for your human existence. Things are only going to go downhill until so much of it falls apart that the current elite are displaced by a different bunch. They system is hardening, not sufficiently flexible to bend with the times. In terms of organizational theory we say, “institutionalizing a revolution makes it the new establishment to be destroyed.”

Get used to it; this is normal for the human race.

Response to ACIM Folks

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I’ve gotten some queries from folks who have an affinity for A Course in Miracles and related materials. Recently that traffic appears to have risen somewhat and I felt the need for an anchored reference point on this blog regarding the teachings of ACIM.

First: We live and let live. If you have embraced ACIM, it’s obvious I am not your enemy. You can peruse just a little here and discover that I’ve often said particular beliefs and theology are not the issue here. By the same token, I can’t easily fellowship with everyone who likes some of what I write. Feel free to use my stuff, but don’t assume we are one.

I have examined the teachings and read some of the material. It’s not for me. That’s all I should have to say.

I don’t stand with any of the mainstream branches of Christian religion, particularly those anchored in Western intellectual traditions. Faith in Christ is not cerebral, not a human decision and not a matter of having right thoughts. Such things are not at all a part of Jesus’ Hebrew intellectual background. You could easily make it seem like that’s what the New Testament requires, but you’d be lying. Even mainstream Christian religion knows all about the vast difference between Western Civilization and the Ancient Near East from which the Hebrew traditions arose. However, most Christian scholars do their best to ignore all of that. I stand with the ancients in asserting it’s not so much what’s in your head as what’s in your heart, or what your convictions demand.

The mainstream Christians can have their thing. The ACIM folks can have theirs. Unless you make it a point to harass me, I don’t see any need to address our differences. The difference here is that I was once a part of the mainstream and found things that didn’t work for me. I’m always having to explain that because there are an awful lot of evangelicals hitting me up for discussion all the time. When you deal with the same stuff all the time, you tend to come up with summaries that outline the differences. Against that background, precious few of the ACIM folks have addressed me directly. To be honest, I’ve had more noise from Jehovah’s Witnesses than from the ACIM bunch.

I’m not some kind of crusader seeking to banish from human awareness everything I don’t happen to agree with. Such is not my calling. If those other folks want to critique my stuff, I’ll be glad to help them do so with accuracy. They aren’t hurting me, even if they decide to use ugly words. I might not appreciate a ton of blather attacking my teaching here, but it’s all too easy for you to get your own forum for that. Do it right and I’ll even link to your forum from here. It’s not a question of fairness, but of skill and maybe some style in communication. I love a good roast because I don’t take myself that seriously. But if you play dirty or deceptively, I can’t respect anything you have to say. Don’t pretend you don’t know what that means.

As always, I’ll answer your questions as best I can. However, I must listen to my own heart and convictions, and logic/rhetoric has nothing to do with it. I’m not concerned with what you think of me nor my work. I have to please the voice inside my head. It matters not whether you imagine that voice might be God’s or something else; it’s God to me. In the words of a man I generally disagree with: Here I stand; I can do no other.

Our Witness

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We are aliens.

If you follow much of my teaching on this blog, there’s a pretty good chance you would be alien even to the Petra, the band who recorded this song more than thirty years ago. They were fairly generic evangelical believers who burst on the scene during the height of the Hippie Jesus Freak Movement. Point your index finger in the air and shout, “One Way!” Few people today would recognize that expression. It’s not associated with anything they recognize. An even bigger struggle is when something we say is already associated with an awful lot of stuff that’s contrary to what we want to express. We can use some of the same language as mainstream Christians of whatever flavor, but it’s a sure bet we don’t have the same meaning behind those words.

More, we tend to avoid a significant measure of the behavior patterns associated with mainstream Christianity. Too much of it reflects the prevailing culture itself, not something particularly Christlike. While the mainstream churches claim to be different from the world around them, it’s not different enough. I have no doubt the Jesus Freaks of yesteryear made a good faith effort to put their fresh faith in new wine skins, but they were still suckers for a very cynical commercial exploitation. The difference between Petra and a bunch of other talented Christian musicians whose names never got printed on an album cover is that Petra felt there was no moral conflict in signing the contracts offered by the music industry. To this day we still have a vast wealth of very gifted musicians who were unwilling to go that route.

It’s not as if we could discuss the subtle nuances of how much compromise is too much. Nor would I want to paint myself as an absolutist in terms of legalism. Engaging such a debate is itself a moral compromise with the prevailing evil culture. It’s a distraction that avoids our fundamental rejection of sin in the first place. You might get the likes of major Contemporary Christian Music acts to go along with some of the verbiage I use on this blog, but I doubt many of them would understand my rejection of Western Civilization, or the use of your heart as a sensory organ. They have no problem with a cognitive religion and a side of emotional exuberance, but what we propose is more radical than radical.

If all we had was the verbal testimony such as is found on this blog, precious few would even hear any message at all. It would serve more to drive them away than to draw them. Further, the teaching itself says we don’t do it that way. It’s not that we try to sneak it in later, but that we have to gain a hearing first. We can’t presume to walk up on every porch in our neighborhood and expect folks to give us a fair hearing, as if they had some moral duty to listen. This treasure we bear in our earthen vessels has no value on the human plane. Something has to awaken that higher faculty in them before it matters.

It’s bluntly stated in the New Testament that no human can awaken that higher faculty, neither in themselves nor in others. It’s a flat-out miracle every time, a direct touch of Almighty God Himself, and Him alone. There is no useful distinction here between Spirit-born versus simply aware of the moral fabric of our human existence. You and I cannot tell the difference from here. But Scripture says our focus is on the latter, in the sense that we witness to the world more of moral awareness than of ineffable things of the Spirit Realm. And it should be obvious that mere words won’t get us there, wherever it is we are supposed to go.

Do you imagine that God intended all the world to read the Covenant of Moses? Not in the Hebrew inscription on stone tablets, I assure you. The world was supposed to read the Covenant in the life of Israel the Nation, a people who were committed to living as Israel the Mission. Notice that God was quite willing to accept a very poor level of compliance as the basis for granting His miraculous blessings. But when they did rise to just that minimal level of obedience, God was able to destroy whole armies assembled against Israel using just the Temple Choir by their singing as they marched (2 Chronicles 20).

Be ready to talk about your faith. If you can’t express yourself very well, feel free to steal everything I write. That tab at the top of this blog page marked “Radix Fidem” might be a good summary for some of you. However, this is not the starting place in the vast majority of contexts. Rather, it is our lives conducted by the outline found in those words that is our witness. The obedience itself is the power to change souls. God uses our contextual conduct as the means to opening blind eyes and melting frozen hearts. Even our failures call forth His power, if those failures come in the context of a desire to bless the Lord’s name.

Quite rare is the person who would hear our words first, because few in this world are seeking on that level. Even if your contextual conduct says nothing specific about your faith, it’s the glow of living from your heart that marks the fire of Heaven.

Psalm 56

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This psalm refers to events in 1 Samuel 21:10-15, and precedes the moment celebrated in Psalm 34. This is very much a Covenant song. The Law of God promises divine protection among other blessings to those who obey. On the one hand, David is willing to give his life as the price of God’s favor. He knows that God has called him and the Prophet Samuel had anointed him the next king of Israel. But the Law says David must wait until God deals with the reigning King Saul. So David flees to the Philistines and would have lived quietly among them. The Philistines surely knew of court politics in Israel and why David was among them. Still, some insisted he could not take refuge among them. It was easy to seize David, since he had nowhere else to go. This was his prayer during that time of custody.

We note in passing the header refers to some long lost tune more commonly known then as “The Silent Dove in Distant Lands.”

David calls first for God’s mercy, since there is precious little mercy from the people around him. He pictures them crowing at the chance to take revenge on someone who had been obedient to Jehovah in all things. It is very obviously a reference to armed military men, and David is hounded at home and abroad. His fears David can handle, but he must trust in God to handle his enemies, as they are God’s enemies, too. As such, they are mere men who cannot defy God.

David is in dire straights. It’s not just one or two, but a whole herd of folks investing significant effort and resources in capturing him like a trophy. He prays God to keep track of all this sorrow as evidence against them. Every tear should be saved up in a water skin as evidence for the divine court. Every detail is already noted in Heaven’s record of events.

Indeed, if they knew just Who was supporting and protecting David, they would immediately flee when David cried out His name. David suffers no doubt in the favor of his Lord. God has committed Himself with a solemn vow to those who trust Him, and that includes David. Again, what human can oppose Almighty God? Without His permission, they can do nothing to David. For his part, David is committed to God’s glory and intends to uphold his end of the Covenant. Nothing could be sweeter in this life.

End of an Empire

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This is just me, my own personal ruminations.

These brooding thoughts build on the basis of a solid prophetic conviction. Some years ago I became utterly certain that if America attacks Iran, God will grant Iran victory over us. It has nothing to do with means and methods, nor any consideration for possible assistance from third parties. It came to me as an unshakable vision of our troops lying scattered across the battle grounds, equipment in shattered smoking ruins. This image is still burned into my consciousness and is most emphatically symbolic, not literal. The whole point was that God would not allow the US and allies to go beyond a certain moral boundary line. Please don’t get hung up how such things work, because it is largely a reflection of my personal communion with God. Nothing says you have to buy into this.

The shadow government of the West has openly published plans to take down all the countries near Israel that she doesn’t like. Hunt down the Brookings Institute and the title Which Path to Persia? on your favorite search engine. The plans have been largely successful so far. The countries weren’t actually conquered, just hammered until the stable government imploded and Western-sponsored terrorist were imported to insure the country could never regain its viability. In other words, all the misery of conquest but none of the blessings of imperial rule, as the places now exist in a state of unending warfare. Do I have to explain how unspeakably immoral this is?

I don’t pretend to understand any of the details of God’s plans on this. I don’t believe it works like that; it’s far more subtle and complex. I do believe I know how it will turn out, given the context of my general grasp of His revelation, His character, and what He seems to tell me about these things. Those published strategic plans put Syria next in line. As I noted more than once in the past, I am certain that Syria will get the same deal as places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Given what little I can pretend to know about the current context, I tend to think that this could pull in Iran almost immediately — never mind who else.

I suppose I should mention that the vision I had implies the Empire comes apart with that failure of military action. Do you see what I see? Stuff like this cannot pass over us unnoticed. It will most certainly mean that all of the hateful misery we have inflicted on others will come home to roost in our rafters. That’s how divine justice works. It could still be years away, but the moral impact of all of this makes it feel very close.

Do I have to spell it out? This includes a healthy dose of natural disasters. It includes a very large permit for demonic activity, meaning that people will go absolute bonkers in ways that are inexplicable. Lots of them. All over the country. Stuff you cannot imagine. And if you don’t have a grasp of the shepherd’s soul in all of this, you won’t really understand why this puts me in a dark mood. You also won’t understand why I simply cannot remain silent: People you know and love will suffer and there is little you can do to stop it. You should try to help, but make sure it comes within the boundaries of your divine calling.

Search your own heart and make sure you have your hands on the task God appointed for you. Rest assured that if you are obedient, Creation itself sings of the redemption your obedience brings. Your obedience doing what little you know will bring glory to His name is easily the best thing for all the universe. It is morally the same as feeding orphans in places you never heard of, and healing wounds you never inflicted.

I strive to know and take my place because this is my part in His glory.

Communion = Dependence

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We are designed for communion. While the priority is on communion with our Creator, it seems rather necessary that we are able to commune with our own inner selves first. However, at some point you quickly run into the necessity of communion with the rest of Creation because we find ourselves inextricably a part of it, and it a part of us. This whole existence is a form of communion with our context. It requires recognizing God as a Person and His Creation as a person; at times it is alternatively many persons. At some point it requires we pull in other humans as part of the context.

Any sense of separation is falsehood, though moral reality means keeping track of that sense of separation and isolation on many levels. What separates us from God is a lie. It’s the same lie that makes us unable to commune with Creation as we were designed, and most specifically, it makes it hard for us to commune with other humans.

So on some level, if you live in this world, you are a burden on others. The question, then, is how much and what kind of burdening is appropriate compared against the revelation of God. What were His intentions for our interdependence on the rest of Creation? If you can’t sense that most humans answer this question poorly, you must be seriously morally blind. If nothing else, you would blind because there is no simple single answer. It’s not that kind of question. The question is never answered, except in the sense that once the moment is passed, you have to answer the same question again in the moments to come. We know instinctively that we cannot rewrite the past. We can pretend a lot of bullshit about the past, but the moment is gone.

What’s left in front of us is some effort to gain some clarity about the past, if only to know where we are now. However, if you assume you can somehow register in your awareness mere facts alone, you are pretending bullshit again. The most useful and important question is not really the mere facts but your moral accountability, and what God can and will do to redeem something that cannot ever be perfect. The concept alone of objective accuracy is another of those bullshit pretenses, a distraction to prevent moral accountability.

The single biggest and most complex lie we tell ourselves deals with the question of dependence. It’s all deeply entangled and massively confused. Any clarity at all is a good thing in itself, because we still must operate under the realization that it will never quite be fully detangled. We depend — that much is painfully obvious. God has asserted in no uncertain terms that we do — and that we must assume it is good, right and necessary. The confusion is upon whom and for what.

(Necessary diversion here: The accusation that we “anthropomorphize” nonhuman factors in our world is a lie. We don’t treat Creation as human; we treat Creation as living in its own right. We do so in part because it’s how God spoke to humanity in the first place. It’s the proper perspective God used to help us understand Him and His requirements. If you see Creation as inanimate and inert, you are calling God a liar. Not because we pretend it’s more than a figure of speech or symbolic language in the Bible that speaks so, but because His very actions reinforce the concept that all Creation is a living thing. All parts of it are living things in varying degrees of contextual independence. Our culture demands we ignore all this.)

We as humans depend. God explains adequately how to make the most of this so that our dependence on others feeds back to them and the rest of Creation as blessing. In various ways, on various levels and to varying degrees, we have the opportunity to bless His name and participate in His glory by how we come to grips with His way of doing things. We take our place in His Creation and find the best of all possible living.

Western Civilization as it now exists demands we submit for dependence on all the wrong points. In essence, the West is a vehicle for a whole host of evil dependence. It’s not some throw-away line to suggest that Western customs and theories were designed by Satan to keep you within his power. Not so much in terms of precise planning and design, but his plans are discernible in terms of the broader effect. He can’t keep Christ from awakening our dead spirits to eternal life, but Satan has a very effective means of ensuring we fail to share in God’s glory in the meantime. You should understand this as an active attempt to deny God the glory due Him. Being Western in itself is being a sucker for Satan’s plans, because the very foundation of what we now know of as Western Civilization was the result of suckering organized Christianity into major moral compromise.

Here’s a concrete example of how bad things are: Vaccination is not a good idea. There are better ways to do the same thing, but they aren’t efficient as Westerners view such things. However, the current vaccination procedures appear to work, in part because certain people control the flow of information. It doesn’t matter whether the people involved know that they are violating God’s revelation; they are still wrong, still promoting evil. On top of that, current vaccine production is flatly and knowingly evil because the primary consideration is profit, not human health. You would be hard pressed to point to an example of a vaccine available right now that isn’t inherently toxic. Even among those who truly believe vaccines can work are a large number of muzzled voices who aren’t happy with the vaccine industry.

As a result, it’s virtually impossible to accept vaccination without a serious risk of major debilitating toxicity. It hardly matters that every individual involved is not necessarily trying to harm you; that’s the net result. Western Civilization not only rejects the person-hood of God and His Creation, but tends to dehumanize people, as well. The powers that be are determined that this is good, right and necessary, and they’ll point guns at us to make sure it all happens that way.

What to do about that is a whole raft of other posts already published here. The main point here is that you grasp the bigger picture. So long as you believe in the system, you cannot hope to receive the blessings God offers so freely and abundantly. So long as you believe in any part of the system, you support the Devil’s work in calling God a liar. The theory itself is a lie. It’s hard to commune with God and His Creation when you still believe in the system, even if only in theory.

Fukushima: Not Much You Can Do

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If you bother to read this blog, one of the basic concepts you have to tolerate is the biblical doctrine of the Fall. Not so much the traditional Western Christian view of it, but you have to understand that our current reality is permanently broken. This world cannot be fixed. The whole point of Christ on the Cross starts with the idea that you intend to end up somewhere else. We are leaving this world for a better existence and we are working on the issue of preparation for that journey. This whole business of holiness in the here-and-now is to work on modifications of your self, not your world.

I’ll do all I can to help you understand this, but it is not a matter for debate.

That doesn’t mean we don’t care about things in this life. Christian Mysticism as we teach it here is by far more pragmatic than anything else I’ve seen so far, and I’ve gone out of my way to examine all sorts of wide and varying viewpoints on reality. Learning how to live in eternity means learning how to handle things here according to God’s revelation. You get better acquainted with God by seeking His character in His Laws. It’s all about the Person of God. We live as best we can in a manifestation of that character. We take seriously the implications of His Laws regarding how we interact with Creation.

You can find a really nice review of the Fukushima situation here. There are other summaries, but I like this one for balancing between we-got-issues and scared-shitless. This thing is uncharted territory in the broad human experience. Nobody knows exactly what’s coming next, but we do have some projections that take into account what little we do know.

Whatever is going on in those three little stinking craters on the coast of Japan is self-sustaining for a long time to come. It’s the concept of Critical Mass. Basic nuclear physics says that as long as a certain critical minimum mass of stable isotope molecules remain in close proximity, this mass of stuff will remain incredibly hot in temperature and highly radioactive. It’s a question of the type of material and how much is one place. Break it down into smaller pieces that are not so close together and it cools off and the radiation will reduce to some lower level inherent in the material itself. Eventually this stuff will burn itself out, but not during any human lifetime. As noted in the article, our best estimate of burn-out time puts it centuries in the future.

Unless you live in or near Japan, the biggest issue is the radioactive pollution of the Pacific Ocean, and the secondary pollution of the air and soil that comes into contact with this nasty water. Alaska is already affected, as is some portion of the North American West Coast. The rest of the Pacific area will get it soon enough. What they get, we hardly know at this point. Given the nature of the oceanic water exchange on this planet, as well as atmospheric mixing, this thing will spread globally and be diluted at the same time. God alone knows how that will affect you and me, but it will affect us.

My point here is, even if it turns out there is no practical measure for avoiding the effects, awareness of it means you can make an informed response to the call of God to act according to His Word. We still teach here that you need to live in your heart, not in your head. You still need that sweet provision God granted the human race to commune with His Creation directly through the higher awareness of your heart. You need to commune with your whole body, with attention to the “brain” near the bottom of your spine. That’s not some weird Asian thing, but is discussed openly in Scripture. We miss it because of our Western intellectual biases; it’s in the Bible. You have to let your heart read the communion of your spirit with the Holy Spirit, because your intellect is incapable of it. All of that still applies here, but we do want the brain properly informed so it knows what to make of things the heart has to tell it.

Only then can we understand God’s priorities in the midst of all this nasty stuff we see.


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