Linguistic Cynicism

Just for the record: My use of Oester and Odin as symbols are a matter of semantic choice; it’s grammar in the sense of usage — what’s familiar to the broadest portion of the reading audience. One of the few times I might recommend Wikipedia, you should look up Odin and Oester if you need a summary of the original historical myths. It’s not a matter of real learning, but those links will give an idea how much there is to know.

Oester as a mythological figure arises from ancient roots where she is goddess of the dawn. Modern Western culture has almost zero awareness of that. Instead, we have the medical term “oestrogen” as proof that the name is associated to that which is quintessentially female. I have seen some oddball New Age feminist stuff that names Oester as the patron goddess of the modern feminist mythology, something totally different from her original identity. Of course, the modern feminist mythology arises from the sour and sad Germanic tribal mythology about what constitutes “normal,” that women are inherently at conflict with their men.

The same goes for Odin. Look him up on Wikipedia and you’ll get a decent review of the scholarship. It’s too complex to summarize here, so that should serve as a warning that it’s murky in the first place. The name is associated with a wide variety of differing local mythologies, sometimes even conflicting, across the numerous Germanic tribes. However, most Westerners associate his name with the comic book version. Would it surprise you that the comic book version dominates public school education texts? I’ve seen his name referenced by Red Pill/Men’s Movement guys as their patron saint. Thus, I use them in the sense familiar to most ignorant Westerners. That’s because the mythological deities aren’t really the point of the discussion; they are mere symbols.

Also, given the vast difference between how Westerners organize their thinking in the first place, versus almost every other culture, it’s very difficult for us to be sure some ancient references to any number of mythological figures wasn’t mere lyricism. Scripture does that, but most Western Christians get bent out of shape when you tell them that. In other words, it’s not meant to teach mere cerebral knowledge, but to draw your awareness into another place in your soul.

It’s no different from the proper name we use for God. First of all, you have to understand that an awful lot of names in the Bible are not proper personal names; they are titles. Even when the English translation says “in the name of…” it’s a reference to the titled position and authority, not necessarily the individual person. Keep in mind: English as a language takes broad liberties with words it has stolen from other languages; most of modern English is not actually English. And a great many traditions of usage today were established by translation scholars with a distinct social and political agenda. That happens quite often in Bible translation. The nearest we come to God’s actual personal name, as revealed to Moses (Exodus 3:13-15) is popularly written as Yahweh. Like most Hebrew words, it was meant to convey a vast range of associations that the word itself could not contain.

But because of some stubborn obsolete habits of translation, it often shows up in the Bible text as “the Lord.” It has to do with some crazy idea that actually saying God’s name too casually would get you into trouble with God, so we insert some titled euphemism. But that’s not the Ancient Hebrew way; that’s a Jewish way. Not the same thing. To be precise, “Jewish” is Hellenized and legalistic, a departure from the mystical Ancient Hebrew outlook. And I’ve written often how that same legalism crept into Western Church tradition, so that even the act of translating Scripture tends to be corrupt before it even starts.

At any rate, in modern English usage, you can use the form Jehovah for the divine proper name. Adonai is a title, as as El and all the various titles combined with El. It’s also trendy to use Yahweh. But none of this really matters if He’s not actually the God you serve as your ultimate loyalty.

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More Expectations

I want to let you in on some more of my plans and expectations. You still have to decide for yourself what God wants from you, but I share this because it might ring a bell with you, too.

First, the click-bait: ISIS will win.

As always, we need to examine the world on multiple layers and never surrender to simplistic semantics. ISIS-the-Caliphate will be crushed. As a reminder, that’s the territory seized by an organized army of Islamic extremist terrorists that occupies a major chunk of eastern Syria and western Iraq. They have enclaves in other places, but the Upper Mesopotamian Valley is their primary turf for now. ISIS-the-terrorists will be decimated, but not destroyed. They will be whittled down into a guerrilla force that will probably never go away. However, it is ISIS-the-idea that will win, provided you understand it as a symbol and an influence.

Where did it come from? No games now: It remains a joint project of Mossad and the CIA. It’s already been officially admitted, but not highly publicized. There are a host of allies and affiliated clandestine agencies involved, but the CIA has been the primary support network and Mossad is who dreamed it all up in the first place. Obviously I’m also hinting here that it’s a creature of The Cult and you should understand by now that the best way to grasp things in a prophetic light is to discern how demons work in this fallen world. So if you like, you can refer to the Demon of ISIS, for example. It manifests in humans and in how humans organize, but the source is the Kingdom of Darkness.

But we have to understand something of how Satan actually works. Breaking away from Western Christian mythology about the Devil will profit from another look at a specific example.

As I’ve said before, Islam is a cultural milieu with a religious component. This culture dominates an awfully large and long swath of our planet. The people within those lands who claim Islam as their religion vary widely just like the rest of the human race under other religions. You can find some really pleasant Muslims in this world you stand up for what seems a genuine heart-led life. They will tell you that ISIS is not a valid expression of Islam. I tend to agree.

However, ISIS is the most recent tail end of a very long push to create a destabilizing force using Islamic traditions. Or rather, this effort extracts a very narrow slice of Islamic tradition. It’s several layers removed from the mainstream upon which it is built. The project to pervert Islam in that fashion arises from The Cult’s early efforts at corrupting every other religion they encountered as they spread out from the Mediterranean Basin during late New Testament times. They corrupted the church leadership, mostly by stealth and a large bag of mind tricks. We call those agents of The Cult “Judaizers,” but they went under a lot of labels. They infiltrated, and then started twisting via intellect and by killing off the heart-led way.

Not content with corrupting the Old Testament by grinding out the Talmud, but they extended their pernicious teaching with the Kabbala and some other junk. At some point one of their rabbis infiltrated Islam by pretending to convert. He was joined by many others, and their ilk took over through a bunch of folks called “Donmeh.” The net result is that the ruling class of Turkey, and the royal Saudi household, among others, are all descended from these Donmeh who remain loyal to Zionism, however deeply masked it may be. Granted, this bit of hidden history is much maligned, but the evidence isn’t hard to trace with a good search engine. But the point here is that the likes of Wahabism is a Kabbalistic perversion of Islam. And if you’ve encountered the term “Salafist,” that’s another link to the same Donmeh.

So the seeds were planted centuries ago, and The Cult’s multi-generational outlook (not the people, but the demonic influence) has continued down the same path. The Saudis and their allies have been eager supporters of ISIS the whole time, and al-Qaeda before that, which arose from the Mujahideen, which arose… You get the picture?

ISIS is the apparent reason for the mass Muslim migration to Europe. Actually it’s much more complicated than that, but the point here is that the Muslim hoards invading Europe include a lot of the most obnoxious, poorly indoctrinated Muslims you can find in the countries they left. ISIS didn’t capture the highly educated and wise Muslims. Not all of those migrants are poor specimens, but way too many of them are. These are the folks who rape and destroy and demonstrate a very firm determination to Islamiize their host countries. It’s not a good representation of the religion, but is all too common in Islam-the-culture. And right along with them are a number of agents of ISIS, or agents-to-be because the herd of invaders is rich with folks who are easily turned into extremists.

So the victory of Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in 732 AD has been reversed. While there will always be pockets of resistance, I believe that Europe as we know it will cease to exist. I’m pretty sure this has already gone too far and there simply aren’t enough folks in Europe with the will to reverse this mess. And I am convinced it won’t require a full generation to set in; I’ll live to see some of the worst of it.

Stop and consider for a moment how this will affect you. Need I remind you that Mossad and the CIA — the people and their commitments, never mind the actual organizations — will ensure that the Muslim invaders of Europe continue to radicalize? This demon-spawned madness is just getting started. The social engineers aren’t going to allow the Muslims to settle in and coexist peacefully. In that sense, ISIS-the-symbol will conquer Europe. Not taking over total control, but this is the end of European Civilization, the birth of a new Dark Age. The relative peace and prosperity is gone forever, replaced by chaos and misery. The long nightmare has just begun.

It won’t happen here in the US. We’ll have plenty of other problems, but an Islamic extremist invasion won’t work here. The public awareness and the nationalist resurgence is just too big. Rather, I’m a little worried that some Muslims already here will be lynched in one sense or another. There will always be an extremist big-mouth to promote almost anything, but most of our resident Muslims are not a big problem. If there is an invasion threat for the US, it’s more likely to come from Mexico. Once again, it’s not that Mexicans are uniformly nasty, but that the ones coming here aren’t typically their best and brightest. Mexico would prefer they not come back.

I honestly believe we’ve already lost most of California. The culture shift there is too extreme, and the sheer numbers alone means there’s no walking this back. It is already de facto “El Mexico Norte” — though the real issue is not merely ethnic. That they have taken over is a symptom of something else truly dangerous. There is a concentration of wealth among the elites there that masks the failures of their peculiar brand of socialism. While that wealth will surely decline, given all the serious economic problems they have (and getting worse), it won’t hurt enough to change their minds. I think it would require the San Andreas Fault splitting wide open to end their game. I’m convinced that Southern California will become a foreign country to the rest of the US, regardless of official legal status.

And they will ally with China. Unless Trump has some really brilliant plan up his sleeve, he won’t be able to humble China completely. There’s no doubt he’ll accomplish something he wants, but the pact between Russia and China is too air-tight. I’m not sure Trump’s staff are fully aware of that. He’ll need to find an angle that isn’t covered by that pact, and it’s just possible that debt is the angle. You see, debt binds both the borrower and lender; never forget that. The lender still has a lot to lose if the borrower gains some advantage that threatens the payback. Still, I’m not sure Trump has a solid plan worked out just yet. It’s possible, but unlikely.

What I can see plainly is that Trump is turning away from Europe and leaving them to their fate. NATO is as good as dead; he’ll let Russia take over as much as they want (which isn’t much). He’s quite likely to piss off China over Taiwan. I don’t think there will be much of a shooting war, but we should expect some serious cyber warfare on a level we can’t imagine, along with efforts to destroy our economy. I don’t expect either side to win, but some significant damage to both. However, I don’t anticipate anything apocalyptic at all, just a messy wrestling match.

A few other bits and pieces: Africa will continue wallowing in internecine warfare through the foreseeable future, thanks to the same CIA/Mossad tag team play. Even if Trump calls our people back, it’s too late for at least another generation. South America is very close to creating a new civilization, but they need to kick out the CIA and friends. That is, within another generation, they have the potential for taking our place of dominance on the world stage, but they need to run through the false ideas without so much interference before they can work out their own approach — the potential is there. I think Australia is ripe for a sudden outbreak of civil war. Their current trend in laws do not represent a unique approach, but madness, as their ruling elite seem to be on a different planet. The British Isles are too murky to estimate, but they are headed for their own version of chaos.

Yes, these things will affect us. They do figure into my plans and prayers as we see the rebirth of heart-led faith.

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Cycling: NE 63rd and Katy Trail

01decenthouseYesterday I managed a short ride after the rains moved on. Today I took the camera out for a longer ride, reversing last week’s loop: up Midwest Boulevard to NE 63rd, westbound over the hills between the North Canadian and Deep Fork Valleys, to Remington Park and then the Katy Trail to NE 4th and back home.

02collapsedhouseLast time I checked this lovely old house (above) is no longer occupied, standing on the NE corner of NE 63rd where it meets Sooner Road. Westward and just off Coltrane is this old place I tried to shoot last year with the pocket camera, but I couldn’t get the focus off the trees. This time I carried my new camera and got it to come out pretty clear.

03barndownhillA half-mile farther down NE 63rd is one that crumbles visibly every year. There’s an old barn out behind it and down the hill; I thought I saw some steps running down the hill behind the house, but I didn’t want to trespass.04oldhouse-a With the recent series of hard freezes the foliage is clear enough to see things pretty well. I recall some years ago someone still lived there and kids were playing in the yard. About five years ago I passed for the first time in several years and saw it was empty.05oldhouse-b A couple of years later the tree fell on it in back. Now the backside is almost gone. In a few more years the whole thing may well be just a heap of lumber.

06remingtonparkThe Deep Fork was uninspiring today, so I kept going out NE 63rd to ML King Boulevard and headed across the parking lot of Remington Park. It was pretty busy today with the casino open and some kind of sports show on the outdoor giant screen TV. Someone asked for a shot of the facility, so I stood on a hill at the south end and stuck my lens through the chainlink fence. That’s a massive building that makes the TV look small, but the center screen standing across the track is roughly 50 feet (15m) high.

07cookingasphaltIt was a quiet ride back down the Katy Trail to NE 4th. Once I got just across the North Canadian River, I noticed that the asphalt plant was running full tilt with dump trucks backed up and waiting. It’s been like this since before Christmas. From what I can see, this is some portion recycled asphalt.08oldcooker It’s gas-fired and you can feel the heat of that nearly horizontal drum (behind the trucks near the steam stack) from quite a distance away. I noticed the trucks driving up under that double-barreled vertical towers on the right (partly behind trees) were having to wait as the asphalt came out in small surges, so those towers are actually empty, dumping straight through whatever dribbles out the drum. As I rolled down past the hot tar smell, I spotted their old obsolete plant between hills of ground up asphalt for recycling.

I tried to take shots of the creeks and rivers, but they just didn’t come out. The North Canadian was up a few inches from the rain. Cherry Creek seems to have gotten almost no runoff, but Crooked Oak and Crutcho Creeks are still pretty healthy even though the rain ended early yesterday.

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Praying about Trump’s Administration

How should we pray?

This is another “TL;DR” post. The answer requires pulling together many threads. The question is not sterile and precise; it’s organic. So is the answer. If you take the example of the Model Prayer (“the Our Father”) in Matthew 6, you’ll find yourself in a context totally absent from our Western culture. Western Christians memorize the thing in the crazy belief that rote repetition covers it. Rather, Jesus intended to set a pattern, not for begging God like some mere human master, but to prepare our minds with the proper protocols and customary considerations. What does God think you should pray for? Keep in mind that Jesus is offering a correction to bad Jewish teaching that had accumulated over several centuries, serving to pull the Hebrew folks away from their Hebrew cultural roots.

So we ask again: What should you and I pray for in our here-and-now context? What might serve to correct our own cultural drift these two millennia since?

This is inherent in Sister Christine’s question on a previous post. Take a moment to consider something men: The Bible teaches us as shepherds that we dare not blunder through life without asking for the wisdom of those in our flock. And it takes a truly stupid shepherd to imagine that your counsel of advisors cannot include women. Frequently, our Sister Christine proves the wisdom of my inviting her to take the role of Mama Elder in our parish, because she asks such marvelous questions. I’ll let you in on a little secret: A part of why women were supposed to be silent in early New Testament worship (which echoed both synagogue and Temple services) is not entirely symbolic and ceremonial. It was also because men typically throw softballs that you can handle easily. But while it’s typical for women to ask questions that are more specific to your family situation (a private matter), some women who ask those questions after the service will hit you with something that demands a lot more time in prayer and Scripture reading to get the right answer. You need time to come up with a valid response next week when the church meets again.

It so happens that this time it wasn’t a matter of long consideration, but of long answering.

To be more specific, her question deals with getting our heads in the right place so that we’ll know what to pray for, what we should hope to see, and what we should expect from the hand of God. We want to know all of that in regards to what we can expect from Trump as President. It’s plain to see that God is using him to really stir things up, and that always means tribulation. When change is utterly necessary, it’s all the more painful and disruptive. Somewhere between reasonable speculation about Trump and his intentions on the one hand, and what God is likely to permit or deny on the other hand, we need to seek God’s face.

My skewering of political activism is not meant to shut you up in your daily conversations with folks. We most certainly should promote God’s viewpoint on things; it’s that we don’t run around with the false expectation that we can change the outcomes. God alone controls the outcomes. What is coming is what is coming; even that was inherent in the Model Prayer. Rather, we ask for wisdom and guidance in positioning ourselves to exploit what’s coming for His glory. And we share our insights on that question so maybe a few others can be in a good place. With that in mind, we guard our answers to match where the questioner is standing. It’s not as if my answer is secret from those who don’t live a heart-led life of faith, but I can rightly demand more for those who do. Folks who lack our brand of mystical insight will probably choke on some of this; I can’t help that.

The answer is in the Bible, of course, but I would suggest the particular application for us starts with recognizing that God’s moral character points people back to Eden. That is, His revelation and His redemptive character seeks to restore what we lost. In modern vernacular, it’s elevating folks out of their pitiful fleshly self. It’s both, building a fire under their butts, and opening the upward path as the only way out of the fire. We, as ministers of His glory, seek often to appeal to the better nature of those around us, as part of helping them out of a bad fix. Contrary to the worldly system that dehumanizes, we seek to ennoble. But the starting point is casting aside all the worst, the death and decay that seems so comfortable and familiar to them. In other words, we aim to provoke them to shed their protective shell and face the risks inherent in getting a much better deal in life.

The other thing is helping them to redefine what “better” means. It’s nothing like answering their petty whims and wishes. It’s discovering the true joy of walking in the Law of God — the subject of our study in Psalm 119. It’s restoring that lost communion with the rest of Creation that is thrilling and fulfilling beyond words.

Again: How do we apply that to our situation with Trump as POTUS?

Part of his appeal to the voters is offering to ennoble the common man. That’s why he won. It’s inherent in his rhetoric. Whether he actually delivers remains to be seen. He countered the message of the SJWs, which message is meant to keep folks wrapped in diapers and sucking the bottle. In your own mind, expand and extend that image and you’ll understand why the SJWs are a greater evil than Trump. Even if he fails to deliver, provoking that hope is enough to create an atmosphere where the elitist oppression will come apart. If all Trump did was to destroy the mainstream tyranny, we are blessed without any further accomplishments. This alone would allow a restructuring of the economy.

We need to understand something about a biblical approach to politics, something I wove into my message on that third blog: You cannot guide the outcomes of political events. The most you can do is set people free and let them take it from there. It’s the elite pretense of having the right answer to all human need that is evil. While letting the mass of humanity run free without guidance does naturally bring lots of idiocy, that’s not our problem. With the proper freedom, we also will be blessed with the chance to follow our hearts and glorify God. Yes, we know that the cycle of making a mess and begging for rescue will bring them all back under tyranny again, but that’s what God has decreed. That’s what is normal in our fallen world. Stop trying to fix it. Try to demonstrate a better way and allow your heart-led life, so consistent with reality itself, draw them with its mystical beauty, because the only way to change humanity is one at a time. If they don’t see the beauty of God’s Law in action, we can’t help them anyway.

That has nothing to do with how we each exercise a shepherd’s guidance within our God-given domain. We set individuals free so they know to join a covenant family. We set them free to discover who God made them to be so they’ll figure out for themselves which covenant family they belong to, when and for how long they belong. It’s not static, so get rid of that notion. We have to understand that “social stability” as another label for shalom is living and active like the Word of God (Hebrew 4:12). It’s a dynamic life that welcomes changes from the hand of God.

This is what stands behind the issue of understanding trade and prosperity. We should know that “made in America” is a manipulative slogan, not the Word of God. That slogan arises in a false global economy. That is sounds so good to so many people simply shows how messed up the the whole thing is. It takes a lot to untangle that mess. On the one hand, we have the biblical ideal of everyone following their own genuine heart-led calling to do what God made them to do. In His wisdom, that would result in a perfect economy. It always balances out and we would have shalom. It requires only a very light layer of planning and guidance from a shepherd elder who knows the Word of God. We ain’t gonna get that. We would in some measure as we obey God in our own small domains, but it’s not going to happen as American policy.

The globalist pretense is that good global trade requires their vision of good global government to wisely compel folks to do locally what makes us all a little richer and better behaved. That vision rests squarely on the cult of Oester. It’s based on the very evil Mama goddess forcing everyone to be a child and making them behave according to her “divine” wisdom. The imperialist version of this is domination to benefit one nation and simply calling it “for the good of all mankind,” since “our way is the only reasonable way.” It’s the cult of Odin writ large, the brutal, capricious and evil Daddy deciding what we need and we damned well better like it. Globalism and imperialism are two different flavors of the same evil.

There is a fairly sensible thread of economic theory that gets little hearing in political chatter. It seeks to understand that each region of the world fosters it’s own unique set of resources, including the resident population who are in a position to harvest those resources for a good economic benefit. Let folks do what they do best where they live and they’ll come up with something other folks want, and they can all trade. Within this, we are presuming a respect for Creation that you won’t see often in this world. Thus, we have a very natural imbalance because nobody gets it right. A lot of bluster from the globalist nannies will twist and pervert this into a heathen religion, the Green Goddess of Earth worship, another hurdle to doing things right. But the idea that we all have some kind of ownership claim on each other worldwide is a bad heathen doctrine, and it’s bad economics. It’s related to the hostile imperialist competition of the old mercantilist zero-sum economic view.

So there are some things better made in America, and some things better made somewhere else. It is entirely evil for someone in one country to manufacture their product in another country, exploiting their relative poverty to enslave the labor, and then sell it back cheaply to their home country. It’s evil because it creates a barrier between labor and management; it dehumanizes owner, worker, and buyer as well. God’s Word says your workers are you family. If not literally, then in a covenant relationship. If you don’t live in that poorer country, then you have no business employing their people, because you cannot possibly obey God’s Law. Nor can you use the excuse of contracting it out to local brutal management. You are morally responsible for what you sell.

For us little people trying to make a buck here there, a lot of that is out of our hands. Sometimes blessing others means you hold your nose and buy from Walmart — AKA, Chinamart. Don’t listen to the boycott activists; they lie and blaspheme our Father. Walk in your own heart-led conscience; take time to discover your own convictions without their heathen influence. I have learned to hate communist unions and rapacious management together.

I pray, more than anything else, that Trump might see some advantage in decentralizing the system to extent possible. There are some goods that simply cannot be produced without massive infrastructure. Those are things we simply have to leave in God’s hands. Don’t agitate for “made in America” because that might mean a hefty price increase. Yet we do need to keep some jobs at home, so we cannot import everything simply because the price is lower. It’s well nigh impossible to manage such things centrally so that it also means a general rise in income for everyone, so forget the propaganda claims that talk about “all boats rising” when anyone one person profits. Wealth is for sharing, but only if you obey God’s Laws will it work out that way.

There simply is no way for humans to manage those things directly. We have had enough government fiat tinkering too much in complex systems. What we do know is that somewhere in this huge mess is a balance between too much of a good thing and not enough. I pray that God will move us to the proper balance between too much manufactured outside our country and too little. There are some things we do best, some for ourselves and some for others. There are some items for which it makes no sense to import them regardless of price difference because the economic result rests on a divine moral principle, not mere economic reasoning. The price is not the issue, but whether the economic system supports and delivers the optimal buying power of the people, a proper mix of domestic goods and imports. But we have pushed debt too far for petty materialistic reasons and now that debt has to be dissolved; somebody has to take a loss, and it has to be someone with something to lose.

Yes, it brings it back to the question of whether we really need those kinds of goods in our world, but you can’t decide the answer for someone else. You can decide it only for your own domain. God has called me to minister in a world that includes computers and all the bad that comes with that. By the same token, I seldom tell someone, “You need a computer.” That’s not for me to decide. It’s not possible to objectify a grand human ideal. That’s the real problem we face when we come before God to pray. We don’t pray that some political leader make everyone else follow our personal ideal.

We pray for less tyranny and oppression so that folks can choose their own poisons, because that means we have the freedom to pursue His glory.

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More of God’s Unchanging Truth

Maybe this won’t take up so much space since I’ve already covered the background.

The Cult of Oester is not the whole problem; Western Civilization also has the male counterpart that I call the Cult of Odin. As with Oester, the Odinite mess is not a matter of pure scholarship, but of recognizing how the influence works to promote evil. In effect, Odin is arrogant, cruel and capricious. It’s not just physical brutality, but a major component of Odin’s power is in psychological abuse. A primary manifestation is jerking people around by sending mixed messages, particularly with those who are, for whatever reason, the most dependent on you. In other words, it’s the ultimate cruelty in abusing those closest to you.

It is fashionable among the Red Pill, Men’s Movement, Pick-up Artists, etc., to promote a measured amount of this toying with women’s feelings as a normal manly trait. That’s Odin; it’s not Jesus. Granted, we have a lot of filthy blather from the Oesterites about Jesus defined as a Westernized “nice guy” who comes off like the ideal promoted by a feminist mythology. But He is neither the metrosexual nor the brutal Odinite. This image of Odin is the major hindrance to a genuine biblical image of God. People confuse Odin with Jehovah. Virtually the entire legacy of Western Christian theology and doctrine is deeply stained with the Germanic tribal mythology. Never mind the words of religious teaching; that’s just rhetoric. The underlying and pervasive image of God’s character is eclipsed by the image of Odin that is so deeply woven into the the subconscious expectations of Western society. Without a significant amount of work, Westerners cannot see God as He revealed Himself.

So we end up seeing that capricious arrogance and jerking people around in just about every institution of Western society. It’s not simply lauded as a good thing in real leadership; it’s considered a dire necessity. You won’t always find it consciously expressed, but it’s fundamental in the definitions of what’s normal. I can tell you that it’s very prominent in the military. Military leadership training has a strong element of verbal lore that is seldom written up in the literature, but it teaches men to be assholes. It also shows up in the corrections industry, where keeping prisoners compliant specifically requires keeping them confused with mixed messages and sudden inexplicable shifts in what the guards demand.

This kind of crap is also as old as the most ancient idolatry. You’ll find the roots of it in the worst mythology of Baal, for example. But the Bible specifically condemns this; it’s a condemnation to which Western Christians are largely blind. The godly shepherd is always forthright and answers questions honestly about future plans. He strives to be consistent and freely explains his reasoning, in part because he needs the wisdom of his advisers to detect inconsistencies. This is our striving as men to be like God, and it’s part of how we treat our wives first and foremost, as well as our general relations with the world. This is wholly consistent with the wisdom of keeping your mouth shut until the right moment to share. People have to be ready to hear, and we are obliged to discern it. But even when they carp and complain, we are still steady and non-reactive to their whining. We can’t allow ourselves to forget what it’s like to be dependent and what a torment it is.

You want to see the prison guards who never have to fight with the prisoners? That’s the guy who is consistent and honest with them, instead of spiteful and abusive. It’s the guard who refuses to participate in the head games of his associates; it’s the guard who remembers that prisoners are still humans. Same with the military leadership. The cult of tactical information security has become an institutionalized excuse for cruelty, and “need to know” is reduced to a head game. The calculus of what people need to be told when engaged in organized activity should not dehumanize. When you set out to elevate the people you work with, to empower them to choose the right thing, you have to be ready for them to choose the wrong. Real leadership isn’t taking the cheapest path to avoid resistance by misleading folks (notice the play between lead and mislead there).

Real leadership is handing them the nails to crucify you because you know how to trust God. It comes from investing enough energy and time in cultivating everyone’s better nature. That’s because it is “nature” — it’s part of Creation. It’s part of the fundamental reality as God designed it. Even the worst sinners will recognize the utility of cooperating with a shepherd. The best shepherd is prepared for the times when they don’t see it. Real men find that handling others in moral truth is its own reward.

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It’s Not Left versus Right

A few readers didn’t want to comment on the previous post, but have chatted with me through other means. The questions seem to share a few common themes, so let me try to put out the fire, as it were.

America is caught in a false dichotomy. It’s not left versus right; that’s just a popular myth. There is a sense in which the left is more akin to the cult of Oester, while the alleged right is closer to Odin. However, it would be foolish to go very far with these symbolic comparisons because the whole thing is mythology through and through.

The real war here is globalists against nationalists, and the imperialists are currently more allied with the globalists. Trump is not really their enemy as a true nationalist; it’s that he has discerned and tapped into the native nationalism of the majority of voters. As such, he is a far bigger threat to the globalist-imperialist (G/I) alliance than any previous political figure. He knows how to rally the majority voting block to get what he wants. The price he pays in buying their support is what serves to threaten the G/I alliance: He’s going to give the nationalists just enough of what they think they want (or can realistically get) to keep them on his side. That means he plans to give them things like less gun control, lower and simpler taxes, smaller government, a less predatory economy, etc. He’s also playing to the police and troops, so this reduces the threat of an independent Praetorian Guard. This really is a political revolution, but the net result will not be that much better for us down here at ground level. He’s not a good man, just a smart one.

He’s also deceiving everyone. I’m not in a position to discern directly what he’s doing under the table. My guess is that it has to do with how he’s going to dissolve some portion of our national debt. I know what it looks like right now: I think he’s trying to isolate China from Russia. He would prefer to take on China as our single biggest economic threat.

This noise from the imperialists (and echoed by the globalists for their own convenience) about Russian influence is based on a long-standing profit model of Cold War. They would prefer to see us little people nuked than to stop this gravy train. Their whole racket is using Europe as the front to absorb the conflict while the US imperial military-industrial complex gets to rake off the profits. And plenty of European political figures are in on this game, so NATO remains sacred and Russia must be hated in their canon. Whatever Trump is after, it means cutting Europe loose to face Russia on their own, and that is what is nearest and dearest to Putin’s heart. I am utterly convinced Russia is not a threat to the US, and would be quite happy recolonizing European trade and so forth. Trump seems to think that’s a good trade if Russia sort of leaves China twisting the wind.

I’m not sure what his calculus is, but he’s not a war monger; he’s a tycoon. I feel certain he believes that China won’t deal on his terms until they are vulnerable. He seems certain he can win, so he probably has solid plans already on how to do it. The imperialists with tunnel vision about Russia are his problem, a waste of time and resources on a non-issue. But the imperialists who can be confined to worrying about China will be his friends. His plan to deliver to his fans whatever it is he’s going to actually deliver means humbling China economically. Give Europe to Putin; Trump will take China and whatever comes from that. Along with this, he will most certainly try to convince previous and potential Asian allies that he’s going to treat them better than previous American presidents.

This is not my own speculation; this is a digest of what I’ve read elsewhere. It’s my own version. More pertinent to that previous post is that Trump intends to deliver to his constituents a crushing blow to the SJWs, the loyal troops who blindly support the globalists. That means financially crushing the corporate media. It means setting loose the dogs of vengeance on the political correctness crowd in their enclaves and fortresses. It means breaking a lot of rules because he’s not going to tolerate hindrances. A lot of nominal lefties are starting to pull away from the politically correct/SJW crowd already. Not all the Democrats are lefty, and not all of them are beholden to the SJW crowd. They all worked together while the money was good, but now the well is running dry and the knives are coming out. This is why I suggested that some academic institutions will be shut down completely, because they are already fully owned by the SJW crowd. Some of them can move back toward a more sensible position and survive. There other examples; get the picture.

At this point, I don’t think it’s just a game that Trump supports Zionism. He’s not quite orthodox about it, but close enough to make CUFI happy. But it just so happens this is how he will keep from alienating Congress. The American Zionist establishment is going through its own upheaval right now, but Trump is on board with protecting modern Israel. He’s not so much on board with all the meddling in the Middle East, and I sense he has a plan for making that go down nice. He’ll offer something else that is likely to placate a enough Zionists to keep them on his side. He’s that smart.

But never forget that there is an evil lurking in the shadows. The American goose is still cooked, but it will take a little longer now. Somewhere on the other side of Trump’s political warfare are chains of slavery that won’t feel too heavy until it’s too late. I remain utterly convinced that the key to safety is staying away from debt. My heart tells me in no uncertain terms that debt is the single biggest threat, the key to our future slavery. But in broad general terms, other forms of dependency are risky for similar reasons. They represent various kinds of idolatry. I echo the words of John: Folks, keep yourself free from personal idolatries (1 John 5:21). John wrote the Apocalypse because he saw radical changes and social-political upheaval coming. I see some of that happening again, so pack lightly for when God’s pillar of fiery cloud lifts and moves.

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God’s Truth Never Changes

If you have a short attention span, this is too long; don’t read it (TL;DR).

Sometimes it takes a bit of verbal struggle to gather loose ends. This post offers little that’s new in content. It’s just a refresh of things I’ve said before in a see-the-forest approach. Things I’ve seen lately provoke a smoldering anger at the perverted moral climate. If you can wade through this, maybe it will help some of you guard yourself against subtle attacks.

The net effect of the Bible as a written record of revelation offers something far bigger than the sum of its parts. There are two primary law covenants, and numerous references to lesser covenants, and then there’s biblical law, which is God’s whole covenant with Creation in the broadest sense. Then again, somewhere beyond the reaches of verbal revelation, there is God’s Law, which is summed up in the Person of Christ. You have to see that those two italicized terms refer to different things, yet with a tremendous overlap. Biblical law is what you can say about God’s Law, while God’s Law is the fundamental nature of reality itself, something your brain cannot perceive directly. Only your heart of conviction can handle God’s Law, because it’s alive and defies description (Hebrews 4:12).

It’s alive with the same Life that breathes in Creation around us. As fallen creatures, we are born excluded from a conscious inclusion in that Life. We have to get past our fallen nature, and that fallen nature is characterized as closing off the mind to the leadership of the heart. It’s placing your human faculties on the throne of moral decision and excluding God’s revelation. You can pretend you have God’s truth because your mind believes it can handle the written record of revelation, but without passing through the Flaming Sword — summed up in the image of confession and contrition, humility before the revelation of God — you can’t actually live the Life standing behind that record. You have to see through the words, and only your heart can do that. Only your heart can know God because He doesn’t address Himself to our human intellect without the priesthood of faith in the heart. And it’s all first person — you and God face to face. Aside from Christ, no other human can do it for you. If He hasn’t revealed Himself directly to you through your heart, you don’t know Him.

Fundamentalist Protestants claim that you cannot have revelation without the facts on which it rests. This turns revelation on its head. In essence, this is a truculent demand that God must first address Himself to the human mind before humans become accountable. “Prove it!” It’s a declaration that faith is not born from a direct touch of God, but is man-made on man’s own terms. It’s that Western thing of making concrete reality the basis for all knowing. It makes revelation stand in line and wait for a hearing on its claims. The West is the only civilization to make that a fundamental element in reality. Lots of humans took that route outside of the West — Bible History is loaded with it — and it was always recognized as a moral failure. But for Western Civilization it’s the self-conscious starting point for everything. The West worships the Forbidden Fruit, a symbol for rejecting the primacy of revelation one-on-one in favor of some imaginary “objective truth.” Folks, the demands of faith pay little heed to reason, are often contrary to reason, and always trump reason. Faith is “reason” on a wholly different level, so it comes across as entirely unreasonable from a cerebral approach.

I’ve written plenty on trying to parse how much of our current sad state of affairs is the result of the Fall (something that can be redeemed) versus how much is the result of divine design. There’s a ton of confusion about that arising from that perverted Western approach to the Bible. You may be aware that those who gave us the Enlightenment, the pinnacle of Western cultural development, were aiming at a fully conscious effort to sift through the cultural background of what they were given and come up with some improvements to society. The problem is that those great minds never stepped outside Western culture to make this critique. You cannot grasp what’s wrong with the West until you step outside of the West. Jesus was not a Western man, and was much more than merely a man of His world and times. If you have any idea about the world He lived in, you realize quickly that those who defend Western Civilization are anti-Christian.

At about the same time I was taking the massive workload of Oklahoma Baptist University’s dreaded Western Civilization course, I was also soaking up a lot of Ancient Hebrew culture in other courses. The exposure was limited and my knowledge is imperfect. However, even back in those mid-1970s, I sensed there was a very big disconnection there between the various classes I attended in that one building. I learned way more than my professors taught me, in a manner of speaking. That Ancient Hebrew stuff kept calling my name and I invested as much time as I could in familiarizing myself with it. From there I branched out into the wider Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) cluster of civilizations (ranging from Egypt across to Persia) and saw what they all had in common. It started making sense. But even that was not enough; somewhere I caught onto the notion that there was a genuine biblical culture, and Hebrew culture was a specific instance of it. That’s when I realized that there was a broader biblical law and Moses was just an expression of it. It was within a context — historical, geographic and demographic — that time, that land, that people. But even if you understand all of that, you still cannot make that last leap without engaging a higher faculty that we call the heart, something only God can awaken fully. Those ANE cultures said that.

Even without all of that background, learning to live by the guidance of the heart-mind will make you far wiser than everyone around you who doesn’t. Your heart understands everything already; your intellect has to catch up. My background in all of that stuff was simply the route God chose for me to get where He wanted me, and I share it all gladly — it’s what God has given me to share. It’s behind all the stuff I blather about here on this blog. It’s how I understand the world around me. For example, I know exactly where the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) mindset comes from. Let me trace it for you.

We have that narrative from the Garden of Eden, where Eve listened to the Devil and made a choice to eat the Forbidden Fruit. Don’t get lost in the tree and fruit; see what’s behind those symbols. The symbols point to the essence, the real truth, whereas the words are just indicators. The “facts” don’t mean anything otherwise. Eve made a moral choice to usurp revelation and enthrone human capabilities. Adam stood by and allowed it. It wasn’t her decision to make, but Adam surrendered his divinely appointed duty. He failed to protect her from something outside her grasp. There were consequences; that’s the Curse of the Fall. However, it was not a part of the Curse that the woman was never equipped by God to take moral leadership. Throughout Scripture’s record we see the term “covering” used to refer to the male head of household. It’s because fig leaves aren’t enough; it requires restoring Adam to his obligation to take up the moral guardianship. You can characterize a woman’s place a lot of different ways, but in moral terms, men and women are not interchangeable when it comes to certain matters of moral decision in response to the Spirit of God.

Women do a lot of things that men cannot, and shouldn’t try, to do. Vice versa. Scripture flatly says that women are wired differently and can’t handle the full range of human moral necessity without a male covering. Men seldom handle their full moral obligations in life well without a woman. The attitude that men and women should not have different roles in human life is the result of a darkened mind that sees the difference as somehow an immoral attack on women. That attitude reflects the Original Sin in the Garden, the Forbidden Fruit. It’s not a question of superior endowment, but different endowment. The notion that the difference is a mere artifact of culture is blasphemy. If you go back into the ANE cultures, you’ll see how elevating that blasphemy to sacred doctrine is the root of vast stretches of human misery.

Look at pagan mythology. When the image of womanhood centers on her unique gender role as powerful in its own right, we see that it’s hard to object to what those myths indicate about the nature of things. In those few times when the image of womanhood was superior to that of manhood, it results in morally degrading perversion. Let’s be clear: The reason the Law of Moses demanded condemnation of the worship of Astarte is because, in the Land of Canaan where Israel ran into it, their particular mythology presented a perverted view of Astarte as someone who needed to encourage her cultic devotees to keep things from their menfolk, because men were not simply inept, but morally unworthy of certain things. It was divisive and created a secret order that presumed a form of moral superiority. You could, if you searched for it, find references to Astarte outside that part of the world that didn’t call for the cultic secrecy hidden from males. There were places in pagan mythology where Astarte was the image of a more noble lady.

We see some of this secretive superiority peeking from behind the scenes in the story Esther. At one point, this cultic perversion shows up in how women were asserting an inappropriate measure of independence from their men in noble households. In that Medo-Persian Empire, internal peace depended heavily on intermarriage between the Medes and Persians, and at times the imperial throne passed back and forth between Persian and Median families. But with this came some political baggage of marrying a woman who brought her own staff into the noble household and engaged in what amounts to espionage against her husband’s agenda. If she spoke a different native tongue, it made things doubly hard on her husband. So that’s the reason behind the imperial declaration that a man was lord and master in his own household. The arrogant response of Vashti to Ahasuerus is a very brief image of this particular social and political problem arising from a cultic religious problem (Esther 1). The political result was that a woman had to accept the religious and moral covering of her husband or risk losing everything. Some scholars have suggested that this whole thing arose from a cultic devotion to Ishtar that wasn’t entirely mainstream. Oddly enough, the emperor’s new name for Esther is just a different spelling for Ishtar. Maybe you’ll see the irony of how a Hebrew concubine restored honor to the name of a pagan goddess by acting as a real lady. She accomplished far more with her simple reverence than Vashti did with her entire noble staff. This is the essence of what set the Hebrew culture apart from the ambient pagan nations.

Now jump forward through the dim and foggy mists of historical references to another pagan goddess whose name is somewhat related to Ishtar, the European Oester. There are some similarities, but in the case of the latter, we see almost no record of anything approaching honor within the roots of Germanic tribal culture. From what I’ve seen, Oester has always, in all places, been the cultic Oester, the secretive goddess of feminine superiority. It’s almost as if she were some brand of Amazon from the start. Don’t get confused here: Oester is a prime goddess of the Germanic tribes that invaded Europe and destroyed Rome. Without their collision with the tottering Greco-Roman Civilization, there would never have been a Western Civilization. The Roman Church didn’t help at all, arising from Christian compromise with Greco-Roman intellectual culture and moral mythology. Her leadership compromised again by dressing up doctrine in Germanic tribal moral mythology. In this way the Church maintained her political survival and eventually gained dominance. It was a very worldly wise move, but it was politics, not faith. Faith was long gone.

Mariolatry is just Oester worship in a new dress. Feminism is just a modern expression of that same cultic perversion built into Western Civilization from the very foundation. And SJW culture is a direct expression of that cultic mythology.

Here’s a very current application, something that shows how modern social phenomena cannot escape fundamental moral reality. Reread the Curse in Genesis 3. Has anyone else noticed how the mainstream press acts like a smitten feminist damsel toward Trump’s Alpha Male? They can’t stand him and can’t stay away from him, because their conscious minds are entirely confused about what they really want and need. The presstitutes imagine they can tame him and make him over into their image of neutered metrosexuality, something they would actually despise anyway. They condemn his Alpha Male masculinity, and he “negs” them and ignores them when they try to get in the way. And they run along snapping at his ankles only because he won’t give them what they demand and they can’t leave him alone. In their combined subconscious minds, they are enthralled by his obvious power and influence. A woman who is secure in her genuine womanhood would capture him quickly. Whether or not she wanted to keep him is another matter.

Some things never change.

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