Bits and Pieces 23

WordPerfect is vastly superior technology for documents. The underlying concept is based on long established principles of formating electronic documents and is self-consistent. It really is the right way to do things. It was also easy to repair and recover documents that got damaged. However, when Corel bought the company, they added a crap load of features that simply did not work properly and risked crashing all the time. In the end, the interface of Corel’s WordPerfect helped its doom.

MS Office is just the opposite. Internally the documents are ratty junk formatting that is not even self-consistent with MS’s own published guidelines. It really isn’t that hard to corrupt the files. However, it was generally quite stable and the interface works well. This is evidenced by how well most versions of MS Office work with WINE on Linux, while very few versions of WordPerfect worked properly. It’s hard just getting any version of WordPerfect installed, because the installation routine does quirky stuff that ignores standards. Even the Linux version of WordPerfect was creaky and crappy, and crashed regularly during the years I used it.

One of the hardest mental blocks to overcome in faith is getting rid of “holiness = performance.” Holiness is your personal devotion and commitment to God as your Heavenly Father. It’s a hunger for Him, where you keep turning back to Him every time your choices warrant some form of discipline. “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him” (Job 13:15). That’s what kept Enoch and Elijah from having to face physical death.

This is related to the recurring question about “getting people saved.” It’s easy to find quotes by major Christian recording artists, for example, saying things like: “This last year I led X thousand people to Christ.” That’s performance brag and misleading as Hell. It’s based on an expression that implies humans can decide to be born again. It’s a flat contradiction to Romans 8 and Ephesians 2, and given the mystical nature of what it meant, a contradiction to the implications of John 3. Jesus didn’t just pull the parable of spiritual birth out of the air. Life in the Spirit is a miracle only God can perform. Paul notes that we were formally dead and unable to desire salvation, so it’s not possible to choose Christ until you realize He has chosen you. What we do is not “lead people to Christ” as most evangelicals mean it, where you engage in some psychological conversion. We don’t teach that here. We focus on living according to the rich heritage of His promises. We teach how to make Him appear real and alive in their eyes; they’ll come to Him because they can’t stay away.

Even if your organization is just a temporary thing related to a single mission, or even a simple hobby or sports club, it still needs to be a shepherd covenant. This is how all of Creation is wired, including humans. You can restrict the implications of authority and application, but if it isn’t a tribal covenant, it’s not going to work properly. Democracy is a pagan human invention contrary to Scripture.

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It’s Upon Us

This is not prophecy, per se, but my viewpoint. Let’s review what we can surmise so far.

The electorate fought back against all the plutocrat efforts and elected Trump, largely because he pandered to the pent up anger. This was a powerful revolt and the establishment plutocrats are livid. Not all of them, of course, but most of them. There is a certain portion of establishment folks who don’t care either way, and a few who are amused or even pleased with Trump’s election. The Zionists and imperialists moved in quickly to take advantage of the situation and Trump turned his back on all of those pandering promises. You see, as a pandering pimp, Trump’s promised satisfactions were all ghosts. So now he’s lost his best protection from the implacable globalists who were poised for their final take-over.

The establishment is doing everything possible to get rid of Trump, even at the cost of breaking the system. It’s a full counter-revolt against the electorate. The Democrats aren’t actually trying to impeach him; that has already died. They are still making noise about it because they are trying to build justification for something much nastier. There are concrete plans already revealed for a long hot summer of riots. For example, there is a multi-city riot planned for July 2nd. Opportunistic riots can be organized on short notice for lesser targets, as well. Many major figures in and near government have already called for violence against the people and institutions that aren’t sufficiently hostile to Trump.

Stop and think about this: These people are calling for a civil war. This will be the biggest “color revolution” yet seen, if they get their way. Look for snipers on tall structures, hired by the same CIA that did it in other countries. They are deadly serious. I’ve already said that those who support Trump, or simply don’t want to see the globalists/left win, should be ready to counter that planned mayhem and murder with their own violent resistance. And way back before that, I predicted they would do so even without my prompting. It is my sense that the intended victims of the summer mayhem are not just armed, but already have their own very secretive plans in place. I cannot offer links to any of this because it’s not that overtly stated, but anyone who has studied the way the underground right works would recognize the signs.

Part of the plutocrat game here is a planned economic disaster, a depression that the Fed will provoke intentionally by changes in monetary policy. I gather from background chatter that several state governments are planning on ways to counter this, maybe most of them. Again, it’s difficult to source this — it includes things like sifting through reader comments on other sites. You have to pay attention to the drift of their comments, not what they actually say. I could be wrong, but it has turned out to be rather accurate up to now. It’s part of why I knew Trump would win the election. It’s part of why I knew he would turn against his promises. The moral convictions of my heart made more sense of it than my brain did. At any rate, the plutocrat plans won’t pan out as well as they expect, but it will be rough.

The point of all this is to precipitate a crisis. That much will succeed. However, there are competing plans for leveraging this crisis, and that won’t work out so well. God plans to fragment their unity. To be more precise, their inherent disunity and petty personal lusts will surface right at the moment of supposed triumph. They will betray each other.

On the one hand, I’d suggest you prepare yourself for some level of violence. Not everywhere at once, but it’s the kind of thing where you shouldn’t be surprised when it shows up. Pray and discern in your own heart how God wants you to handle that. Trust Him, because He never fails.

On the other hand, I honestly expect the worst warfare to take place in virtual space. Something in that last big ransomware event (“WannaCry” and others that didn’t make the news) smacks of a test run for bigger things. This is puzzling, because it looks like amateurs who rushed out an attack using the leaked NSA tricks. Yet, nobody has claimed the accumulating Bitcoin loot from the extortion so far — now roughly $100,000 worth. By the way, the vast majority of systems that got hit by WannaCry were Win7 systems on which automatic updates had been disabled. That’s understandable, given that updates from Microsoft act like malware.

Linux is not a panacea, but it is better. It’s not impervious, but it’s attack surface is smaller, and the defenses are built into it. The clean up from a successful attack is generally easier with Linux than with Windows. I could completely reinstall, with updates and all my preferred added software, in under an hour. Keeping a backup of my important stuff is easy, and everything copies back into place in minutes. For more complicated scenarios, Linux has good backup packages that users seem to love. However, I won’t lie to you: It does take some effort to change decades of habits from Windows Land to Linux Land. Some stuff transfers easily, but other things require more time and resources to get used to a different approach. Still, the malware that runs on Windows won’t work on Linux.

You can be sure that the world will never completely abandon Windows as long as Microsoft stays in business, so it remains the low-hanging fruit criminals will attack first. They tend to avoid Linux, and sometimes in comical ways. I once chased a link that was supposed to install malware on Windows boxes, but my Linux box was routed to a cheap proxy site that snoops on its users. That was the best they could do? They can’t attack a Linux box, but they hope you’ll let them snoop on your surfing.

I’m expecting the NSA to make common cause with the plutocrats; the CIA is already run by globalists. These two are likely to participate in some kind of Internet crisis that will actually do more damage than rioting. Those of us running Linux will not be a target for this; it’s too much trouble for too little gain. It won’t be a shut-down of the Net, but a lot of services will be attacked. I expect a lot of routers to be hijacked; I’ve made my home router a hard target, too, with DD-WRT. Cellphones are a different game; most of them are already compromised in one way or another simply because they are linked to providers who tend to act almost like criminal agencies, plus they cooperate with government snooping. A snooping back-door for one is a door for everyone with the requisite technology skills. At any rate, I’m honestly expecting the globalist counter-revolt in the coming days to bring with it computer attacks against those who tend to resist the will of the plutocrats, along with creating a general panic.

But it’s not going to be an apocalypse. The question is not so much resisting globalist efforts to hijack the government of the US; that will fail on its own. What we are looking at is the failure of the government system itself. The previous equilibrium will break down; the economy will have to change, with old channels closing and new channels opening up. The transition will be generally painful, but worse for those who have too much invested in the current system. This is why I kept calling for folks to get out debt; it’s almost too late for that now. Cut your dependencies to a minimum, because big financial operations are fragile. A lot of banks and big lenders will collapse and the process of new owners of commercial properties taking possession will be chaotic. Still, the hopes of the oppressors will mostly fail.

Stay nimble with material property and your fleshly existence; keep your eyes on God.

Addenda: In response to a question — keep in mind that some globalists have already been murderous. In the past year a dozen or so holistic-minded medical experts have been murdered, particularly those in a position to publicize what a freaking big lie the FDA is. One of those provided hard evidence that SIDS is caused by the explosion in mandatory vaccines. The list of what’s demanded by law grows at the same time as the toxicity of the vaccines. They aren’t trying to poison our children; they just don’t give a damn. It’s all about the profits of forcing this stuff down our throats.

Similar scenarios come from the field of agriculture and GMOs. Those who publish proof of the danger are silenced and some murdered. Resisting forced GMO crops can get you harassed; farmers have been driven into bankruptcy for simply choosing to grow non-GMO crops. Some have been murdered for making noise about it or daring to sue. Monsanto has brought down governments that resisted their sales pitch.

We should expect to see bombings this summer along with literal assassinations.

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Spiritual Activism

What sort of activism would you expect from mystics?

There would be the obvious determined respect for Creation; most of you would see that right away. I pick up trash virtually every day outside my apartment building. It’s not some middle-class angst about appearances, but a true sensitivity about pollutants afflicting the natural world around me. I want the full power and holiness of divine justice working in my life, so I’m doing my part. And yesterday while I was out riding, I stopped to pick up a box turtle stuck in the middle of the road. I moved it off into the grass on the side it was facing to prevent the risk some motorist might not see it.

Most of you understand that kind of compassion and respect for Creation as a person, and you would naturally look for ways to extend that to people. Most of them hardly see themselves as part of nature, but we know that God’s justice should flow to and through all of Creation. We share His compassion and mercy with all persons.

But what about those people whom God has marked for His wrath? That’s a little tougher to explain. It requires first making sure we understand two primary considerations. First, we have to make sure we get it right as to where His wrath is falling. Most of the time we cannot know, and so we rightly offer some mercy to just about everyone. That mercy may vary, but for example, there are plenty of people who seem to benefit from my absence, so I leave them alone. That would mostly be organized religious institutions. I take the position I’m not called to interfere with someone else’s ministry. In such cases, it’s better to give them enough rope to hang themselves. God can deal with them on His own terms.

And that holds until I get some very specific sense of calling to do something different. Sure, I’m going to spend a lot of time making sure this isn’t something in the flesh. Those of us who subject our thinking to our convictions are used to that kind of internal query. We don’t trust ourselves to be just about such things without first an overwhelming sense that being nice is giving the Devil too much room in our lives. It’s not a matter of fear, but of getting off my duff and asserting God’s moral authority.

So when we identify someone who is under God’s wrath, our first step is to declare that curse. That’s what it means to “pronounce a curse” — we offer the warning that this or that crosses the line. We also step back as a demonstration of our respect for God’s revelation on the matter; we don’t want to stand where His wrath will splash on us, too. It’s consistent with the image of “shaking the dust off your feet” (Matthew 10:11-15). It’s an ancient ritual that says your dirt is unworthy of my sandals; my lowest slave shouldn’t have to wash you off my feet. We don’t want to be around when the wrath falls lest we be tempted to care about their suffering.

And indeed, God has said bluntly at times (Jeremiah 11:14) to His prophets: “Don’t even pray for them!” That He said it about the Kingdom of Judah leading up the Exile should help you understand the context. Sometimes people, even God’s own, go too far for mercy. It’s the same as Jesus warning His disciples to flee Jerusalem once they see the troops marching toward the city. It’s too late for mercy.

I am convinced the globalists and their leftist allies have crossed that line. It’s no longer a question of praying that they get a clue. What’s left is confessing God’s Word of truth and praying that His wrath fall fully on Babylon. It’s that business of making sure everyone knows you stand with God, not His enemies.

It’s when you start to pray and confess His Word that He begins to open up your eyes to His glory. He starts showing you ways you can manifest His glory in that situation. No two of us will get quite the same mission, though it’s likely some of us will share a lot. But my point is that there is no pattern. We aren’t out for all the lefties any more than we are the righties; both are horribly wrong for all kinds of reasons. But right now we can see the wrath of God falling on a particular influence, mostly as recompense for the folly of being a sucker for that thing. If you dance with demons, your life will catch on fire. They could have and should have known it was wrong, but they chose to ignore His Word.

And while you are at it, let’s do the same for Christian Zionists. This is really no different from those old-timey prayers for a revival. It’s the same protocol in the sense that you seek a very powerful visitation from God’s Spirit. You ask for God to start with you; I’m perfectly willing to absorb whatever measure of wrath falls on me along with everyone else who is defying God’s will. I’m asking to be cleansed from sin and prompted to conform to His divine justice. I already have an inkling that it will include some form of action to hasten His wrath on the primary target.

Stand back and call down His fire. Anything else is between you and Him.

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Psalm 132

The primary purpose of including this psalm in the Ascents collection is to serve as a reminder as to why there is an annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The main point is that it is the symbolic earthly throne of Jehovah and the throne of David. It’s the city of promises; God put His stamp of approval on this city as the place to meet Him. This psalm quotes part of Solomon’s prayer in the Temple and echoes strongly of sections of 1 Samuel.

The word translated here as “affliction” refers to the full breadth of David’s humility before the Lord, and how much he was willing to sacrifice in his zeal for the Lord’s reputation. Thus, David couldn’t sleep in his newly captured fortress until he had settled the business of where the Ark of Covenant should rest.

Keep in mind that the most recent location of the Tabernacle was just outside Jerusalem in Nob. During some of King Saul’s warfare with the Philistines, the Ark was captured and taken to their territory. The Lord humbled the Philistines and they sent the Ark away on a cart, not daring to accompany it. The Ark ended up in Beth Shemesh, which was supposed to be a city of the Priests, but they weren’t ready to handle the Ark. So they called for a noble family in Kiriath-jearim to come and take custody of it. The Ark was properly handled and kept there for twenty years. David brought it up from there to a tent in his palace courtyard. The passage here refers to that previous resting place as one of the fields cut into a forest covering the hill there, and the city was named after that forest (jaar). Thus, we have a poetic rendering of how David was quite diligent in searching for the Ark as the symbolic throne of God.

We see the picture of Israel inviting God to accept Jerusalem as His new resting place on the earth. It was a giddy day of celebration and David humbled himself once more. So the priests and the people put on their festive garments, but their true adornment was praise and joy. It was very much like a coronation celebration for a very good reason, as Jehovah was the true Ruler of Israel, the suzerain for whom the whole kingdom was vassal. “Dwell here, O Lord!”

The response to this supplication was first the reminder that God had most emphatically chosen David as His shepherd over the nation. It was an extravagant promise that David found overwhelming. Then the psalm notes that this is part of a package deal in which God chose also to make Zion His earthly home. As part of His glory shining from this place, it would be one of the wealthiest cities on earth, wherein even the poorest would have enough to eat and find safe shelter. And if the people are faithful, they would indeed be adorned in the garments of praise and worship. They could rest assured that God would never leave them without a wise king.

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Artificial Government

A man can learn and decide to cut his losses. A bureaucracy is incapable of learning because it has no mind, only an instinct like cancer to survive and grow. It is unable to imagine cutting losses and moving on to other things.

Even when that man must make hard decisions for his household, it doesn’t matter how great the size of that burden of responsibility — there are times when something we do is no longer feasible. But when the dependents are under a covenant of care and that man is the shepherd, he is in a far better moral position to leverage God’s nature in such hard decisions. Creation itself supports a valid moral choice because Creation is woven from God’s character. If a man does what God says is right, he can afford to fail completely for all those unknowable reasons that things in this life fail, and still be at peace with God.

A bureaucracy knows nothing of such peace. Like any cancer, it perverts everything it touches and eventually kills. It cannot exist of itself and its wiring does not permit symbiosis. It is cancer; it is the quintessence of fallen nature. It dies with its host.

What we know today as bureaucracy was born in the Roman Empire. Rome wasn’t the first place it was used; it’s the first place where it became a cancer and destroyed its host. A critical element in that culture was the demand of the bitch goddess that all of her children honor her by succeeding in material pursuits. She would shred heaven and earth to remake reality so her least able child could reign over the ruins. Over the centuries, the rise of the cult of equality has locked all things inside the prison of bureaucracy. Alienation from the extended family commitments and loyalty has destroyed the only possible solution to fallen nature. That inborn sense of tribal loyalty has been displaced by any number of artificial constructs.

Some of those artificial constructs are advertised as an antidote, as if the one and only source of loyalty possible in humans (tribal identity) is a disease. But the more successful constructs are those that consciously embrace man’s tribal nature and try to offer a replacement. Thus, we end up with the most powerful institutions acting more like bad religion. It elevates the generic artificial loyalty to a sacred mandate. “Hail Caesar” — and it didn’t matter who Caesar was. Genuine personal loyalty to genuine personal nobility was no consideration, because the empty throne was your god. Deity was depersonalized in the mythology of Western Civilization; it could be expressed as a mere variable in math formulas, a generic thing. For those who occupied the seat of power, there was no incentive to grace.

The common image of equality is a displacement for the more noble due regard, and has actually enabled the worst aspects of inequality. The Apostle John saw all of this coming as he compared Rome to Babylon in his Revelation.

Notice how every human effort falls short of God’s gracious supply. You cannot beat God at His own game. The Curse of the Fall has placed on us a set of requirements for making the most of a bad situation. You cannot go back to Eden without leaving this world. You can awaken your eternal soul in Eden through the Flaming Sword of revelation and repentance, but your soul goes there to await a full reunion with the heavenly body, not the body of flesh. We become trans-dimensional creatures.

Meanwhile, our lives here below are a showcase, a revelation of the shocking difference between what we were made for and what we must endure until the final redemption. It doesn’t matter whether that final redemption is merely your death or the end of all things. For you personally it makes little difference. But you can devote more and more of your personal resources — attention, effort, desire and passion — to engaging the eternal side of your nature as the single best way to fulfill the mission here. Act on what your eternal awareness knows is the best way to do things here.

The state is not God. We can know that God has commanded us to play along and humor the various officers of the state because that is proper moral living. For all their pompous and illegitimate demands, our ability to treat them as mere inconveniences in our pursuit of higher and greater things is the mark of redemption.

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Our Vindication

In the Old Testament generally, and particularly in Psalms, you’ll see a Hebrew phrase typically translated as “my vindication.” You’ll also see references to avoiding shame or embarrassment. This is all tied into one basic idea: We are justified in trusting God. It’s not the idea of “I’m right and they are wrong” as it might commonly appear in Western social contexts, as if it could mean anything ranging from great legal questions to petty personal disputes. It specifically refers to having embraced revelation and God’s individual calling.

And it typically includes a faith that challenges “common sense.” Frequent references throughout the Bible mention the idea that the Covenant demands things that don’t sit well with human reason. It was that way in both the old and new covenants. We can get most people to nod about commonly understand promises in Scripture, but when we start talking about unique individual leading by the Spirit, we see a lot of head shaking. This comes from people who aren’t used to letting convictions rule from the heart.

To be honest, I often try to keep to myself about political stuff. I’m pretty sure my regular readers are aware that I have no partisan sympathies. And while I’m not eager to watch people suffer, I am looking forward to seeing the hand of God pour out wrath on sin. I’m quite willing to let that wrath rip through my own life, if that’s what it takes to obey Him. Still, I have His promise that it won’t be what most people are expecting. I read all the very sensible and worldly wise warnings about economic disaster coming at us and I realize that the best laid plans of mice and men do not pay much attention to God. Even sillier to me is the hyperventilation of the preppers. But most of them are frankly hoping to sell something, while I’m honestly trying to keep my mouth shut.

I can’t do it. It’s not just everything that crosses my mind, but a lot of things that weigh heavily on my heart. Even if there is no vindication for me, I cannot escape the powerful conviction that I have to write what I see. At a minimum, I’m hoping you’ll recognize something in the message that your soul recognizes as pertinent for you.

I don’t get upset if something doesn’t go as I expected. All it shows is that I don’t fully grasp in my mind what my heart knows. God can accomplish His will in ways we cannot imagine. I felt vindicated when Trump was elected with more than 300 electoral votes; this is what I prophesied would happen. It wasn’t my hope; it was my expectation. I’m a little surprised at how poorly things have turned out for him (and by him) but he’s just a small piece in the bigger puzzle. I’m still waiting to see the conflict at the street level open up. I hear rumblings from below the ground, but so far nothing visible. It seems to me the folks on the bottom were put off for awhile, but not permanently. Meanwhile, I really don’t expect much from Trump.

I think it’s hard to quantify just how close we came to the breaking point during the Cliven Bundy standoff in Nevada. People on the ground there very nearly pulled the trigger. They may yet do so if the trial goes against Bundy too severely. The Bureau of Land Management (the original BLM) is vengeful, but so are the underground patriots. You won’t hear much about this until the powers that be can make it fit their narrative. In this one thing, Trump can put out the fire by restraining the BLM. I have no idea what to expect at this point.

I’m still fascinated by how God does these things. It’s all about His glory. Our vindication is in trusting Him to stand behind His Word. We are surrounded by folks who don’t read that Word the way we do, so this is our time to speak what we believe and stand watching as God acts.

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Fighting Babylon

This is in response to some offline questions.

The Tower of Babel symbolizes a false religion used to oppress and to violate fundamental Biblical Law. The false religion was a form of astrology. The fundamental law transgression was an attempt to unify mankind in a way that violates the Covenant of Noah. Revelation demands that we live in a tribal social structure under tribal government. In particular with the Tower of Babel, God had commanded humanity to disperse and scatter over the earth in small tribal communities as the proper means to repopulate after the Flood. The government of Nimrod was oppressive and denied mankind the freedom to obey this command.

So the fundamental issue is an oppressive global government using idolatry as the excuse. This defines the current globalist agenda, as well. It is most certainly a form of idolatry and no one denies the intent to bring about a global government. Further, it is hideously oppressive to anyone with a will to obey God’s Law. You can be sure God hates globalism, and will certainly crush it soon.

The problem with the American political left is that, for the most part, it is captive to this agenda. It represents an anti-Christian religious idolatry and is eager to use force to silence all opposition. We have on record statements suggesting how much they would like to execute brutally any number of people who resist their agenda. But the brutality alone is not what raises God’s ire; it’s bringing all humanity under a harsh idolatry. It’s Babylon, and every time it raises its head, God will knock it down again. “Babylon is fallen!” We should expect the wrath of God to fall most heavily in the coming days on this evil plot.

It has already started. The unraveling is well along, though it’s not always obvious if you pay too much attention to mainstream media. That’s because the globalists pretty much own the media.

I don’t believe it’s going to be quite so hard on the imperialists, though certainly rough enough. The real problem is their alliance with Christian Zionists here in the US. That branch of Zionism is very close to Babylon, too — it’s idolatry as an excuse to crush all opposition with maximum force. It probably won’t end Israeli Zionism, but God will certainly shatter the Christian Zionists here in the US. Look for things to go very rough for any religious institutions tied to Zionism. This will probably take longer than crushing the globalists.

If you feel called to get involved in political efforts toward these ends, you have my blessing. If you suggest we pray for Trump, that’s biblical (1 Timothy 2:1-4). I don’t like him at all, but that’s not the point. I think we need to pray that he get on the ball and clean out his staff. I’m not so concerned about him as I am God’s obvious plans here. I don’t expect Trump to do much of God’s will about Israel; he’s been very inconsistent on that. However, I do expect him to realize who his enemies are and start attacking the globalists.

That means attacking the left in general. The only way he can do this is to turn and court his electorate again and ask them to fight on his behalf. They will if he gives them something to believe in; he needs to project his mastery. That means he needs at least one very good advisor who will keep an eye on his image. He very much needs people who will tear down the globalist and lefty institutions in the US. Pray that he and his constituency get back together and get to work.

Some of you probably understand the warrior’s call. You know what God has put in your heart about the ability to guard His sheep. You understand well that it means breaking heads sometimes. Nobody has to wind you up and send you to the front lines; you already know where they are. God has told you. What I will tell you now is simply don’t listen to anyone who tries to convince you that violence is inherently sinful. Granted, it’s not everyone’s call, but it is for some — and I’m one of you.

Yet I assure you that an even greater battlefield is online. The virtual war zone is upon us and some of you need to train for that. I’ve been reading about it daily. I’ve written quite a bit about the different standard of morality that applies on the Net; it’s not the same as in meat space. Again: If you feel called to get involved in the messy information warfare, go for it. Let your convictions guide you. This is a take-what-comes and do what’s right kind of thing. We serve for His glory.

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