A Quantum Step

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Don’t follow me; search the pattern of my walk to find your own path.

Yesterday I summarized afresh the concept of levels of awareness: This is merely a clinical expression of spiritual truth. (1) We are aware of the demands of our body. (2) We are aware of sensory data and process it with some measure of reason and logic. (3) We are aware of things intuitively; it’s not necessary to process concretely and logically to get valid results. It’s a sort of pattern recognition on the level of logical processing that shortcuts the formal process. (4) We are aware of moral demands from the Spirit Realm by developing a sensitivity to imperatives planted within us by the divine Presence. This awareness overrules mere reason.

They do tend to represent stages of development. For most people, the third level is on the way to the fourth. Some part of us is from birth capable of operating intuitively. The first step on that stage is learning to distinguish the forest from the trees. It’s beyond the analytical stage of aggregating things within a type. It’s recognizing the organic nature of truth as alive, something that you interact with individually because it recognizes you as unique. There is a certain portion of truth teaching that will not transfer to others, and so it should be.

Someone commented that the trio of siblings in AI’s Children exhibited a degree of sophistication and savvy that is very uncommon today. That was the whole point, of course, because I’ve seen something on that level in my work with kids, though not often enough. It manifested among a select few here and there, such as places like the American school sponsored by the US Embassy in Bonn, Germany (where I introduced the D.A.R.E. Program; I learned more than the kids did). Yes, it’s the kind of sophistication you get with politically connected wealthy families. Even among such, you’ll find a lot of pedestrian knot-heads, but you see savvy kids there more often than elsewhere.

It’s the kind of kid who smiles and waves even if you get their first name wrong. They wait to see if it matters, and then wait until they know how to approach you. They pick up on the subtleties of what is important in social stability, a form of highly advanced civility. It’s not so much native intelligence as social conditioning. The family background is the biggest single factor. It’s learning boundaries and absorbing the width and depth of society, not as sycophants, but as meaningful participants who can wait their turn. You certainly won’t get anything past them that they view as wrong, but they know how to react and not surrender more than they should.

You would hardly call it conformist because there is a strong agenda to live according to their values, which they constantly examine as well. But they plainly realize the rest of the world is not where they are, and make adjustments to account for that. They have a clear sense of mission and remain in touch with their own limits.

You can’t narrow this down to any short list of secret ingredients. It’s a complex of factors that see such brilliance arising by accident from poor families, too. However, this stuff can be taught. A critical element in being human is possessing a moral faculty, and the entire package is a matter of moral development. If you don’t process reality with a solid moral framework, you’ll spend your whole life lost in inner turmoil.

If there’s one thing bringing me to tears every day, it’s that people in my own household cannot be made to see what I see. It’s not the content so much as the means to focus with clarity on your own experience with reality. So deeply are they wedded to the mythology carefully constructed to keep them enslaved that they actively fear and hate what I suggest. Do you not realize this whole thing was done to us on purpose? The whole range of what passes for American culture is the result of deception, a well-documented plan to make us stupid and empty. Worse, they sold that shit to the rest of the world, so that far too much of humanity has been partially Americanized — meaning specifically to encourage vanity and truculent stupidity.

It’s not the content of our culture, but the structure and meaning that is passed on to chain the rest of the world to our moral depravity. Pick your flavor, but as long as it takes you down the same broad path of moral decline, it won’t matter. Well, the path out is still your own path, but that makes it of necessity narrow and steep by its very nature. The problem is not what’s on the Highway to Hell, but that it’s a highway.

The escape is still not a question of content. If I can entertain you by the content I offer, hopefully you’ll see beyond that to the underlying call to discover your true self. It’s not Bohemian rejection; that’s just another type of slavery, a pitiful reaction without departure. Don’t let the questions be formed by your context, but reach above the context thrown at you to your own frame of reference.

Most of our social problems today are mere symptoms of something much more serious.

CentOS Book Published

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Cover of CentOS book Okay, so the cover art is pretty ugly, but the book is done and it looks okay to me. You can get your free copy CentOS: The Commercial Grade Linux Desktop.

Don’t Soil Yourself

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Don’t forget the third pillar of disentanglement.

Dear reader, my heart is burdened for you. Sometimes I hardly know where to start. Can you follow the quantum logic I use here? Have I explained it well enough and often enough that you don’t get lost? It’s okay if you reject what I have to say, because influence to a particular end has no place on this blog. I began the first post with the intent only of unloading the divine burden, and I am content with blabbering only to myself. But with that blabbering is a sense of burden from God that I offer to share my joy and madness with others.

For it is impossible in the case of those who have once been enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift, become partakers of the Holy Spirit, tasted the good word of God and the miracles of the coming age, and then have committed apostasy, to renew them again to repentance, since they are crucifying the Son of God for themselves all over again and holding him up to contempt. (Hebrews 6:4-6 NET)

When you enter the world of spirituality and mysticism, the whole idea is to encounter God directly, inasmuch as it is available to us on any terms. We want to partake of the Holy Spirit and taste the miraculous powers of the Age to Come. Such cannot be confined to human intellect; it requires that fourth level of awareness.*

Apostasy is just a fancy word for turning away from the Spirit Realm in favor of worldly and fleshly concerns. It is allowing ourselves to be seduced, but implies a much wider loss of commitment that is hardly believable. How can you taste the Spirit Realm and then turn away? The writer of Hebrews doesn’t say it happens, but struggles in words with how it could be possible and then what it would have to mean. If you could engage the Spirit Realm and then turn away, if you can allow all of that to die again within you, there would be no turning back again to the Spirit. It’s the same as crucifying Christ again. That should make you shudder.

It’s mystical; it’s a warning to avoid pulling back from the full commitment to the spiritual agenda. So yesterday’s blather was all about not allowing yourself to be seduced by something that is truly not a matter of spiritual conflict. It is entirely worldly in nature. Don’t be deceived. God most certainly does appoint times and places in the affairs of men, and seldom reveals His counsel on such things. That has more to do with our obtuse lack of spiritual sensitivity than to His lack of interest in telling us anything. When people persistently and vociferously confuse spiritual things with worldly concerns, God quits trying to tell them anything.

Most of the people involved on Bundy’s side will express varying levels of Christian profession. They will insist they are involved in God’s work by showing up in large numbers and with sufficient means to resist. They aren’t just wrong, but damned wrong.

It’s not as if God wouldn’t allow it to turn to bloodshed. It came very close, and only the residual restraint of generations of habit prevented that. And I don’t doubt the feds would still come back and slaughter the Bundy family and their cattle if they could pull it off with sufficient safety to themselves. I’m pretty sure the federal moguls calling the shots were caught off guard by the size of the response from the resistance, but they wasted no time in making sure to notice and catalog everyone who showed up. You should imagine they are processing the facial recognition footage. You’ll know “It” has started when those resistance folks start getting entangled in serious trouble back home.

The feds aren’t going to pull a confrontation just yet, not until they can reduce resistance by some means to a manageable level. That will happen, or at least they will try. That much has been published if you bothered to look. Don’t listen to the hype from the so-called alternative press. It’s a no-win situation because the resistance is scripted, too, and the instructions are passed down through that controlled opposition mouthpiece.

However, the notion that we could somehow reassert our original constitutional republican form of government is a nasty delusion. That will not happen; it’s a lie of Satan. God has decreed the end of the US and has yet to reveal what will follow behind it. The spirits of delusion and destruction now have control of those who bear the effective power in this country. We have little idea how close we came to attacking Syria and igniting another world war, as it would surely have done. Now we are in it over Ukraine and a series of provocations domestically. On top of this, few understand how close we are to an open revolt within government among the various factions of power that have almost nothing to do with political parties. We have come dangerously close to a military coup several times in the past decade. It cannot be put back into the box.

Be aware of it, but don’t get wrapped up in it.


*Levels of Awareness: This is merely a clinical expression of spiritual truth. (1) We are aware of the demands of our body. (2) We are aware of sensory data and process it with some measure of reason and logic. (3) We are aware of things intuitively; it’s not necessary to process concretely and logically to get valid results. It’s a sort of pattern recognition on the level of logical processing that shortcuts the formal process. (4) We are aware of moral demands from the Spirit Realm by developing a sensitivity to imperatives planted within us by the divine Presence. This awareness overrules mere reason.

Booming, Buzzing Bullhorns

Tuesday 15 April 2014 1 comment

My mission is the message, not some bloody battle for ephemeral gains.

Regular readers already know it. I do not support the recent government attempt to dispossess Bundy and his family and cattle. I do not support armed resistance against that attempt, either. There is something very, horribly wrong with this whole picture. Both sides are lying.

Not necessarily the people on the ground, but the folks making all the noise, passed down through the massive echo chamber. I’m not sure if Cliven Bundy is hiding something, but most of the folks who are getting attention in either media channel are almost surely leaving out a lot of inconvenient facts. I’m tempted to believe a major element of this thing is scripted from both sides, that they are somehow working together to create tension and sell advertising or something.

I started seeing this a few years ago. I used to study the Patriot Underground, but it became impossible without seeming to be a participant and I was already under surveillance at the time, already officially tagged by the government as a Patriot cult leader. I’m okay with such labeling, considering the source, but I started getting attention from some of the Patriots trying to get me involved. Some of them were surely double agents.

The point is that, given who I knew then and what they were doing, and where their names appear now, I don’t trust the alternative press any more than I do the mainstream. Yeah, the conspiracy theorists are in a conspiracy. I’m not concerned they are trying to get a bunch of us to volunteer as canon fodder, but that they are striving so very hard to keep people like me off mission.

That’s the real danger here. When people are so stirred up on one side or the other, they don’t have room in their souls for a little truth. Whatever it was the alternative news providers may have once tried to do, they’ve been hijacked. Now it’s all noise all the time, and running hither and yon with fighting this or that evil threat. As long as folks are running (and thinking about gunning), they aren’t listening to God.

It’s okay for you to think I’m just a nut. Nobody has to listen to me. But I had a prophetic word from God for me, at least, that getting involved in armed resistance was forbidden. It’s not saying I have no use for firearms or other weapons, but I won’t be using any such thing to fight the federal government in these big shows such as at the Bundy Ranch.

It’s the same as the terrorist take-over procedures. Start beating up on the most helpless victim in the group and see who rises to their defense. Then kill the defenders as messily as possible so nobody else resists. This is what our terrorist government is doing. All those folks who went to defend Bundy are now catalogued and listed, and they’ll be neutralized in ways none of them expects. All they did was paint a big target on themselves.

But Harry Reid and his buddies aren’t the only ones who stand to profit here. The folks at Infowars don’t have clean hands, either. There is a huge business in selling prepper merchandise at outrageous markup, along with all the other survival type gear you can imagine. Who do you suppose are the number one investors in the small arms industry? It’s a bunch of plutocrats who do what they can to pump up the propaganda volume on both sides of this racket.

Don’t pay any attention to it.

Enough CentOS

Monday 14 April 2014 Leave a comment

It drove me crazy.

Yes, I am competent to make it work for most things, but some issues were just too much trouble. Keep in mind that when RHEL 6 (followed by the clones like CentOS) came out, it was capable of handling XP hardware and some early Vista stuff. Try installing it as a desktop on a Win7 machine and you will suffer. Things keep breaking because the drivers don’t match the hardware quite well enough.

The desktop machine was given to me needing repair from a law office that had closed. Turns out it was still under warranty but only to a company no longer in existence. It came with Win7 Pro but I never could get along with that once I fixed it. So I’ve run several different things, but I keep coming back to Debian Wheezy because it’s the most sane. For sure CentOS 6 was just not up to it.

So I’ve finished the tutorial and it will be my next book in a few days. It’s just fine for SOHO stuff on older XP machines, but I am not doing SOHO stuff, nor do I have any old machines like that. And CentOS is pretty corporate straight-laced and no fun.

That Shepherd Character Thing

Sunday 13 April 2014 2 comments

There’s a place for the shepherdess, but there is a huge, overwhelming need for men to rebel against social mythology.

Guys, nothing in Christ’s teaching requires you to be nice all the time in every context. He cracked a whip; you need to keep one around. Our biggest single problem is the feminist mythology that has taken over Western Civilization. In this case, feminism is a heathen doctrine that says men are first and foremost immature boys in adult bodies, and that without the proper mothering, they’d all be in Hell.

That lie is from Hell. Almost invariably, when church ladies use the term “man up” it’s a reference to doing what they want. Most preachers mean it that way, too. It has nothing to do with what God said He wanted. Screw the Western Christian social orthodoxy; it’s from the Devil. It’s time to bring out the verbal whip and cleanse the Court of Gentiles so men can find God.

The reason ladies are so hot for bad boys is because bad boys are manly. It won’t matter what the lady in question plans for playing the dominatrix at home, her wiring begs for that manly man who can tell the world fuck off. Yeah, sometimes you have to use that rough language to shatter the false images. Behind that rough language is a commitment to God and His calling on your life. When you know what He calls men to, you realize you are willing to pay whatever price to reject Satan’s siren call. You see, the bad boys got that way because they refused to suck up to social myths and all the damned goddesses. They reject prissy middle class demands and paid the price, accepting the alternative “bad boy” role as a better and more accurate model of what they had to be.

I feel sad for the bad boys because they are perfectly equipped to be the shepherds to lead us out of the Valley of Death. They just need to realize that God has touched them and made them manly for a reason, and the world really needs them. So instead of letting them accept the rejection of people who follow Jesus and should know better, let’s point out that these guys have paid the price for a world of evil.

But you don’t have to be nasty all the time. You pull out that whip when nothing else works. You do violence because the sinners won’t get out of the way. No, I’m not suggesting we solve the world’s problems, either. We can’t and won’t, if we understand correctly. Rather, we refuse to disobey God’s will. I realize that raises a whole bunch more crap about what’s good and right and moral, but I’m not supporting the armed rebellion that nearly broke out against the Feds at the Cliven Bundy ranch. That’s just another diversion from Hell, both sides. What I’m supporting is the sort of rebellion against the world that fights for things God’s Laws require and not a damned thing in Western Civilization comes even close to that. Our godly calling is to fight Western political mythology, too.

So it’s all one big package of lies. The very foundation of all of Western Civilization, including Anglo Saxons and the whole European thing, is one big pile of stink in God’s nostrils. That’s the UN, the IMF, the bankers, the Church and churches, and the whole thing. Real men will fight those things. And we fight anything that confuses the image of whether men will dominate in this world, because God appointed males to lead. Any thing that confuses the sexes in any way is from Hell. Not the silly window-dressing of this or that clothing style, but the more substantive issue of what it means to be a man and not a woman. The two are not in any way interchangeable and most of the Women’s Lib crap is about demanding that men stop being men and let themselves be led like mama’s little boys.

Good women are worth dying for, but you won’t find many in our Western world, and precious few in Christian churches. Don’t be satisfied with a bitch who pretends to be nice when she gets what she wants, but listens the call of the Devil to capriciously withdraw her support if she’s unhappy about something. You shouldn’t need an iron rod to rule in your domain, but if she tries to enter your domain and demand changes, don’t play silly games. Kick her out and find someone who understands what it means to be a godly woman. Be strong enough to simply do without if you don’t find one. Be willing to train her, but recognize when you’ve been saddled with an intractable liar. Don’t surrender.

You can be civil and still tell people they can go back to Hell where their ideas came from. You can play the shepherd even when the sheep run off and act stupid, gamboling with wolves and running off of cliffs. You can learn and listen to good biblical reasoning, but only if you understand that takes precedence of Aristotelian reasoning — and the two are not at all the same thing. If you don’t reject the West and all it stands for, you cannot follow Christ.

Men, if you surrender, you deserve your chains.

Job 35

Saturday 12 April 2014 Leave a comment

The moral reasoning of Job’s culture operates on multiple levels simultaneously. There simply is nothing to parallel this in Western Civilization. Job and the trio were guilty of contextual confusion in their debates. To be more precise, Job’s friends were highly confused about the contextual boundaries and Job should have known better, but allowed them to pull him off course. Job was right in what he said, but put things in the wrong context.

Elihu points this out. It’s one thing to address God as Lord, but you cannot take literally the symbolism of His lordship, as if He were some earthly potentate. God’s Person is rooted outside this universe. Job said he stood blameless before God. In the context of what the trio were arguing, this much was true. Job had not sinned in the way they insisted he must have. But then Job carried this across into another context by suggesting that God was somehow supposed to answer his complaint.

Thus, Job’s complaint intimated that there was no point in such righteousness. It was as if God owed him something. Elihu wants to know if Job is talking about the same God, the one who resides in another dimension of existence altogether. There is a sense in which our sins and our righteousness have no effect on Him. Elihu does not suggest God ignores us or that we cannot touch His heart, but that we cannot affect His divine being. You cannot leverage anything against God either way where He resides in Heaven.

On the other hand, you can sin on a human level and it will most certainly affect other humans. So does righteousness also affect others, as do words that are appropriate or inappropriate to the context.

Lots of people complain loudly about human injustice. Oppression is the scourge of human existence in this fallen world. What’s new? Where do we see people crying out to God simply because He is God? No, we see them crying out to Him so they can leverage His action on behalf of a better life. That misses the whole point of knowing about God, which is knowing God Himself. The one moral capacity of mankind not granted to any other creatures is richly celebrated in the poetic phrase: “My Creator who gives me songs in the night.”

Most people have no clue; they just call on God for themselves. Such noise does not rise to God’s throne. Surely He is aware of it, but entertains none of it in His divine authority. How much less would He pay attention to Job’s demand for a hearing in the flesh? Worst of all, Job suggests that his suffering serves no purpose at all. That’s just too obviously wrong.


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